KQ4 AGI Easter Egg 1

Thanks to Domen for sharing this — one of the most fascinating easter egg that I (Kimmie) have ever seen in a King’s Quest game. And I thought I have seen them all!! This easter egg only occurs in the extremely rare and practically impossible to find AGI version of King’s Quest 4. Most people now have the more popular and enhanced SCI version of this game, and therefore will not be able to see this awesome egg! After defeating Lolotte, make Rosella stand in front of the cell where she was imprisoned earlier in the game. Then type the words BEAM ME to get beamed to a Space Quest-looking screen. Click the images to enlarge.

Woah! Rosella would have never dreamt of coming here!

As you can see, the graphics are a bit cruder than the SCI version and look a lot like the earlier King’s Quest games. Outside the window, there are four different objects that fly around from east to west or west to east: a computer, an alien in a spaceship, a rocket ship, or mega size hamburger! Rosella is standing in the bottom righthand corner. Everyone is wearing nice clothes and white lab coats, except for Jim Heintz and Chaine Fullmer. Jim Heintz seems to be wearing Hawaiian shorts and sandals, and Chaine Fullmer seems to be wearing army pants.

You can make Rosella walk over to the console in the middle of the room and LOOK AT CONSOLE. This is what it says: “The console has nothing on it. Somebody must have forgot to finish the picture.” Oops! *grin* If you LOOK AT WINDOW, you will get an interesting message: “You see ships and hamburgers and computers … WAIT! You must be seeing things. How about this, you just see spaceships flying by.” Eh … okaydokey. In this screen, you can also LOOK and TALK. The messages below are what you get when you do this. I have left the spelling and grammar mistakes in the messages to let you read exactly what the screen showed!

Descriptions Of The People Using The Look Command

  • Vu Nguyen is the dark haired guy in the upper right hand corner. He worked on much of the artwork for King’s Quest IV.
  • Chris Hoyt is the brown haired guy with the moustache next to Vu. He programmed half of this version of King’s Quest IV. This version is known as AGI and is low resolution, as compared to high resolution SCI.
  • John Hamilton is the brown haired guy at the right front of the room. He programmed the other half of the AGI version of King’s Quest IV.
  • Teresa Baker is the blond with the pony tail. She programmed the beginning and ending cartoons plus a few other miscellaneous rooms.
  • Sol Ackerman is the balding man standing in front of the console. He organized how the game was to be put on floppy disks for shipping.
  • Doug Oldfield is the guy with brown hair and a moustache standing below Sol. He helped find some the trickier bugs in King’s Quest IV.
  • Ken Koch is the man with graying hair in the lower left corner. He programmed half of the SCI version of King’s Quest IV. His name is often abbeviated to Kinky.
  • Jim Heintz is the guy with the beard just above Ken. He just wanted to be in this room.
  • Chaine Fullmer is the blond man with glasses in the upper left corner. He programmed half of the SCI version of King’s Quest IV.

Statements From The People Using The Talk Command

  • Vu says, “My girlfriend’s name is not Dorothy!”
  • Chris says, “My computer keeps locking up!”
  • John says, “It’s not a bug. It’s an added feature.”
  • Teresa says, “So did they just install a bowling alley upstairs or what?!”
  • Sol says, “See ya later. I’m going swimming in my lake.”
  • Doug says, “The ogre walked up the walls. Honest!”
  • Ken says, “Quit calling me Kinky!”
  • Jim says, “Hey guys, be sure and put me in this picture.”
  • Chaine says, “Has anybody seen my B.B. King tape?”

I think the statements are the trademark statements that these people like to say a lot, but that is just my guess. Isn’t this just not one of the most intriguing easter eggs you could ever see?! Well, to an avid King’s Quest fan like me, it is!