Ugarte created this little poem about the skeletons of the Dimension of Death in King’s Quest 8.


Connor stepped into the portal
Not knowing where it would lead
He saw only stone and designs
And he felt lost already.

He drew his hand weapon
Ready for any danger
That would strike at any time
In this dreaded place.

Connor heard the sound of bones
Rustling against each other
As well as constant footsteps
Getting louder and louder.

“I want your soul,” said a deep voice.
Connor raised his weapon
As three skeletons emerged
From the darkness ahead.

He swung his weapon
With the might of a giant
As the skeletons waved their weapons
Hoping to kill Connor.

The weapon met the bones
Causing them to shatter
And fly several feet away
Bringing him relief.

Ah, Connor said to himself.
It was a dangerous place
And he had to be careful
In order to get out alive.