Laura Bow 2: Game Walkthrough

If you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for Laura Bow 2, you can utilize the UHS hint file if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

Laura Bow 2 involves a lot of characterizations. You need to take note of each character’s personality and their life history based on what you find. Talk to people over and over until they start repeating themselves. Then ask them every question in your notebook by putting the ? icon on them, highlighting an name of a person, place, item, event, etc. in your notebook, and exiting the notebook close-up view by using the top menu bar. Lots of times, a person will give you important information that will then appear somewhere in your notebook. Return to these people again and again to ask them about any new information you found elsewhere in your investigation. See Templeton’s Detective Guide and Cast of Characters for more help and information for playing the game.

If you have the diskette version, there is a copy protection. You will be asked in the beginning of Acts 1, 3, and 5 to answer a question about the Egyptian Gods. Search your manual for the answer. If you fail the copy protection, you will be kicked out of the game — either Rhub will gladly fire you (why is he so happy doing that?!) or Laura shall be so ashamed of the turn of events that she will refuse to go any further. You must use your game’s documentation to successfully identify fingerprints to start the game.

If you lost your manual or documentation, your best bet is to find used copy of the game from an independent seller or trader off places like Ebay Auctions or Game Trading Zone. Make sure the seller is including the manual with the game because quite often they are just selling the game disc(s) only! Even though Sierra Entertainment has long discontinued this game and no longer provides active technical/customer support (other than a game forum), the game is still under federal copyright protection. Therefore, Sierra Planet cannot legally give out manual information publically.

If you have the CD version, there is no copy protection. sigh of relief Because the walkthrough is quite long, I have included a hypertext linked table of contents. Just click on a link to go to the appropriate section. With this said, let us begin:


Act I – Laura Bow : A Nose For The News

Laura Bow starts out in one of the working offices in the New York Daily Register News Tribune. Say that 3 times fast! grin Look in the wastebasket. Take the baseball. Look in at your desk that is next to Crodfoller T. Rhubarb’s. Click on the black lower righthand corner of the deskblotter to reveal a key. Take the key and unlock the drawer to find a press pass. Take it. Now talk to Rhubarb repeatedly. Then ask him all your notebook questions. Be sure to ask him about the Flower Shop to find out that it is a Speakeasy. Ask about the Speakeasy. You can look at the bulletins on the left board for fun, but none of the other fellow workers there will help you. You can’t go into the GENTS room or through any other door in that office area. Just exit the tribune by going south.

Once on the sidewalk, put the hand icon on the taxi to hail a taxi. If you walk into the street you may get run over by a car. It is a tough life in New York! The taxi driver is Rocco, and he is very forgetful. You need to show him your press pass every time you ride in his taxi. Go to the Leyendecker Museum. You cannot enter the doors yet because it is not 7:00 yet. Plus, you need something nice and formal to wear instead of those business clothes. Enter the taxi and go to Lo Fat’s laundry.

SHORTCUT TIP: For the rest of this walkthrough, the instructions will tell you to make Laura ride the taxi in order to get places. However, Laura can cross the street without getting run over by cars. If she is in front of the Tribune, she can cross the street and go south to the Police Station (and vice versa). If she is in front of Lo Fat’s Laundry, she can cross the street and go south to the Speakeasy (and vice versa). On the sidewalk, use the EYE icon and look on the left side of the screen on the street until the narrator says that there are no cars coming in that direction. Then use the EYE icon and look on the right side of the screen until the narrator says the same thing again. Now cross the street. Laura cannot walk to the Museum or the Docks. Thanks to Tim for this shortcut tip.

Outside Lo Fat’s Laundry, look at the kids playing on the sidewalk. Talk to them until they start repeating themselves. Trade the baseball to get the magnifying glass from them. Ah! Something every detective needs! Enter Lo Fat’s Laundry and talk to Lo Fat. Ask him questions from your notebook. He has some amusing answers. Be sure to ask him about the Leyendecker Museum because he will give you three names that will show up in your notebook: Wolf Heimlich, Dr. Olympia Myklos, and Yvette Delacroix. Ask him about them as well. Interesting expressions from Lo Fat about Yvette … Look around, especially at the clothing rack behind Lo Fat. There is a dress on that rack that you will need later for the museum.

Leave Lo Fat’s Laundry and hail the taxi to go to the Police Station. Look at the sleeping man on the sidewalk. Try poking at him and waking him up by using the hand icon on him. He just turns over and continues snoring. What a bum! Enter the police station and try talking to the sergeant there. Gosh is he grumpy when he hasn’t eaten any lunch! The filing clerk is not much help, so just ignore him. Enter the private door on the left and talk to Detective O’Riley. He is definitely not the nicest person in the world, is he? That report was quite vague. Well, there is nothing left to do here except look at the bulletins on the column for fun. Leave the police station and look at the spot where that man was sleeping. He left. Good riddance! Look at the newspaper and retrieve the sandwich coupon from Luigi’s. Hail the taxi and go back to the Tribune.

Why look! It’s Luigi and his sandwich stand! Talk to him and show him the coupon you have. Take the sandwich and go back to the police station. Give the sandwich to the desk sergeant and talk to him. Start asking him questions in your notebook. Be sure to ask him about the speakeasy to get the password Charleston. Once you are done interrogating him, leave the police station and go to this interesting-sounding speakeasy. (At some point, you will eventually come across a really trashed up taxi with Bob as the driver. Before telling him where you want to go, put the hand icon on the trash next to you and move them aside to find an old laundry claim ticket. Now tell Bob where you want to go.)

Click on the left doorway, tell them that you know the secret word, and click on the word Charleston in your notebook to enter. Nice little jazzy place, isn’t it? Talk to the man that is smoking at the table on the right. This is Ziggy. Tell him that Crodfoller T. Rhubarb sent you, and he will answer as many of your notebook questions as his little mind can. Make sure to ask him about Egyptology. He will tell you a very important riddle that you will eventually have to answer later on in the game. He also tells you about Rameses Najeer. Look at your people section, and his name is now included. Ask Ziggy about him. Likewise, you should go back to the people that you met and ask them about anything new you found. Open the back door and go into the bathroom. Talk to the flapper lady and she will ask you about Countess Waldorf-Carlton, whose name shows up in your notebook. Ask her about the Countess, take note of that partition for changing clothes, and leave. That flapper does not give any good information about any of the other names in your notebook. Leave and hail the taxi to go to the Twelfth-Street Docks.

At the Street Docks, talk to Steve Dorian and then ask them your notebook questions. Save the Leyendecker Museum question for last because he will leave immediately after you ask him about it. Once you are done, hail the taxi. Go back and ask the people you have met about any new information that you have found that they have not answered yet: Crodfoller, Desk Sergeant, Ziggy, and Lo Fat. Give the laundry claim ticket to Lo Fat to get that dress. Change into that dress in the women’s lounge in the speakeasy. Leave and hail the taxi to go to the museum.

Act II – Suspects On Parade

For the Acts II-V, you will stay completely inside the museum. You will get to know the Leyendecker EXTREMELY WELL before the game is over. Walk up to the front door of the museum. You are greeted by the very unpleasant German security guard, Wolf Heimlich. Show him your press pass to get inside. Once you are inside, go talk to all the people at the party and ask them all your notebook questions again. This will take some time, but it will give you tons of information! Save your game after questioning all of them. Now it is time to eavesdrop! The guests like to stand together in little groups. Walk up behind a group. Chances are that Laura Bow will start listening in on a conversation. If this does not happen, find another group. You need to overhear fourteen different conversations with the last one being between Steve Dorian and Yvette Delacroix. Notice Dr. Tut Smith’s nice golden ankh medallion that he is wearing.

Take the water glass from one of the buffet tables and enter the gift shop. Look and examine with the magnifying glass all the lovely merchandise on display, especially the fake daggers. All of them have the “Made in Pittsburgh” label stamped on them … all except for one … that is in the back. Click the magnifying glass on the daggers until you find it. Before you can get all excited, Wolf Heimlich goose-walks into the room and kicks you out! How rude! Go back to the party. Steve Dorian should show up. Talk to him and take a very nice walk. Now some of the exhibits in the back should be open. Go into the mastodon exhibit, explore, and go east to the pterodactyl exhibit. Go north into the T-Rex room and click the button to hear T-Rex talk. Take the dinosaur bone on the bench, explore, and leave. In the pterodactyl room, go left into the medieval armor exhibit. Explore around. Head north to the ancient Egyptian exhibit. Look around. Take note of the rosetta stone piece on the far left wall. Examine the Egyptian hieroglyphics with your magnifying glass. The hieroglyphics will appear in your notebook. Examine the ankh medallion lying in the blood on the floor by the mummy cases. The magnifying glass shows the initials P.S. on the medallion. Hmm. Open the mummy case to find … eeek! … Dr. Pippin Carter’s icy blue dead body! Examine his body for clues. He has a notepad in his breast pocket that you can take. Detective O’Riley should show up and end Act II.

Act III – On The Cutting Edge

This is the longest act in the entire game. After meeting Ernie Leach and having that little chat with Detective O’Riley and the harsh Wolf Heimlich, go back into the exhibit area. From the mastodon room, go left into the Old Masters gallery. Take a look around. Try touching some of the paintings. Still wet?! Hmm. Look at Bosch’s “Heartwarming Story” painting on the east wall. There is a sparkling glint on the painting. Click the upper lefthand edge of the magnifying glass a bit southwest of the glint. For some reason, clicking directly on the glint does not work. Once you get a close-up. Click (using the same method) on the little glint to see a close-up of a skeleton key. Unfortunately, you cannot pry it loose with your bare hands. Just remember that skeleton key for later. Continue going down until you enter the museum hall with the Rodin’s “Thinking Man” statue. There are muffled voices coming from Yvette Delacroix’s office, so listen in on the door with your water glass. That was some interesting conversation between Yvette and Dr. Myklos, especially near the end! Oh, my!

Go south to Dr. Myklos’ quite bizarre office. Take a look around, but do not mess with Barney the snake. There is a stone covered with a piece of cloth. Remove the cloth to reveal the other half of the rosetta stone. Examine the Egyptian hieroglyphics with your magnifying glass. The rest of the hieroglyphics will appear in your notebook. Translate the Egyptian hieroglyphics on the black board. There are 2 screens filled with hieroglyphics. Click the HAND icon on the close-up screen to see the rest. You can try taking the snake oil bottle from the desk, but Dr. Myklos will come in and take it away from you. Cobras on the loose, she says? Oh, dear! Return to Yvette’s office. It is empty now, so you can enter. Look in the trashcan to get a piece of carbon paper. Examine it closely to notice that there are some typed words imprinted on the paper. Hold the carbon paper up against the lamp to read it. Now turn off the lamp, and take a look around Yvette’s office. Note her sharp paper cutter.

Now open the righthand door to enter Dr. Carrington’s office. More muffled voices? Listen in on the door with your water glass to hear Yvette making some moves on Rameses Najeer. What are the little secret and little ceremonies that they just mentioned? Nice porcupine on that desk! Look at the notepad and examine it. A meeting with Ziggy and the Countess at 1:00 a.m. in the medieval armor display? Better check that out later when the time arrives! Open the phone book and read the names and numbers. Take special note of the number associated with B SAYFF. Now take a look at the lovely painting of Sterling Waldorf-Carlton above the fireplace. Examine it. A loose corner perhaps? Move the painting to reveal a safe. Aha! You get a close-up view of the lock. Click on the 0. Then 5. Then 2. And lastly 7. The safe should open. Read Sterling’s Diary to learn a bit about the Countess and Yvette. The fireplace contains a piece of charcoal that will help you in reading Pippin’s notepad: Yvette at 8:00 p.m. in Egyptian Room, Dr. Tut Smith at 10:15 p.m. in Egyptian Room, Carrington at 11:00 p.m. in office. After doing this, look at the master intercom unit. There is a long row of buttons with 2 more buttons above this row on each end. Click the top left button to turn on the intercom. Now click on each of the buttons in the long row, starting with the left most button. The buttons are a pain to try to press. It seems that if you click the tip of the pointer finger on the darken side (not the top) of the button, then you have more of a chance to actually press it. Just keep trying. You should start overhearing several strange conversations that are taking place in various areas of the museum. After hearing three conversations, leave Dr. Carrington’s room. The lightbulb in Yvette’s lamp should be cool by now, so take it. (Look at the lamp to see a close-up. Then use the magnifying glass on the lamp to see the lightbulb.)

Exit Yvette’s office and go examine Rodin’s statue, especially the head. Touch the head to move it. What is that noise? Go to the back opening to find out. Oh! The wall revealed a secret passageway to a lower level! Unfortunately, the light bulb just blew out, making it almost impossible to climb down the stairs without stumbling. It is a good thing you have Yvette’s desk lamp light bulb. Replace the old lightbulb with yours. Now you can see! Go down the stairs to the basement level. On the left wall is a glass case with a lantern in it. That lantern might come in handy in the dark corners of this museum. You surely do not want to stumble in thedark without a lantern, especially after your experiences at Colonel Dijon’s Misty Acres estate (The Colonel’s Bequest). Use the dinosaur bone to break the glass and take the lantern. Hope Ernie doesn’t mind the mess you just made! If Wolf Heimlich suddenly walks in, you have to leave the basement. Just go back down and try getting the lantern again until you finally succeed. Wolf can’t keep an eye on you all the time!

Open the north door to enter Wolf Heimlich’s office. Feel free to look at his nice collection of weapons and other torturing devices, but do not touch them. You will suffer the consequences of Wolf’s strict security measures! There is a nice little piece of cheese on that mouse trap. You suddenly have this bizarre and greedy impulse to take that cheese. Knowing Wolf’s harsh enforcement of security, you decide to spring the trap with the dinosaur bone instead of your bare hands. Zowzah! You sure would not want to be the poor mouse who stumbles on that mouse trap! Geez! Take the cheese. Now let’s get the jitters out of you by looking through the many interesting books on the bookshelf. Take a careful look at the books just left of Laura’s shoulder (right side of the third shelf from the bottom). One of the books is put in the wrong way. The white page edges are showing instead of the book’s spine. Examine that book. A garter?! Oh, boy! Take it and examine it. Yvette has a “rendezvous” with Wolf at 3:00 a.m. in the preservation lab. That Yvette! During your visit in Wolf’s office, you should have heard a little message over the intercom from Dr. Myklos about a meeting in the armor room at 2:00 a.m. Hope you’ve been keeping track of all these little appointments! They would be good to check out later on!

Leave Wolf’s office and go east into the preservation lab. Uh oh! Muffled voices! Listen in on the east door to hear Ernie and … who else? … Yvette having a steamy conversation. Let’s leave them be for now and go to the back door. Dr. Myklos needs some time alone to find her ferret in that storage room, so leave. You can walk in on Yvette and Ernie if you like. Just get the little ones out of the computer room before you do so! 🙂 Leave the preservation lab and go back upstairs. There are muffled voices from Yvette’s office. Listen in on her and Detective O’Riley. Was she not just downstairs with Ernie? Walk in and find out! Oops! It is close to 10:15 p.m., so head to the ancient Egyptian exhibit. Wasn’t Dr. Tut Smith supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Carter? Go there and wait until 10:15 p.m. arrives. Once Dr. Tut Smith enters, talk to him. Ask him about the ankh if you like. (Also, if you pass the Countess, you can ask her about Sterling’s diary.) Check on the mummy coffin where Dr. Carter was found. That’s odd! It’s empty! Now, go to the medieval armor room. Open the helmet of the middle armor statue. Who stuffed Dr. Carter in there?! Examine him if you like. Go into the pterodactyl room. EEK! Ziggy! He’s dead. He’s headless! Examine the body and especially the wires. You will need to find a way to cut a piece of wire later. Now where can Ziggy’s head possibly be? Was there not an exhibit that had life masks? Yes, just south of the medieval armor display! Go there and look at the head located in the northwestern Asian continent. It’s … it’s … definitely Ziggy’s head! Examine it. O’Riley and Wolf will come in and talk to Laura.

Once they leave, try this interesting side-task found by a visitor named Samantha. Go downstairs to the lower level. The game will not say that Laura can hear muffled voices, but if Laura use the drinking glass on Wolf Heimlich’s office, she can hear a conversation between Dr. Myklos and Ramses Najeer about her saving him from being beheaded and him having feet tatooes. If Laura enters the preservation lab and and goes back to eavesdrop again on Wolf Heimlich’s office, she can overhear Wolf and Olympia. Wolf says that he would kill the Countess next time he saw her. Dr. Myklos says that she’d like to find the body, then Wolf says that that can be arranged. Okay, now go to Dr. Carrington’s office. What on earth?! Dr. Carrington’s dead as well! Talk about multiple impalings! Examine the body. It seems that Carrington wrote C and P to stand for something. A book perhaps? He sure has a lot on those bookshelves. Look at the right end of the middle shelf to find the novel Crime and Punishment. Open it to find a police report on a mysterious Watney Little. Seems to be very dangerous man! Take the police report because it may be very important evidence. Go down to the preservation lab. Hopefully Ernie and Yvette’s little meeting has ended. Open the door and enter. Take the snake lasso on the floor and the wire cutters from the toolbox. You should soon hear Dr. Myklos say something about a jammed release valve in Vat 13. Now look at the Preservation Lab Book to see what the contents of the vats are. Vat 13 has warthogs. Exit the office and find Vat 13. Poke around in Vat 13 to find … could it really be? … yes! … the real dagger of Amon Ra! The alcohol fumes are getting a bit strong, so leave and go back upstairs to the Old Masters gallery. Find that skeleton key again on the painting. You can use either the dagger or Ernie’s wire cutters to get that skeleton key. Make sure no one is around to see!

Return to Carrington’s office. Yep! Muffled voices! Yvette is just so busy tonight, is she not? After listening to her talking with Dr. Tut Smith, go to the medieval armor room and hide behind the tapestry to wait for the Countess. She was supposed to have a meeting with Dr. Carrington at 1:00 am, remember? Ziggy lost his head, so he obviously cannot make it! Sure enough, here comes the Countess … carrying paintings? Talk to the Countess. Forging paintings, huh? No wonder those paintings were still a bit wet! Now is a good time to ask her about Sterling’s diary (even if you asked her before). Now go back to the preservation lab. Hopefully, Dr. Myklos is not in the back storage room. Enter and take the snake oil bottle on the table. Open the top cooler and take the slab of meat. Yum! Sometimes Dr. Myklos’ ferret Daisy emerges and starts sniffing at the locked steamer trunk here. Unlock it with the skeleton key from the Old Masters gallery. The moment Laura opens it, throw in that meat. That should take care of the beetles. Look inside the trunk to see the skeletal remains of someone. Examine the skeleton closely to find a watch. Take the watch and examine it. It’s Dr. Carrington’s?! So if the skeleton is Dr. Carrington, then who was that man who attended the party and died in Carrington’s office?

Leave and go back up to Yvette’s office. Muffled voices … surprise … surprise … Listen in. Oooh! Things are getting ugly between Yvette and O’Riley! It is almost 2:00 a.m., and Dr. Myklos wanted to meet her Wolfie in the medieval armor room. Go hide behind the tapestry again. After their bizarre conversation, go into the mastodon room. Ernie!! How did he get up there? Examine his body and take the animal hairs. It seems like he was dumped into one of the alcohol vats. Poor Ernie! Go to the Old Masters gallery to find O’Riley and Wolf talking. Tell them about Ernie.

A Note About Secret Passages: Although you do not need to use them to get through the game, they can be helpful shortcuts. In Wolf Heimlich’s office, there is a button hidden behind the framed medals on the right wall. This opens the tunnel that leads from his office to Dr. Carrington’s office. Touch the horn of the Rhesus skull on the desk in Dr. Myklos’ office to open a tunnel that leads from her office to the preservation lab. Press the button on the wall next to the desk in Ernie’s office to open the third secret tunnel that leads from the mammology lab to the Egyptian display room. Use the lantern while inside these tunnels to see where you are going.

Act IV – Museum Of The Dead

Go to Yvette’s office and talk to her. When you exit, you should meet Steve Dorian and Dr. Myklos. No Steve! Don’t enter Yvette’s office! Why, oh, why! Listen in on their conversation. Couldn’t control yourself, huh Laura? Had to barge in and see for yourself what was going on! Let’s burn off some steam and go down to the preservation lab. It should be 3:00 a.m. now. Funny … where’s Yvette and Wolf? While you are here, look at the jar on the table near the room’s door. One of the jars has snake oil, so if you find yourself running out of oil later in the game, you can fill the bottle back up here. Well, there is nothing else down here, so go the pterodactyl room and use Ernie’s wire cutters to clip a section of the wire of the left wing of the fallen pterodactyl. You need to have a close-up screen of the pterodactyl to get the wire cut. Perhaps you use the wire to strangle that Yvette for trying to weave her little love web on Steve, so you decide to return to her office. Oh, no! It seems something or someone beat you to it! Look at Yvette’s desk and examine the evidence with the magnifying glass: Yvette’s shoe, the piece of fabric, and the red hairs. Take the shoe. Wonder where Yvette could be?

Go to the Old Masters gallery. That’s strange! There seems to be a new statue here. Look at it. It seems to be made of fragile plaster. Oh! Break it with dinosaur bone (from the T-Rex room) and see what is inside! Yvette?! Examine her body to see some bifocals and more red hairs on her hands. Take them. Someone wanted her plastered more than you do! A sudden wave of nausea comes over you as you stagger to armor room. By the way, where are the restrooms in this place?! Wait a minute, is that not Steve’s boot near the armored dog statue? Take it and examine it closely. Also examine the blood stain on the floor. This is not good! Well, you still feel nauseated and want to find someplace to freshen up. Maybe Dr. Myklos or the Countess might know where the women’s lounge may be in this museum. Head to Dr. Myklos’ office. (You see frightening scene with the Countess and Dr. Myklos). You meet Dr. Myklos, but she leaves before you can ask her more questions. Wonder how bad the Countess’ condition really is? Enter Dr. Myklos’ office. Uh oh! Barney is on the loose! Use the snake oil bottle on him three times to corner him. Now use the snake lasso on him. Put him back into his cage. Now look at the Countess. This is aweful! She’s tied up, icy blue, and not to mention … dead! Examine her to find a box of smelling salts in her pocket. Look at her ankle. It was a snake bite alright! Take the grapes and leave.

Act V – Rex Takes A Bite Out Of Crime

This Act is really fast paced, so you better be on your feet! You are in the mastodon room with the murderer chasing you. You have to run away fast or be killed! Run to the pterodactyl room and shut the door behind you by using the hand cursor on it. Wrap part of your wire on the door to temporarily seal it shut. This will help to slow down the murderer. Run into the medieval armor exhibit, close the door, and slide the bar across it. This will also help slow down the murderer. Go to the locked room that had the faded “Employees Only” sign on it. Let’s confuse the murderer. Move the nearby chair in front of the locked room’s door. Stand on the chair, and open the transom (window) above the door. Now run into the ancient Egyptian exhibit and hide in the empty mummy case. The murderer will enter, not see you, and head for the locked door. The murderer will think you climbed through that little window that you opened, and will decide to break down the door.

Now go to the now “unlocked” door and enter. You are now in the crate room. (This does not actually help slow down the murderer, but you can try it for fun. Move the swing to maneuver the large hanging crate towards the door. Using the wire cutters or dagger, cut the wire on the swing to drop the crate. It looks like it should block the murderer, but if you linger around long enough, you will see that the murderer really just breaks right through the crate and kills Laura.) Move the right-most crate in the room to reveal a small elevator. Get inside and move the lever to go down to the mummy storage room. Take the mummy from one of the cases and prop it against the door. One of the upright mummy cases on the left wall (nearest Laura) has a little snake figure on top. Use the snake lasso on that figure to open the case. Exit through the mummy case into the Sun Worshipper (Amon Ra Cult) Ceremonial Room. You will be captured and forced to answer two riddles. The first riddle’s answer is “womb” and the second is “tomb.” Those answers could have been found in translating the hieroglyphics on the board in Dr. Myklos’ office:

  • First Board – I pay homage to thee ye lords of eternity Ra strong is thy sail in the wind as thou sailest over the lake of fire in the underworld behold Shu the mother creating the gods.
  • Second Board – In silence from her womb quicker than greyhounds and fleeter than light let me not be consumed let me not perish as my mummy lies prostrate in my tomb.

You need to spell the words using the hieroglyphics in your notebook. The worshippers will lead you to the furnace room where Steve is lying in the coal bin. Wipe the coal from Steve’s face with the hand icon. Use the smelling salts on him to wake him up. IMMEDIATELY give Steve the boot! If you forgot to get the boot from the medieval armor room in Act 4, Steve’s boot is on the floor next to the coal bin. Behind the sun symbol on the left wall is a secret tunnel entrance. Use the hand cursor on the symbol. After Steve helps rotate the symbol, exit the room. In the tunnel, touch the lantern in your inventory to light it. You see a bunch of cobras. Use the snake oil bottle from the preservation lab to repel the cobras. Continue walking until you see a bunch of rats. Throw the cheese from Wolf Heimlich’s office past the rats through either of the openings at the top of the tunnel. Do not throw the cheese directly at them. The rats will leave you alone and run for the cheese. Go through the right tunnel opening and emerge out of T-Rex’s mouth. What an exit, huh? 🙂 Once you are outside, press the button to make T-Rex talk. Oops! T-Rex crunched the murderer!

Act VI – Coroner’s Inquest

Detective Hanrahan O’Riley murdered most of the people: Dr. Pippin Carter, Lawrence “Ziggy” Ziegfeld, Ernie Leach, Yvette Delacroix, Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton, and Watney Little. All the murders, except for Yvette Delacroix, were done with a motive of either financial gain or to cover up another crime. Either motive will be acceptable. Yvette Delacroix was killed due to jealousy or revenge. Watney Little killed the real Dr. Archibald Carrington III in the game’s introduction and stuffed Carrington’s body into the steamer trunk. Watney Little then impersonated Carrington and stole the dagger of Amon Ra with Detective O’Riley behind the whole theft. Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton and Watney Little were involved in stealing paintings with Lawrence “Ziggy” Ziegfield as the middleman who forged the paintings. Rameses Najeer was the high priest of the Amon Ra Cult (Sun Worshippers). Ernie Leach ran a fencing operation. You can view Templeton’s Coroner’s Report for more information.

In order to survive the night in the museum, Laura needs the following inventory items: lantern, snake lasso, snake oil, smelling salts, magnifying glass, water glass, wire cutters, and dinosaur bone. In order to fully support Laura’s accusations, she also needs to the following: Dagger of Amon Ra, notebook, Pippin’s notepad, carbon paper, police file, bifocals, red hair, animal hairs, grapes, garter, woman shoe, ankh medallion, skeleton key, and pocket watch. Note that these are the items that are left at the end of the game. Other items necessary for survival, like cheese and wire, can only be used once during the game, and therefore, no longer in the inventory.