Laura Bow 1: Game Walkthrough

Sierra Planet – Laura Bow 1 Game Walkthrough

If you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for Laura Bow 1, you can utilize the UHS hint file if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

You must use your game’s documentation to successfully identify fingerprints to start the game. If you lost your manual or documentation, your best bet is to find used copy of the game from an independent seller or trader off places like Ebay Auctions or Game Trading Zone. Make sure the seller is including the manual with the game because quite often they are just selling the game disc(s) only! Even though Sierra Entertainment has long discontinued this game and no longer provides active technical/customer support (other than a game forum), the game is still under federal copyright protection. Therefore, Sierra Planet cannot legally give out manual information publically.

Laura Bow 1 or The Colonel’s Bequest is a very time-oriented game. If you are not careful of the time, you may miss something very important because you arrived too late to the scene. Also, if there is one game that required excruciatingly careful examination of objects, people, and the environment, this would be it. It is the type of game that you have to play several times in order to get all of it — unless you are just a mystery game-playing genius! I have listed extra tasks to do that are not required to obtain Super Sleuth status. The first reason for this is because there is just so much to see in the game in order to understand what is happening. The second reason is because I am not sure which minute tasks will or will not score you the Super Sleuth status, so I just decided to list everything to be safe. See Templeton’s Survival Guide, Cast of Characters, About the Croutons, and Helpful Hints for more help and information for playing the game. With this in mind, here we go!

ACT 1 :: ACT 2 :: ACT 3 :: ACT 4

ACT 5 :: ACT 6 :: ACT 7 :: ACT 8

ACT I (7:00 – 8:00)

Explore your room. Look at the picture over the fireplace. Look at the chute under the three little pictures. Open the chute. Wonder what that is for? Just do not try to enter the chute or bad things will happen. Go east into Ethel’s room. Talk to Ethel and then ask her about everyone (including pets) in the house to gather information. Look at her drink and white handkerchief. Go back into your room, and go west into the hallway. Go north into the bathroom. Lillian is washing her hands. Notice that she puts on some perfume. The wastebasket is empty … for now.

Lillian and Ethel are having a conversation in your room. Unfortunately, they see you and stop whatever they were discussing. (If you enter other rooms in the house where people are conversing, the same thing happens.) Let’s rudely interrupt the conversation and talk to Lillian. Stand next to her and ask her about everyone else in the house. If only there was a way to eavesdrop on what they are saying before you came in … there is. Exit your bedroom into the hallway again. There are two large cabinets on the east and west wall. Move the cabinet on the east wall to reveal a secret hallway. Remember reading about a painting with the vacant stare? Several paintings in the house are like that. The eyes are peepholes! There is a north and a south painting. Face the north painting and look into the eyes. Now you can listen in on that conversation between Ethel and Lillian. Every room with a conversation going on can be eavesdropped this way. Smell the hallway. Perfume?

Go to the Colonel’s bedroom (directly west of your bedroom). Catch the Colonel and Fifi. Oops! Look at the Colonel’s cigar. Exit into the hallway and move the west wall cabinet to spy on them through the north painting. Well! Well! Something is definitely going on between those two! Go back into the Colonel’s room and go west into the Doctor Wilbur Feels’ room. Look at the doctor’s black bag on the bed. Leave and go downstairs. Do not lean on the banister unless you want to become a harp-playing spirit. Look at the armor statue. Need to do something about that rust later. Go into the first room on the right (the parlor room). Hmm. Gertrude and Clarence are talking about something. Talk to each of them and ask them about everyone else in the house. (Stand next to one person and ask all your questions. Then stand next to the other person and ask all your questions.) Look at the decanter on the counter. Look at Clarence’s cigar. Talk to Polly and learn that it wants crackers.

Go back into the hallway, move the mirror, and spy on Clarence and Gertrude. In the room directly west from the bar is the billiard room. Rudy and Gloria are talking about something. Talk to each of them and ask them about everyone in the house. Sorry to interrupt! Look at Gloria’s cigarette. Gotta eavesdrop some more! Move the clock in the hallway and spy on them now. While you are in that secret hallway, look through the north peephole to see the Doctor reading. Go meet the doctor and see Gloria threatening him. Wonder what her medical condition is? Talk to the doctor and ask him about everyone in the house. Go west into the study room and look in the weapons cabinet. Also, look at the derringer in the case case on the table. Go upstairs and see Gertrude sleeping in her room. By the way, there is never anything of importance in the closet next to the left stairs.

ACT II (8:00 – 9:00)

Leave Gertrude’s room and come back. Oh no! Where’s Gertrude? What’s that cigar smell? Why is the window open? Look through the window. Something is down below, but you cannot seem to see it. Exit the room. Someone is on the veranda! Take the handkerchief on the floor and go downstairs. Go into the billiard room and exit outside through the left doors. Poor Gertrude! Examine her body. She has nothing on her. Enter back into the house. You can tell Gloria about Gertrude. Gloria has a nice pink feather boa, does she not? Go into the kitchen. Celie and Lillian are having an interesting conversation. Show Lillian the handkerchief. Take the soupbone from the refrigerator and throw it to Beauregard (the dog) who is outside the kitchen in his doghouse. Look inside the doghouse to get the necklace. See if you can go down into the cellar now. Stand directly in front of the right cellar door. Open the door. If it is locked, try again later during this act. If it opens, then enter. Jeeves is down there trying to take a nap. Examine the wall, take the crackers on the table, and leave. Jeeves is not a talkative person.

You have seven crackers. Feed one cracker to Polly during each of the remaining acts to get some tidbits on conversations that Polly heard. After feeding Polly, spy on Ethel to hear her talking to Polly. Go see Clarence and Wilbur arguing outside the house (near the study room). They walk inside. Follow them. They will go into the dining room. Spy on them in the dining room through the peepholes. Go upstairs to Rudy’s and Clarence’s room. Yeah, slap him Fifi! After Fifi leaves, go up to her third-floor room. Talk to her and ask her about everyone else in the house. Now go spy on Wilbur reading alone in the library. Then spy into the billiard room to see Clarence and Gloria talking about breaking up. If you just enter the billiard room to see them playing, you may miss the important breakup conversation.

ACT III (9:00 – 10:00)

Go to the library. Something terrible has happened! Where is Wilbur? Take the poker and look at the feathers on the floor. Read the magazine on the table. It is the magazine that Wilbur was reading. Maybe he went to his room upstairs. Go there, and notice that his black bag is missing from the bed. In one of the secret hallways is a cane. Find it and take it. Go feed Polly a cracker. Check up on Fifi in her room. She is reading right now. Well, it is time to find Wilbur. Go outside to the chapel or the stable. You should find his body one of these places. Search his body to get a monocle. It makes a good magnifying glass–something you will need! Examine all your objects from this point on with the monocle. The poker is bloody! Interesting initials on that handkerchief. If you want to, take a little visit to the graveyard. Sarah’s ghost sometimes appears here. You do not really do anything with her though.

Go to the playhouse and knock on the door. Lillian will let you enter. Talk to her and look at her. She is acting strangely and reading to old dolls! She seems to ignore you, so leave. Go to Celie’s cabin on the east side of the estate and knock on the door if she is not on the porch. If you have already given her the necklace, she will invite you in. If you have not, show the necklace to her now. Sit down. Talk to her and ask her about everyone in the house. Tell her about Gertrude and Wilbur. Ask her about Sarah. Show her your items, especially the cane. It is the Colonel’s cane? Why is the cane not with him? Ask for the carrot and get it. Leave Celie’s cabin, and go to the barn. Give the carrot to Blaze (the horse). Pet him, open the gate, and get the lantern. Close the gate and leave.

Go back into the house and see if the Colonel is in his room. If he is, go spy on him. He can walk?!! No wonder he does not need the cane! Go to Rudy and Clarence’s room to see them arguing. Spy on their argument. Clarence is really upset over his breakup with Gloria. After Rudy leaves, go into their bedroom. Clarence should be sleeping in his bed. Spy on Gloria listening to her victrola music downstairs in the billiard room. Once the time is 9:45 PM, go into the Colonel’s room. He should be gone, so go look in the cannon over the fireplace. Take the brass key. Leave the room and re-enter it until the elevator is present. Go into the elevator and unlock the elevator. Go up to the attic. Read the newspapers in the stack near the elevator. In the south part of the attic, there is a trunk with some interesting stuff in it. Examine the various articles of army clothing, especially the boots. Look at the heels of the boots to see an insignia of an eagle. To east and unlock the attic door. Open the door and enter the door to the right into Fifi’s room. See Rudy grab Fifi and get slapped by her. Fifi is tired and goes to sleep. That decanter on Fifi’s table looks oddly familiar. Examine it with the monocle.

ACT IV (10:00 – 11:00)

Go downstairs into the study room. Why is Lillian poking around with the Colonel’s weapons? Ask her about the Colonel and about Sarah to get some strange answers. In one of the secret hallways is a cigar butt. Take it and examine it with the monocle. Even though the game says there is nothing special with the cigar butt, you need it to complete your notebook for the end of the game. Who smoked a cigar tonight? Go to the billiard room. Something happened here! Take and examine the broken record with your monocle. Examine the mud and pink feathers on the floor as well. Pink feathers? Gloria! Go to the gazebo or well outside to find out. Poor Gloria! Strangled! Sometime outside, you should see Rudy and Clarence walking around. Drunken Ethel staggers by as well. Walk around until you find them. Then go to the front garden of the house where the soldier statue is. Clarence and Rudy are fighting it out! Go to the kitchen or dining room to see Jeeves and Fifi doing a bit more than just cleaning house. Ooh! Go spy on them. Go feed Polly another cracker. Wonder where that decanter went …

ACT V (11:00 – 12:00)

Go outside in the southwest area of the estate to find the rolling pin and footprint in the mud. Examine the rolling pin and bootprint with the monocle. Where have you seen an eagle insignia? This is a really bad sign! Wonder where Ethel is. She should not be walking around outside with everything that has happened! Go to the carriage house or the heart-shaped garden. Too late! Poor Ethel! If you are not in the carriage house, go there now. Get the crowbar in the carriage and the oil can on the table. Return to the house and go upstairs to Fifi’s room. She is getting dressed and is putting on some perfume. Ooh la la! Look at her and tell her who died if you like. You should be getting a feeling that no one believes you. Go to the dining room to see Rudy eating. Look at what he is eating. Examine the chute in the dining room. Now go down into the cellar to see that Jeeves is also getting dressed. Jeeves clearly wants you to leave if you talk to him. Those two are definitely doing something tonight! Go to the parlor to see Clarence drinking alone. Give Polly a cracker. Go into the Colonel’s bedroom to see him and Lillian talking. Spy on their conversation from the peepholes. After Lillian leaves, exit the secret hallway, and return to that secret hallway again. The game should automatically say that there is a scent of perfume in the air. Now spy on the Colonel just to see if he is there or not. Go check on the Colonel in his room. Look at the wheelchair. He is not in his wheelchair!

ACT VI (12:00 – 1:00)

Go up to the attic and check on the trunk again. At various times during the game, the Colonel’s clothes will be missing or bloody. Now go back down and check that bathroom wastebasket now to find a bottle with some fine print on it. Examine the bottle with your monocle. It is a bottle of sleeping powder, which is lethal if an overdose is taken! Oh dear! It seemed that Jeeves and Fifi were having a little date or something, right? Go check on Fifi’s room. Yikes! They had too much to drink and are now dead! Examine the decanter with the monocle. The decanter has some fingerprints. Go to your bedroom. Lillian is in your room writing something and wants to be alone. Alright, Lillian! Have it your way! Go spy on her. What is she writing? Since you are in the secret hallway, turn around a spy on Rudy and Clarence’s room. Clarence is writing something, too! Go downstairs and feed Polly a cracker. Examine the glass on the counter with your monocle. More fingerprints. Go to the study room and out the left doors to find Rudy sitting and petting Beauregard. Too many strange things are happening! Go knock on the door of Celie’s house. Celie is really scared and worried! At least, you are not the only one sensing something horribly wrong around here.

ACT VII (1:00 – 2:00)

Go feed Polly a cracker. You probably have been wondering what is up with that rusted armor statue. Since you now have the oilcan, oil the visor of the statue. Just oil it a little bit because you need some of that oil for later. Lift the visor to get a valve handle and to read a note. Sarah. Was there not a tombstone with Sarah’s name on it? Go upstairs to Clarence’s room. He is gone, so you can read his notebook. Wait! There is blood on the floor. Oh, no! You feel like throwing up in the bathroom, so go there. Eeek! Clarence is in the bathtub! Search his body to find a box of matches. Also look at that dagger in his chest. It seems like you have seen that dagger before somewhere. (If Clarence is not in the bathroom, his body may be on Wilbur’s Murphy bed.) As you stagger out of the bathroom, see if you can locate a dusty bootprint in one of the secret hallways. Look at the floor if needed. Then see if Lillian left the bedroom yet. Good. She is gone. Open the suitcase and read her diary. Lillian is becoming less and less the friend that you knew. Examine her diary to see a fingerprint. You suddenly remember that mysterious Lillian was poking around in the weapons cabinet, so you go there. The glass case is broken and the derringer is gone! Someone opened the weapons cabinet. Look in the cabinet to see what weapon is missing. Sadly, you know where the missing weapon went …

Where on earth could that Lillian be? Check the playhouse again. She is playing with her dolls and acting strangely once more. Look at the chalkboard on the wall: seven people down? Uh oh! It seems someone is keeping track of the murders! You feel like telling someone about Lillian’s strange and suspicious behavior. Celie seemed to know Lillian well. Unfortunately, she is not at home. Perhaps she is praying for everyone’s souls in the chapel. You go there and find her praying. You pray, too. As you get up and walk around, you notice that the floorboard sinks near the pulpit. Using the crowbar, lift the floorboard. Look into the niche to find a bible. Take it and read it. More interesting historical information and a letter. Unfortunately, Celie is too scared and too deep in prayer to answer any of your desperate questions.

Well, the letter did mention a bell ringing, so go to the bell tower. Climb up the ladder and examine the bell. It is really rusty, so oil it a bit. Climb down. SAVE GAME. The bell needs ringing one last time, but that ring on the rope is just too high up. Perhaps the hook on Colonel’s cane can reach up there. Yes! You pull the rope with the cane, and the bell rang! Unfortunately, it fell as well. I hope you were standing off to one side (the east side) before ringing that heavy bell! Examine the bell and take the crank. That note in the armor statue visor mentioned something about the nymph statue. The hedge garden has a nymph statue. The handle will fit just perfectly into the little shaft in the base. Turn the handle to start the fountain. Stand north of the statue and push it to reveal a trapdoor. Light your lantern with the matches and go down. Follow the tunnel west to a sealed-off portion of the basement. Walk to the southwest corner of the room. Eww!!

That is simply disgusting. Look at those mangled bodies piled on top of one another in a hill! Whoever murdered all these people used the laundry chutes in your room and the dining room to dispose of the bodies. Yuck! Before you start fainting or anything, look on the left wall to see a little yellow metal plate with a slot in it. Insert the crank into that slot and turn the crank. A new passageway is opened. Gotta get out of this horrific place fast! Continue west down that passageway to some stairs. Climb up the stairs and into a tomb. Take the lantern and pry open the “Ruby” vault with the crowbar. Take the pouch and open it. JEWELS! WOW! Go to the barred doorway. Simply unbar the door and leave. Go back into the house and into your bedroom. What is Rudy doing searching around your room?

ACT VIII (2:00 – 3:00)

Go downstairs and give Polly the final cracker. Go out the front door. Beauregard is really agitated about something. Read the mysterious note on the door. Hedge garden? Go there now. Lillian! What happened?! She is dead. Take the derringer and bullet lying next to her. Load the bullet into the derringer. Search her body to get a skeleton key. Look at her clothes. Are they not the same clothes that were in the attic? Look at her boot heels. The eagle insignia! Go back into the house. There is scuffling way upstairs. Perhaps something is happening in the Colonel’s room. Look! The doctor’s missing bag is now on the floor. Examine it and look inside it. That shuffling seems to be coming from upstairs. Go to the attic door, unlock it with your skeleton key, and go inside. If you were fast enough in arriving, the Colonel and Rudy should still be having an intense struggle! Someone is going to die! Quickly load your derringer (if you have not already) and shoot Rudy. Good aim, Laura! Watch the ending! You have just completed Laura Bow 1: The Colonel’s Bequest.