KQ4 Death List


Get eaten by sharks
Swim too long
Take too long to finish game
Wear the crown in the swamp
Get caught by the troll in the cave
Knock on the Ogre’s door
Get caught by the Ogre
Get caught by the Ogre’s dog
Get caught by the Ogre’s wife
Get caught by scary trees
Fall into troll cave’s chasm
Fall off a really high area
Walk into the swamp
Jump onto the snake’s island
Walk onto snake’s island without hypnotizing it
Eat or don’t get magic fruit
Fall off the mountain
Stay in the whale too long
Fall off stairs in the haunted mansion
Get caught by any of the three witches
Get caught by a zombie without protection
Open Pandora’s box
Fall off stairs in Lolotte’s castle
Get caught by a goon in Lolotte’s castle
Awaken Lolotte in her bed