Other Game Curiosities

Mission Asteroid

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played Mission: Asteroid, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here. We would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities. You can post on the Sierra Planet Forums any of your comments or other unmentioned curiosities, they will be displayed on this page for all to see!!

How exactly is Mission Control’s hallway leading to the doctor’s room constructed? From the both supply room and the gym, you have to go north into the hallway. However, from the hallway, you can go east into the gym, but you still go south to get back into the supply room.

The briefing room is right next to the press room. There is just an open doorway between them with really no door. Wouldn’t the reporters be able to overhear the mission briefing?

What exactly is the purpose of the violet button? The rocket functions just fine without closing the door to the control room.

The rocket is always vertical and looks pretty slender. Yet, inside, it looks like a rather roomy, horizontal shuttle of some sort. You never use inner ladders to get from one room to another.

How exactly is that spacesuit standing up by itself in the rocket’s storage room?

Isn’t the asteroid a bit too close to do anything to save humanity if you can fly to it in 20-30 minutes? Let’s say the little rocket can automatically fly at shuttle speeds of 17,500 mph (not counting time to accelerate to that speed). Using the shortcut directions, flying time is 20 minutes, meaning the asteroid is about 5800 miles away from earth. Compare that to the moon being at around 239,000 miles away from earth.

If the asteroid is so much closer to the earth than the moon is, how can the mission really be top secret? Wouldn’t the general public be able to see this massive hunk of rock hurling across the sky towards them?