Along the Golden Lake

MOG created this interesting, little poem the King’s Quest games.


Walking along the golden lake,
A pulse within my head makes me shake,
I stop a while to take a breath,
Will endless journey lead me to endless death?
I sit and look at sky’s reflection,
It does not sooth my endless tension,
Trees, water, melting sun, all seem to fade away,
Taking me forward to a future day,
I see myself, crown on head,
All at once this memory fled,
It leads me to an inverse land,
Taking a beautiful woman’s hand,
Changing bout and once again,
I see a golden girl stealing a golden hen,
Who are these people? I almost think,
But again am taken, swift as wink,
A fair boy, brown flowing hair,
Being watched by a wizard with evil stare,
Now I see that girl, what’s happened now?
Is she a troll, no, I don’t think, anyhow,
I see a beauty once again,
Crying into a stone basin,
Memories of future sift,
My mind slowly begins to drift,
All at once my eyes push wide,
Keeping these memories deep inside,
I stand up, not forgetting fathers words,
Watch the disappearing birds,
Walk along that dusty trail,
I will find that endless journey, AND I WILL PREVAIL!