Chaos in Daventry

Archie created this little poem about the events that occurred in kingdom of Daventry at the beginning of King’s Quest 8.


The wind was cool and calm on the summer dawn
Nothing gave a hint of the fate that would come,
As Connor walked through the trees on that peaceful dawn,
No one knew of what would come, but the sorcerer who chanted his song.
The mask split apart, soon as the last word left Lucreto’s lips
Broken into pieces, cast into the many lands
Flying over boats and ships,
Over swamp and mountain, over sea and sand.

One piece came to Connor as storms lit the sky,
Sudden darkness fell over him as he held the piece in his hand
Turning around there was Sarah, all stone and rock and Connor wept and cried,
Vowing to himself, that he would save the land.

Orcs and goblins, henchmen and ghosts,
Now raided the land, the land that was his home.

There was no sun now, in the dreadful land
No hint of life in that land struck by plague

As Connor set off, determined to restore his people,
The raven ever watched him, glittering eyes on the man
The man who’d restore forever the mask and rid the land from evil.