King’s Quest 4 Game Technical Help

King’s Quest 4 should run smoothly on most machines. However, if you have a new computer with a new soundcard (16-bit or higher), then the game may give “unable to initialize your soundcard” error. Sierra suggests selecting Soundblaster/Adlib (sometimes Gen MIDI works if it is an option) and do not use extra memory. The game does not sound too great on most of today’s newer computer due to sound card incompatibilities, and it is unfixable. You will need your game manual to get past the copyrighted password prompt to enter the game. If you do not have your manual, you need to obtain a new one directly from Sierra Customer Service. Sierra Planet cannot legally give this information out to you. It is recommended that the game be played in DOS and not under Windows. There is one patch and no online documents for this game.

King’s Quest 4 Installation Requirements

PC RAM: 512K

There is no information available for Macintosh.

King’s Quest 4 Installation Procedures

If you have a collection version of the game and cannot seem to install it from the collection’s installation or setup program, you will probably need to install it manually. You should not be in Windows. If you are in Windows, quit now. Insert the first CD and change to that drive. For example, if your CD-ROM drive is D:, type D: [ENTER]. From the D:> prompt , type:


If you have the original floppy diskette, insert it into floppy drive and change to that drive. For example, if your floppy diskette drive is A:, type A: [ENTER]. From the A:> prompt, type INSTALL [ENTER]

Follow the on-screen prompts. When you reach the Installation Options screen, make sure the settings are correct. Older games often detect today’s 16-bit or higher sound cards incorrectly, so check to MUSIC setting. You will probably get the best sound with SOUNDBLASTER/ADLIB choice. For best game performance, select “Do not use extra memory” for the MEMORY option.

King’s Quest 4 Game Patches

Sierra has one patch that fixes lock-ups when Rosella walks around in the waterfall scene.

KQ4 SCI Patch

Other Contact Information

If you need more technical support, then try More experienced players might be able to help you out relatively quickly.

Here is the page for the rarer AGI version of KQ4. It uses the same interface as KQ3.

Here is the page for the SCI version of KQ4. It uses an updated interface where, when you type, all action stops and waits for your input.