King’s Quest 1 Game Goodies

Easter Eggs

There are some easter eggs in King’s Quest 1 that you can check out!!

  • When you give the rat in the leprechaun tunnel a piece of cheese, it will swipe your fingers. Count your fingers!
  • In the remake version, look closely at the blue steam coming from the witch’s big, bubbling pot in the gingerbread house. What?! Was that a monster?! No!
  • In the remake version, go to the locked door at the bottom of the mountain, and type PICK LOCK to get a message referencing the Quest for Glory games. Oh, imagine if Graham did go to that Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School to learn to be a hero! – Swift Sumner (2-16-2003)

Things to Do Just for Fun

  • While you are in the pen with the goat, type RIDE GOAT and see what response you get. If you have the original version, try riding the goat before and then after getting it to follow you. — Matthew (7-25-2000)
  • Try to climb the ivy outside Daventry Castle. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to kiss or kill the guards, swim in the moat, or try to kill the serpents outside Daventry Castle. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • In the remake, the lakes have fish. Try to catch or eat the fish. Look at the fish in different lakes while they jump for various messages. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to eat the golden egg. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Look at the rocks at the lake directly right of the castle. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Go one screen left of the gnome’s house, and look at the rocks for a cute message. Also, on either side of the river where the mushroom grows, look at the river for a similar message. A similar message is displayed when you look at the rocks by the small wooden troll bridge. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Look at the clouds while you’re climbing the beanstalk. At the top of the beanstalk, look at the sky for a local forecast. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Type WHY, WHO, HOW, WHAT, WHERE, or WHEN anywhere in the remake game. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to take or kill the squirrel at the walnut tree. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to ride or kick the goat while it’s not yet following you around. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • At the tree with the mother bird feeding her young up in the nest, try to take the birds. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Talk anywhere there’s nobody around. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to tickle the giant. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Smell the mushroom right before picking it.– Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to close the entry door that the rat was guarding after the leprechauns leave.– Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to kill the leprechaun king while he is dancing out of the room. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to move the carpet in the Leprechaun King’s throne room. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • Try to sit on the Leprechaun King’s throne with the sceptre still on it. — Bones (12-31-2001)
  • In the TANDY 1000 EX version, enter the castle with all 3 sacred treasures. Now drop the mirror and talk to the King. — Zeliard (10-28-2003) Note: If anyone can verify this, please drop an email to Sierra Planet.
  • When you approach the troll at the eastern bridge, type “beg troll”. Note the type error in the answer you get! – Templeton (06-09-2007)


  • When the gnome asks you to guess his name, type “mikel” for funny message. – Templeton (06-09-2007)


KQ1 Death List

Click here to read all the funny ways you can die in the game!

KQ1 Cheat Codes

KQ1 Original

To start the debug mode, press ALT + D. Press ENTER to clear the pop up screens. You can start the teleporter mode, by typing TP and pressing ENTER. At the prompt, type a number and press ENTER. Some versions will automatically take you out of debug mode, so you can leave the screen. If your version does not do this automatically, then press ALT + D again. Here are some cool things you can do in debug mode:

  • If Graham is swimming, teleport to a screen with land, and he will be swimming on grass!
  • If Graham is climbing something, teleport to a normal screen, and he will walk around in a climbing position. It looks really odd!! Boogey time!!
  • If a witch or condor is flying and carrying Graham, teleport to another screen, and they will still both be flying. Try the inside of the woodcutter’s house! This may not work for certain screens.
  • Teleport Graham to screen 64, and he will be walking on clouds for a bit!

If you have a non-collection version of King’s Quest 1, then you may be able to work some of the following code words in the debug mode:

  • GIMME GIMME (gives you all the items)
  • GET OBJECT (type in a number to get an item–no points for it though)
  • TP (teleports you to another room or screen – should work for most versions)
  • Show Var – Shows Variable – not sure what this means
  • Change Var – Changes Variable – not sure what this means

KQ1 Remake

This version also has a debug mode. It is, however, quite different from the original King’s Quest debug mode. To start the debug mode, press both of the SHIFT keys on your keyboard at the same time. Then add the MINUS SIGN (-) button on the numeric keypad. It may take some finger stretching. A funky programmer’s window should show up. To exit the debug mode, press SHIFT + D. Type the letter G and:

  • Type the number 13 and the current room number will show. All King’s Quest 1 screens are assigned a different room number. Change this number, exit the debug mode, and you will be transported to a new game screen.
  • Type the number 15 and the current number of points will show. Change the number, exit the debug mode, save and restore your game, and your game’s current point total will be changed.
  • Type the number 16 and the current number of maximum points will show. It should be 158. Change the number, exit the debug mode, save and restore your game, and your game’s maximum points will be change. You can have something like 35 out of 9999 points!!
  • To get an inventory item that Graham does not own yet using this debug mode, type the letter I instead of the letter G to get into the Inspect window. Type Inv to start the inventory window. Type C to start the collection. Press ENTER until you come to an item you want. Type E to start the edit mode. Type owner, and a number should appear. Erase it and type ego. — Chris (5-23-1999)

King’s Quest 1 Curiosities

If you have played King’s Quest 1, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities. Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing King’s Quest 1, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you.

Downloadable Files

There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader.