King’s Quest 6 Game Goodies

King’s Quest 6 Easter Eggs

There are several easter eggs in King’s Quest 6 that you can check out!

  • When Alexander starts climbing the little stone steps on the cliffs of logic, make him fall to the ground by clicking onto the ground. Do this 3 times and he will tell you personally to stop! Just remember to do this only in the first screen of steps. Do not make him fall higher up or he will die!
  • In Ali’s bookstore, there is a book on the shelves entitled, “Why Good Princesses Fall in Love with Bad Wizards,” which seems to be a spoof of Roberta Williams’ Wizard and the Princess game! — Andrew G (7-9-1999)
  • On the shelves in the pawn shop are items that frustrated players of the previous King’s Quest games (1-5) would have greatly appreciated!
  • After eating a berry from the poisonous nightshade bush on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, the skeleton in the death screen message says, “And there’s some land I have for sale in the death bogs of Tamir.” Tamir is the land where Rosella explores in King’s Quest 4. — Haley (7-25-2000)
  • Try talking to the stuffed bear in the Pawn Shoppe to see a message about the talking bear who is quite a famous tourist attraction in Oakhurst, California where Sierra was located. — Tomato (7-25-2000)

King’s Quest 6 Things To Do Just For Fun

Here are some interesting things you can do in the game just for fun! Many of them contain funny responses, and others are just to be plain rude! Thanks to Nero da Hero for the list of rudeness.

  • Akril was looking through the KQ6 resource files and found the GIF below of Beauty’s stepmother. With some help from the SCI Programming forums, OmerMor was able to trigger the animation! Here’s a video! Link to Sierra Help thread :: Link to SCI Programming thread

    Beauty's Stepmother

  • If Alexander talks to the rotten tomato inside the inventory, it will start making smart remarks about Alexander, his family, his stuff, etc. If Alexander touches the tomato, it will make even funnier remarks!
  • Also, talk to the dangling participle inside the inventory to hear its comments!
  • Try to crawl into the cave near the nightshade bush while the “woman” is talking to Alexander.
  • Try to throw Rotten Tomato at the queens or in the boiling pond.
  • Give Jollo the bad smelling flower.
  • Try to trade the Dangling Participle to the Pawn shop owner (not sure if this can be done).
  • Kill the Genie even if you have the lamp.
  • Throw Rotten Tomato at Stick-in-the-Mud by yourself.
  • Try not to tell the little ghost about his mother (cannot be avoided).
  • Don’t help Beast and Beauty (also cannot be avoided).
  • Throw the skull into the grinding gears in the Catacombs (save first). – Thomas (11-14-2004)
  • Send Cassima the poem and rose via Sing Sing, but never give her the ring.
  • Give the mint leaves to the genie when he is in disguise. – Rainbow Garden (12-31-2001)
  • Don’t trade the pearl for the ring at the Pawn Shop, and play the long version of the game to see what happens at the wedding. — Matthew (12-31-2001)

King’s Quest 6 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Alexander to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get him to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list. Note that the list may contain game spoilers.

King’s Quest 6 Curiosities

If you have played King’s Quest 6, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing King’s Quest 6, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you.

King’s Quest 6 Downloadable Files

There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader. Sierra apparently did not put the singing duet version of “Girl in the Tower” on some King’s Quest 6 game CD-ROMS. I have 3 copies of King’s Quest 6, and only 1 has the song on it. Shame on you, Sierra! (To find out if your CD-ROM has the song, insert CD-ROM into your normal CD-Player. See if you can select Song 2.) The “Squirrel with the Power” is an upbeat parody made by Sierra of the “Girl in the Tower” song.