Blindly Into The Light

Schatten Jaeger created this little poem about Connor’s sudden fate at the beginning of King’s Quest 8.


You shudder as the woman before you turns to stone
Her soul turned cold and hard
No one to confide in, creatures crave my death
Wizards voice consumes my mind
“Chosen,” he says, but it means nothing
Surrounded by death and longing
Consumed in unhad war, respite, justice, and immortality
A sacred heart bleeds for me; for my quest
Sludge is what my life has become
Only to find the magic here
The witch, she wants your blood
The Sprites, a secret to save your soul
A hand, to unite the living springs
Waters deliver me to darkness
A place where rocks live and people dig
But to what; to no end
Hope has become a glimmer resting in my heart
Enlighten it, it shall sparkle and grow
Simple stone, metal rod
Mighty weapon to kill it all
Fire stone burning bright
Bringing order to the dark
They won’t hate you, O’ Beholder
Bitter cold, hearts turned frozen
Find the light to fly beyond heartache
Save a hero, rewarded with might
Reveal a relic, see the words within
A still point amongst the hate
Feel the light take over
Become one with illumination
Go blindly into the light
Last stop to heaven, pool unto hell
Find comfort in knowledge of truth, order, and light
Reveal for you the armour of good
Open your eyes, face the enemy
Release power in fragments
Make dark skies blue and happiness alive!