Phantasmagoria Walkthrough

If you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for Phantasmagoria, you can utilize the UHS Hint File if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

SAVE OFTEN AND WISELY!! Danger and terror lurks everywhere, so be careful! You only have one bookmark to work with per different game. At least you can start in any Chapter you desire! Most rooms have two screens, so make sure you look at both screens when exploring them. Always take close-up look at any item you have and see if you can mess with it. This walkthrough is for the uncensored version of the game, and it assumes that you are playing from Chapter 1 in order to Chapter 7. I really do not recommend playing the Chapters out of order if this is the first time you are playing the game because you will not understand a lot of the changes and events that happen. See Templeton’s Cast of Characters for more information. Game maps are provided at the end of the walkthrough in case you need them. Because the walkthrough is quite long, I have included a hypertext linked table of contents. Just click on a link to go to the appropriate section. With this said, let us begin:

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 :: Chapter 2 :: Chapter 3 :: Chapter 4
Chapter 5 :: Chapter 6 :: Chapter 7

Chapter One: Sunday October 16 – 9:00 AM

This first Chapter is basically to let the player explore the mansion and get a sense of where everything is located. Adrienne is sitting and drinking at the table in her kitchen. Click anywhere on the floor to make her stand up. To the right of the kitchen table is a little table drawer. Open the drawer and look around at the items inside. Take the book of matches. There is a door on the other side of the kitchen table. Open it to enter the pantry. Directly above Adrienne’s head and a bit to the right is a light. Click on it to turn on the light. There is nothing of importance on the shelves, but the rug on the floor looks interesting. Examine it and move it to reveal a trapdoor. Try to open the trapdoor. Adrienne will need a tool of some sort to lift that door. For now, just leave the pantry and go south. You can make Adrienne drink at the kitchen sink and eat from the refrigerator.

Go through the door that is beside the refrigerator to enter the dining room. There is another door on the same wall as the entrance that Adrienne just used. This door leads outside into the yard of the mansion. For now, click on the portrait over the fireplace to get a closer look at it. Look at the fire. Take the firepoker and poke at the fire if you like. Go south to reach the end wall of the dining room. Look at the mirror. That firepoker might be something good to use on that trapdoor, so return to the pantry. Turn on the light and use the firepoker on the trapdoor. Adrienne will open the door, which contains steps that lead down somewhere. It is really dark down there, and she cannot see a thing, so use the matches on her to light one. Now go down the stairs into the wine cellar. There is a hammer on the floor. Pick it up. Explore the wine barrels in the cellar: some are empty, some are full, and one barrel is really huge. There is also a little room that looks like a cell with chains on the wall. That is all that is here, so leave the cellar.

Back in the kitchen, go into the dining room and use the right doorway (the one on the same wall as the fireplace). It leads into the huge main entry hall of the mansion. In one of the corners, there are some benches and a fireplace. There is a newspaper lying on the floor, so take it. Look at the portrait of the man over the fireplace. You can look at the fireplace itself if you like. Spaz (the cat) is on one of the benches, click on him. There is a little hallway with a door just a bit east of this fireplace corner. Try opening the door in this hallway. It is locked, and Adrienne does not have the key. Leave and continue walking around the entry hall to the windup piano. Start the windup piano to play a little tune. There is a little bar next to piano with a lot of bottles behind the counter. Examine the bottles to find one labeled Absinthe. Notice that the bottle is full. Adrienne will leave the bottle on the shelf. Leave and continue going right to another door. It is a blue double door with ornate decorations around it. Try to open this door. It is also locked. Argh! Where are the keys?! On the other end of the entry hall are stairs, the main entrance door, and a fortune teller machine. Go to the fortune teller and take the token in the little slot. Activate the machine to get a fortune: “Evil will walk once more.” Hmm. What does that mean?

That is basically all of the first floor of the house. It is time to go up the stairs to the second floor. Once on the second floor, you can look over the railing to look down onto the main entry hall for a cool view. Go into the room on left side of the hallway. This is Carno’s bedroom. Look at his portrait on the wall. If you want, you can have Adrienne sit in the chair and on the sofa to test them out. There is a little vanity table with a mirror above it. Examine the table. It has a little jewelry box on it with a red ring inside. Just take note of the ring. Adrienne will not take it. Open one of the drawers in the dresser beside the vanity table. Look at and take note of the cigarette case in the dresser. There are three cigarettes in the case. Adrienne will not take the cigarette case either. The bed is really awesome looking, so test it out as well! Sit on the bed and watch the interesting sequence to follow. After Adrienne recovers from her experience, leave this room and go into the room on the right side of the hallway.

This room is Marie’s bedroom. There are some tarot cards on the table to take. In the drawer of vanity table is a love letter from Marie to her Gaston. Read it. Adrienne will return the letter to the drawer. Look at the portrait over the fireplace. You can have Adrienne feel and sit on Marie’s bed if you want. That is all that is in this room, so go back into the hallway. Continue north to the back of the hallway. There are three more doorways here. The one on the left leads to the bathroom where Don is currently working on to convert into a dark room. Visit him. He talks about wanting some drain cleaner for the clogged sink. Talk to him a few more times. There is an overhead light. Try to reach it to find out from Don that it is not totally secured into the ceiling. Since Don is busy, leave the room and go back into the hallway. Go into the north doorway to enter the trophy room. There are three things to examine here. Try to play the gramophone. It does not work too well. Look in the mirror. Notice the odd lights on that unusual chair. Click on the big chair in the middle of the room. It is an electric chair?! Eek! Leave the room.

That is basically the second floor of the house. Go into the right doorway just across of the bathroom where Don is working. It leads to some stairs that goes up to the third floor. Once Adrienne is on the third floor, look at the door just to the right of her. It is locked, but there is a key stuck in the keyhole. Hmm … perhaps later there will be a way to retrieve that key. Enter the doorway on the left to go into the nursery. Awww! There is a cutsie teddy bear on the dresser. (If you have teddy bears near your computer, hide them from the computer screen now … this next scene traumatized me since I love teddies!) Click on the teddy bear to pick it up. See what happens to the teddy bear. sniff sniff You cannot open the drawers in the dresser so go south into the rest of the nursery. There is a crib with some odd cloud formation above it. Click on the cloud formation. Adrienne acts so calm about this odd cloud, don’t you think? Perhaps she thinks it is a dust cloud. Personally, I would have ran! So let us run out of the nursery and explore the rest of the floor.

Go south to the other end of the hall. The open doorway to the northeast leads into the bathroom. Go inside. Not much space in that shower! You can test the shower water if you like. You can make Adrienne use the toilet once per Chapter. There is a sink here where you can have Adrienne use makeup, lipstick, lotion, brush, wash her hands, and look in the mirror if you like. There is nothing else in the bathroom, so leave. To the left of the bathroom is a little short hallway with two doorways. Enter the one on the left to go into a large round art room with a lovely glass sky ceiling. This is the conservatory. Near the edge of the room is a couch with an odd statue device (containing a dragon emblem) next to it. Examine the statue. In the western area of the conservatory are two paintings. Take the painting on the floor and look at it. It is a nice landscape painting by Leonora. Look at the larger paint canvas. Just a few brush strokes. Near the back wall a bit northeast of Leonora’s painting is a round basket. Go to it and look inside to find a green apron with an H embroidered on it. The apron seems to be stained with some dark reddish color. There is nothing else in this room, so leave and enter the room on the right to go into Adrienne and Don’s bedroom. You can mess with the television in the corner. The TV is just full of static. Open the dresser drawer to find a nice $5.00 bill. Take it! Money! Money! Perhaps you can by drain cleaner for Don with that money later. Adrienne’s portable computer is on the desk in the bedroom. Click on it to turn it off. There is nothing else on the third floor, so go check on Don in the second floor bathroom. Talk to him. He is still busy. Look into the sink to see that it is still clogged.

Go downstairs to the first floor. We are going to eventually go to town using the car. Now you can go out the front door, but let’s take a more scenic route to explore the outside of the mansion. Go into the dining room and use the door there to enter the yard. Just a bit north of here is an extremely twisted tree trunk. If you go west near the middle of the screen, you will see a gazebo. Near the south of the screen is an odd multi-pointed comb-like sculpture in a little lily pool. Just east of this sculpture is a covered wire bridge that leads to another bridge with end spikes. Go southwest to the graveyard with a crypt. Try entering the crypt to see that the entrance is barred. Go southeast of the crypt to find that the path is washed out here, leaving a gap that is too wide for Adrienne to jump across. Return to the bridge with end spikes. This second bridge leads to a screen with a fence and gate opening. If you stay behind the fence and go east, you will go back to the twisted tree. However, we want to continue, so go south through the fence to reach the front of the house. There is a barn nearby on the west side. Try to open the barn doors. They are locked. Besides that, there is nothing more to see around the house, so enter the car and drive to the Nipawomsett town.

Once Adrienne arrives to the town, do not enter it just yet. Take the little path on the northwest side of the screen to a little house just outside of town. There is a large, barking dog guarding the house. Try to pet it. There is a mailbox nearby. Be a snoop and look inside the mailbox to see a letter addressed to a Mr. Malcolm Wyrmshadow. Since the dog will not stop barking, go ahead and leave the house. Enter the town. There are basically three stores in the town that Adrienne can enter: the antique store, the real estate office, and the general store. In the window of each of these stores is a sign saying if it is open or closed. Only the real estate office is open, so enter it. Talk to Robert Thompkins a few times to see that he is a real jerk. Adrienne will eventually ask him about missing keys to the Carnovasch estate. He tells her that she can search the file cabinet on the floor near the desk if she wants. Search it to find a large key. You can have Adrienne drink from the water dispenser or read a magazine on the sofa. Other than that, just leave the office. The locals walking around town are of no importance, except for the fact that you can pet the dog, so leave the town.

Once Adrienne drives back to the mansion, enter the house. Check on Don in the dark room and the sink if you like. Try to unlock the blue door with the ornate decorations around it in the main entry hall. The new key will not work here, so go to the locked door near the fireplace area in the main hallway. Use the new key on that door to unlock it. The door leads into a large library and study room. Read the magazine advertisement about Carno’s show that is lying on the table. Look at the titles of some of the books on the library shelves. This guy had some really odd tastes in books. Near one end of the room is a desk with a little statue sitting on the corner. Take the statue. Click on it in your inventory and place the statue icon onto the big red eye. A close-up screen will appear. Rotate the statue so that the back of the statue’s head is facing you. Click on the button on the head to release a blade. It is a letter opener! Still at the desk, click on one of the desk drawers to open it. Read the letter inside. It is from Carno to Jeremiah about a certain book that Carno really wants to examine.

Now go to the bricked up fireplace and examine it. Adrienne will accidentally move a loose brick. Look in the hole to see a hidden chapel room. That’s odd. Why is it all bricked up? These bricks in the fireplace are very old and crumbly, so use the letter opener to start removing some of the bricks. After a while, Adrienne will remove enough bricks to make an opening into the chapel room. Enter the room. There is a huge book on the altar. Look at it. It contains Carno’s family tree! The strange black box next to Adrienne mysteriously unlocks itself. Click on the box and watch the movie sequence.



Chapter Two: Monday October 17 – 10:00 AMc

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, newspaper, poker, tarot cards, $5.00 bill, and a key. The day starts with Don quite agitated with Adrienne about not having some drain cleaner. Walk downstairs to the first floor entry hall. As Adrienne descends the stairs, she hears some odd music playing somewhere. Go back upstairs to the second floor and enter the trophy room. That supposedly broken gramophone is playing that music?! Click on it to stop the music. How strange. Click on the gramophone again. Well, since it has stopped, go back downstairs. Go to the fortune teller and take the token in the little slot. Activate the machine to get another fortune: “Strangers dwell among you.” Well, that’s nice to hear in a new house!

Go out the front door and west to the car. Click on the car and drive to town. Enter the west side of town and go to the general store. Look at the sign in the window. The store is open, so enter. Make your way to the back of the store and find a barrel with a sign above it. Click on the sign to read it: Free Soup Bones. Take a soupbone and go back to the front counter. Talk to Harv, the store owner and ask him about some drain cleaner. He will give you a container of drain cleaner and warn you about how corrosive it is (burns through practically anything) due to the sulfuric acid content. Keep that warning in mind and pay for the drain cleaner, using your $5.00 bill from your bedroom dresser. Adrienne will put the change into the donations box on the counter. Harv will learn that Adrienne and Don bought the Carnovasch estate and tell her about an old man named Malcolm who used to live there with Carno. Once he is finished talking, you can take a closer look at the donations box on the counter if you like. Leave the general store.

Go east to antique store. Look at the sign in the window. The store is open, so enter. Listen to Lou Ann talk on the phone about cameos. Make note of that. Talk to Lou Ann repeatedly until she has nothing new to say. This may take a while since Lou Ann has a lot of information to tell. Once you are done, go to the back of the store and look at the glass case to see a nice crucifix. Ask Lou about the crucifix and learn of its rarity and expensive price! Yikes! Leave the antique store and go to the real estate office. The sign in the window says it is also open, so enter. Robert Thompkins is being quite friendly with his so-called client, so let’s not disturb them further and leave. Definite sleezeball!

Leave down and go back to Malcolm Wyrmshadow’s house. The dog is still barking, so distract it with the soupbone you got from the general store. Once the dog is gone, open the gate and knock on the door. Ethel opens the door and rudely refuses to let Adrienne talk to Malcolm. You will need to better convince her to let you in later. For now, go back to the car and drive home. The barn door is now open. That’s funny, who opened it? Enter the barn and go left to the stall. Look at the pulley to the right of the stall. Something is up in the loft. Go into the stall twice, and Spaz will eventually jump down from the loft. Yikes! That Spaz! Go south to a large fireplace. Look at the pots and other utensils laying about. Someone else seems to have been here recently. Click on the pots, and Don will suddenly show up. Don may take the drain cleaner here, so try clicking it on him. If he leaves without taking the drain cleaner, leave the barn and go to the dark room to give it to him. If he did take the drain cleaner, go to the dark room to see what he is doing. You have to go to the dark room for this Chapter to end.

Chapter Three: Thursday October 20 – 12:30 PM

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, newspaper, tarot cards, poker, and a key. Adrienne and Don have a short, uneventful picnic. As Adrienne is packing up, she sees someone hiding behind a large tree. Click on that large tree (the one on the right side of the screen) to find a large guy named Cyrus. He says that his mother is in trouble and needs help, and that you need to follow him. Go to the barn. (If you did not catch Cyrus behind the large tree, go to the barn and he will talk to you there.) Inside the barn, go to the stable and talk to Cyrus and his mother Harriet a few times. Harriet is stuck in the loft, so use the ladder to get up there. Try pulling Harriet up to find that you cannot do it with your bare hands. Cyrus mentioned something about the pulley, so try to take it. It is too far away for Adrienne to reach, so take the pitchfork near the wall and use it to move the pulley closer. Use the pulley to pull up Harriet. A nail ripped her britches. Once Harriet leaves, look at the hole she left behind. There is a nail stuck in the wood, so use the hammer you found in the wine cellar to pull it out.

Climb down and talk to Harriet and Cyrus. Adrienne will let them have a job working around the estate. Once they leave the screen, go southwest to see what they are preparing for supper near the fireplace. Talk to Harriet and then Cyrus. Cyrus is butchering that poor rabbit quite vigorously, and he mentions he can kill with his bare hands. Uh, that’s nice. Exit the barn and go into the house. Get another fortune from the fortune teller: “Evil is watching you. Look for friends.” Does this machine ever give out inspirational fortunes?! Go behind the bar and look at the bottle of absinthe. Go knock on the door of the dark room. Silence. Oh well. Go up to the third floor. Remember the locked room with the key stuck in the hole? It is time to retrieve that key. Put the newspaper you found from the entry hall fireplace underneath the door. That is to catch the key when it falls. Use the nail from the barn to poke the key through the keyhole. The key will fall on the other side of the door. Pull out the newspaper to retrieve the fallen key. (If you forgot to use the newspaper, you can use the poker to pull out the key from under the door.)

Unlock the door with the key and enter. You are in the tower. There is one door here, so click on it to enter a small bedroom. Take the book on the dresser and read the inscription inside. It is from Carno to Malcolm. Aha! Something to show Ethel! This must have been Malcolm’s room when he was a boy. You can have Adrienne sit on the bed if you like. Look through the bedroom window to see a strange building somewhere on the estate. What is that building?! We will worry about it later. For now, exit the tower and return to the third floor. (You may hear a baby crying now, if you haven’t already. When this happens, enter the nursery and look around to see a moving rocking chair and hear a woman singing. Click on the chair to stop it.) Go to the conservatory and take another look at the large canvas. There seems to be a few more strokes added to the painting … that’s odd. Go into Adrienne and Don’s bedroom and look at the computer. It has a lot of garbled letters, but look closely at them. You can pick out some very peculiar words: You Have Danger. Uh oh!

Since we have a book to show Ethel, exit the house and drive back to town. Go to Malcolm’s house and knock on the door. (If this is your first time to meet Ethel, then you will need to knock twice). Show Ethel the book you found in Malcolm’s bedroom in the tower. She will let you in to talk to Malcolm for a moment. Listen to what Malcolm says and leave. That session was not too successful information-wise, so perhaps Adrienne can try again later. Go back into town and enter the antique store. Lou Ann will have some old newspaper clippings about Carno in a scrapbook to show you. She leaves the book on the glass case, so click on it to read an article about Carno’s show. Click on near the right edge of the page to turn to another article. The second article is about Sofia’s drowning. The third is about Regina and Leonora’s deaths. The fourth is about Carno being burned during an escape trick. The fifth is about Carno and Marie’s deaths. When you are done reading, talk to Lou Ann and thank her for all the help. Leave the store and enter the real estate office. Talk the Bob about the hauntings in the house, and he will mention that a phone man will be coming to fix the phone tomorrow. There is nothing new at the general store, so leave town and drive back home. Don will rudely snap at Adrienne as she gets out of the car.

Chapter Four: Friday October 31 – 7:00 AM

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, newspaper, tarot cards, poker, and two keys. Adrienne has a traumatic scene with Don in the bathroom and later ends up in the bedroom still in tears. Leave the bedroom and enter the conservatory. Look at the canvas painting. Woah, it seems like the beginnings of a face is appearing! The paint is still wet! Leave the conservatory and go downstairs to the second floor. Enter Carno’s room. There is a glint on the side table that contained the ruby ring. Go to the side table and click on the glint. It is a necklace. You then hear voices of Marie and Carno discussing the necklace. The necklace will mysteriously disappear. Go downstairs to the main entry hall. Harriet will appear all ready for work! Click on her once to give her a list of things to do. Then click on her again to ask about the mysterious building in the woods that you saw from Malcolm’s tower room. She will tell you that Cyrus probably knows where it is. Since Harriet was into palm reading, maybe she might like some tarot cards. Give her the tarot cards, and she will delightfully accept them. Click on her twice, and she will take your newspaper from you. You will not need it anymore.

Get another fortune from the fortune teller: “Keep your secrets to yourself. Trust no one.” It just keeps on getting better and better … Go to the kitchen and talk to Harriet. Watch the Tarot reading sequence. It provides some clues as to what Adrienne will soon encounter. You can click on Harriet at the sink after the card reading if you like. Exit the house via the dining room and click on Cyrus to see him trying to get Spaz. If you want to monitor Harriet as she does her household tasks, which is optional and not necessary to complete the game, continue reading this paragraph. If not, skip this paragraph and read the next one. Harriet should be finished washing dishes in the kitchen now. Go back into the house and enter the entry hall. Harriet should be sweeping the floor near the front door. Talk to her. To make the game move Harriet to another location, you have to go to a different room before heading to the next location where Harriet will be. Go back into the dining room for a second. Now go to the library. Harriet should be dusting the bookshelves. Talk to her. Go back to the dining room for a second. Go upstairs into the third floor bedroom. Harriet should be there with a portable vacuum. Talk to her. Go to the conservatory for a second. Go to the bathroom to see Harriet cleaning. Talk to her about the odd bathtub. Go to the conservatory or bedroom. Now go downstairs and head to the barn. Harriet is resting after doing all her assigned housework. Cyrus is preparing a squirrel for supper.

If you did not wish to follow Harriet around the house, leave the screen where Cyrus was trying to get Spaz and then come back to it. Cyrus will be chopping wood now. Talk to Cyrus (either when he is chopping wood or in the barn preparing the squirrel) about the mysterious building, and he will tell you to follow him. If you are outside where he is chopping wood, go: east, northwest, southwest, southeast. If you are in the barn, exit the barn and go: south, north, north, southwest, southeast. You are now at the screen with the washed-out path. Cyrus will eventually push down the large tree to form a bridge for Adrienne and then leave when Harriet calls for him. Click on the tree to cross.

Continue east on the path. There is a glint on the ground here. Take it and examine it in your inventory. It is a telescope lens. Continue east to the greenhouse. That is the mysterious building! There is a telescope just to the northwest of the greenhouse, so go there first. Try to use the telescope to see that it is missing a telescope lens. Use the lens on it and look through the telescope to see an extra window that is next to Malcolm’s tower room. Wait, there was only one room with one window up there, right?! Gotta check that out later. Go into the greenhouse. Look in the large pot on the east side of the greenhouse to see the remains of Hortencia. There is a trowel (small shovel) on the west side of the greenhouse. Pick it up to see Hortencia’s gruesome murder. Adrienne will run out of the greenhouse to recover from what she just saw. Did you notice the green apron Hortencia was wearing? No doubt it is the one from the conservatory. The stains were the poor woman’s blood!

Head back towards the house. If you see Cyrus outside chopping wood, you can talk to him if you like. Go see that a truck is parked out front. It must be the telephone repairman’s truck. Enter the house via the front doors and talk to Mike who is installing the phone. Let’s go see out the extra window in the tower, so go up to the third floor. As Adrienne passes the dark room, Don will come out and harass her about Harriet. Get a gripe, Don! Geez! Go up to the tower and find a secret panel on the large blank wall. Click on it. Adrienne will need a tool, so use a hammer. She will start stripping away boards to create an entrance. Go into the entrance to find an attic. Why was the attic boarded up?! Weird. Examine the portraits of the various Carnovasch women. Open the nearby trunk. There is a small cameo here to take. Didn’t Lou Ann mention cameos before? Examine the locket with a picture of Sofia inside. Read Hortencia’s diary concerning how Carno changed from good to evil and how Sofia really died. Adrienne will not take them. Look at the mirror on the right wall. The bizarre mechanism near the trunk was glowing in the mirror. Examine it. That thing certainly looks torturous. That is all for now in the attic, so go back down the main entry hall to see that angry Don found Mike…

Chapter Five: Friday October 31 – 8:30 PM

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, poker, cameo and two keys. It is Friday evening and Adrienne wakes up from crying bloody tears. Yippee! Halloween night! Go look at the computer to see more garbled letters, so look closely at them. You can pick out some very peculiar words: Get Out and Do Not Trust. Uh oh! Evil is in the air tonight! Go to the attic. The mirror on the wall has a strange swirling light. Go look at the mirror to see Leonora’s murder. So that’s what the strange device in the attic was used for! Ugh! Leave the attic and go to the trophy room on the second floor. The mirror here also has a strange swirling light. Go look at the mirror to see Regina’s murder. Just a word of warning: it is somewhat disgusting, especially if you are a vegetarian. Knock on the door of the darkroom. Where is Don?! Leave the trophy room and go into Carno’s room. Take a look at the cigarette case in the dresser. Hmm. Only two cigarettes left. What happened to the third one?! Do a quick check on the red ring on the vanity table to see if it is still there. Yep, it is still present. Go downstairs to the main entry hall.

Cryus will appear and tell Adrienne that Harriet wants her to go to the barn for a seance. Once he leaves, go get another fortune from the fortune teller: “We are watching you. You’re not alone.” Well, no kidding with all these weird mirror scenes!! Go look at the bottle of absinthe behind the bar in the main hall. Hmm. It seems that Don might be taking some sips? Go to the barn to have an intriguing seance with Harriet and Cyrus — Carno has a message for Adrienne about an evil entity that she must send back. Carno said to find the dragon…

After the seance, return to the house via the front doors. There is some strange music coming from somewhere — like people having a dinner party with the clanking of glasses. Go to the dining room. The mirror here has a strange swirling light, too! Brace yourself and go look at the mirror to see Victoria’s murder. Adrienne will run to the kitchen sink. After she recovers from what she saw, go down into the wine cellar. The sound of a woman weeping is heard here somewhere… Go into the back cell with the chains and see a ghost hand emerge behind Adrienne. Ahh! One of the full wine barrels has a swirling light. Click on it to see another vision of Victoria. Leave the wine cellar and go back upstairs. Exit the house and go to the gazebo. A red rose will suddenly appear on the ground. Pick up the rose and watch a scene between Gaston and Marie. This is thankfully not a murder scene. After the scene is over, go to the odd multi-pointed comb-like sculpture in the little lily pool. Look in the lily pool to see the image of Sophia under the water and then the body of drowned Spaz. Ah! The poor cat died! Argh! Adrienne will end up in the dining room looking at the fireplace. Go upstairs to the dark room. There is some noise coming from the dark room. Try to knock. Don doesn’t want to answer, so go to the conservatory.

Check the canvas painting. The face is becoming a bit more distinct, and it is not pretty! The bizarre dragon statue that was on the table near the couch is now in the middle of the room! How strange. Click on it to examine it. Look at the light coming from it. Examine the wall where the light is shining to reveal a secret panel. Open the panel and enter the secret passage. A house this big has to have secret passages, eh? grin

Use the elevator on the right to descend down to the second level. Exit the elevator. There is a rectangular peephole on the left wall. Click on it to peer into Marie’s room. There is a cigarette butt on the floor here. Examine it. Wasn’t this the missing third cigarette from the case in Carno’s room? Someone was using these passages recently… Pull the nearby lever to open an entrance into Marie’s room. Enter the bedroom. Wow, you could do some serious spying and snooping this way! Go back into the secret passageway. Go north and use the elevator to go down to the first floor. Go northeast to see a large chasm. It is too wide for Adrienne to jump across, so go back out and go southwest. Use the switch ahead to open an entrance to the theatre.

If you were wondering to where the blue double doors with the ornate decorations leads, this is it — the theatre. There is an odd chair device on the stage. Go to the chair and examine it to see a vision of Adrienne being trapped in that chair. Eek! Definitely want to stay away from that thing! There is a dressing room just to the left of the chair. Enter it and open the wardrobe closet near the makeup table. There is a picture of Carno and Malcolm on the top shape. Notice how Carno’s face changes. Something to show Ethel for another session with Malcolm! Look at the show poster to the left of the makeup table. You can have Adrienne sit at the makeup table and look into the mirror if you like. That is all here, so leave the dressing room and exit the theatre through the front doors to enter the main entry hall. Don is flat drunk in the fireplace seating area.

Chapter Six: Saturday October 22 – 9:20 AM

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, poker, cameo, picture and two keys. Adrienne finds Don hung over at the fireplace and tries to convince him to leave the house. He vehemently refuses and goes to the front door to answer Mike. Adrienne finds poor Spaz’s collar where Don was sitting and tosses it into the fireplace. Go look at the bottle of absinthe behind the bar. It is gone! Go get another fortune from the fortune teller: “Evil is here! Find your salvation!” Oh dear! This is terrible! Go to the study room and enter the chapel. In the box where the green mist had escape in Chapter 1 is a book. Read the book. There is now a new exit in the chapel, in the corner just to the right of the fireplace hole.

Enter the secret passage and follow the path to the crypt. There are two tombs in this screen. Read the nameplates to find out that they are Carno’s and Marie’s tombs. Using the fireplace poker, pry off the lid of Marie’s tomb to reveal her corpse. Notice the rosary beads and cross in her hand. Use the poker, and pry off the lid to Carno’s tomb. Look inside to find a watch with the words “To My Angel From Marie” in it. Hmm. Where did you hear “My Angel” before? In the northwest area of the crypt are the tombs of two other wives and Sofia. You can examine the nameplates, but you cannot open the tombs. There is no way to go outside since it is barred, so go back into the secret passageway and re-enter the house.

Go to Marie’s room. The dressing table mirror has that now-familiar swirling light. Go look at the mirror to see Carno with his face burnt, and he is dragging Gaston into the secret passageway in Marie’s room. Leave the bedroom and hear Marie’s voice calling for her “angel” Gaston. Go across the hall into Carno’s room and check for the red ring on the vanity table. It is gone! Go upstairs to the conservatory and check the canvas painting. Now that’s getting really scary! It’s a painting of the evil demon! Go downstairs to the main entry hall and talk to Mike, apologizing for Don’s rude behavior.

How are Harriet and Cyrus doing lately? Go to the barn and find out. They are packing up to leave. Talk to each of them until they have nothing more to say. Leave the barn and enter the car to drive to town. Go to Malcolm’s house and knock on the door. SAVE GAME here because you may want to go back and review what you are about to see and hear. Show Ethel the photo you found in the theatre dressing room. She will let Adrienne in to see Malcolm. Listen very carefully to what Malcolm has to say. He has a lot of useful and historical information for you that will help explain all the bizarre stuff happening in the house. He also reveals that the body in Carno’s tomb is not Carno but rather Marie’s “angel” Gaston. He also tells Adrienne that she needs to use the book, a holy item, a stone of Hamorabi, and blood of a sentient being to defeat the demon.

After Adrienne leaves the house and returns to the car, go to the antique store. Give Lou Ann the cameo you found in the attic to get the crucifix. This will be your holy item. If you did not read the news articles in her scrapbook, do so now. The other places in town are closed, so leave town and drive back home. Go into the barn to see that Harriet and Cyrus are gone. Enter the house via the front door to talk to Mike about the fixed phone. Outside, crazy Don will “pay” Mike for all his phone services.

Chapter Seven: Saturday October 22 – 3:30 PM

At this point, you should have in your inventory: hammer, poker, crucifix, and two keys. Adrienne is packing up and crazy Don is putting on show makeup. There are several ways to play through this Chapter. We will take the easiest course. Check the computer to see that Don completely destroyed it into pieces. Go to the conservatory and look at the demon painting at its fully glory. Ugh! Go to the nursery and take the glass shard on the floor. Notice the baby picture has been shattered. Go downstairs to the main entry hall. As you go down, you will pass the dark room and notice that it is open. DO NOT ENTER YET! You are not ready.

Go downstairs to the main entry hall. No more fortunes or checking for absinthe. Enter the theater. The video machine to the right of the chair is flashing strange lights, so go examine it and watch how Carno got burnt. So that was Gaston and Marie’s plan! Go into the dressing room. Look at the vest on the floor to find the snowman Christmas ornament that Adrienne showed Don at the beginning of the game. Adrienne will take the snowman. Leave the theatre. (Check the bar, fortune teller?) Try to open the front door to find out that Adrienne is trapped inside! If you do not have the crucifix from the antique store, go to the Marie’s tomb in the crypt to get the rosary beads and cross. Malcolm mentioned that you needed the book to defeat the demon, so go to the chapel and look at the box where the book is … or was … since it is missing now! Drat!

Well, besides the book (which we will find later), you are ready to face the dark room. Go stand in the hall outside the dark room and SAVE GAME. Take a deep breath and enter. You will finally see what insane Don has been up to … tearing photos of Adrienne at the neckline. Yikes! He will grab Adrienne. During the struggle, quickly grab the acidic drain cleaner just to the right of her and use it on Don. It will start burning at his face. The book that Adrienne needs to defeat the demon is on the center table. Grab it. Adrienne will end up in the theatre’s throne of terror. Timing is essential here. (Though it seems a good idea to stab Don with the glass shard or to bash his head with the poker or the hammer while he is busy strapping Adrienne, neither of these will work. Don will hardly be affected by the hammer, and his reactions are swift enough to prevent Adrienne from using the poker or the shard.) As Don is strapping her into the chair, quickly show him the snowman to distract him a bit. Then use the lever on the chair’s right side to release the blade and kill Don. There is no way to avoid this. You have to kill him. If you do not distract Don before pulling the blade level, well, Adrienne will get a quick … er … lobotomy.

The demon will emerge from Don’s body and materialize into the dreaded demon seen in the canvas painting. You need to be quick in this next fast-paced sequence. Exit the theatre via the secret passageway in the corner of the theatre that is to the right of the large exit doors. Go east to the chasm. Look above to see overhead water pipes. Grab them and make your way across. Run down the passageway and get into the room at the end. Once you are inside, immediately bolt the door shut. The bolt is on the left (not right) side of the door. Continue south to a table inside a circle. The corpse of Carno is near the table. Click on the table to go to it. Put the book on the table. Adrienne will struggle to translate the Latin. When she needs a talisman, click on Carno’s corpse to get one. Click the talisman on the book (the talisman is in your inventory). When Adrienne needs blood from a living person, use the glass shard on her to have her cut her finger. (If you do not have the glass shard, but still have the cameo, you can use it on Adrienne here. She can prick her finger with the pin on the back of the cameo.) When she needs a blessed item, use the crucifix on the book. Watch Adrienne continue with the book’s incantation, eventually defeating the demon that rises behind her. A shocked and blood-stained Adrienne will slowly walk away from the house, ending the game. Congratulations! You have finished Phantasmagoria!

As mentioned before, there are several ways to play through this Chapter, depending on whether or not you have all the necessary items to complete the final scenes. If you do not have all the items, then you will have to make mad dashes around the mansion to obtain them. After you use the drain cleaner on Don in the dark room, you can run out of the room. You can ambush Don behind the nursery door, and then stab him with the glass shard. This will delay Don long enough for you to re-enter the dark room and get the book. Use the hammer on Don when he enters the dark room. You can run to crypt to get the cross on the coffin. To do this, run to the conservatory and use the secret passage (jump off the elevator when Don tries to pull Adrienne up) to get to the chapel, and then use the secret passageway to get to the crypt. Cyrus’ dead body will be dangling in the corridor on the way to the crypt. Get the cross, and when Don enters, push the gargoyle-like statue (that is located on the right side of the door) on top of Don. This also will delay Don long enough for you to escape.

If you do not have the snowman, use the secret passageway to get to the theatre. (You will find Mike’s body if you try to pull the lever to enter Marie’s room.) Don will be waiting for you in the theatre along with Harriet’s corpse. Run into the makeup room, get the snowman, and hide in the closet. If Don enters, poke him with the fireplace poker and make your escape. If you already have all the items you need, though, then go ahead and let Don catch you.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, remember that you MUST return to the dark room for the book. If Don catches you while you are not carrying the book, you automatically lose the game, because after you kill Don, you cannot run anywhere except to the room with the table inside a circle. Without the book, you cannot complete the spell to defeat the demon.

The Coroner’s Report

Due to popular request, if you are in need of game maps, you can view some full color ones by clicking on the link below. The first map is for the Carnovasch Estate Island, the second for the Nipawomsett Island, and the remaining three are for the mansion itself from the first floor to the third floor. The fourth floor of the mansion is quite small, and therefore no map is provided.