Ugarte created this little poem about about Conner’s health as he travels in King’s Quest 8.


Connor felt some pride and might
When he reached the Frozen Reaches.
He looked at all his items
To see what he had left.

His mushrooms were fresh and tasty
As well as healthy and good.
They only healed a little
But at least he had a lot.

His crystals sparkled with a glow
With energy and life inside.
They’re better than the mushrooms
But he had something more.

His sacred water was clear
With the healing that it gives.
It was great to store and use
And he had to save a lot.

The best of all was magical
And it was a liquid form.
It was the Elixir of Life
That healed fully when used.

He smiled at what he had
And knew that he will need it.
He journeyed on through snow
And hoped that he can live.