King’s Quest 3 Game Goodies

King’s Quest 3 Easter Eggs

There are several easter eggs in King’s Quest 3 that you can check out!

  • Look behind the tapestry on the wall just outside of Gwydion’s bedroom for a little message.
    The name of the dog in the town store is Kenny. Now who do you think is he named after? Ken Williams perhaps? — Templeton (7-9-1999)
  • Enter the chicken coop and try to EAT CHICKEN to get a strange message. What’s that about the colonel?! — Templeton (7-9-1999)
  • When you are at the waterfall in the mountains, DRINK WATER to get an interesting message about the water. — Haley (2-12-2000)
  • When you are in the snowy mountains screen just above the caverns, look at valley for an interesting message about a Sierra game. — Haley & Claude (4-24-2000)
  • In the pirate ship, go to the room just above the hold (the room next to the captain’s room). Type JUMP ON LADDER, but do not press ENTER yet. Now fall into the hole. The moment you fall next to the ladder, press the ENTER key. You will now be able to walk on the air in the hold area. However, you will die if you leave the hold area, so save before doing this.

King’s Quest 3 Things To Do Just For Fun

Here are some interesting things you can do in the game just for fun! Many of them contain funny responses.

  • Use the chamber pot in Manannan’s bedroom for a funny message! — Login (5-20-1999)
  • Stand near Manannan and type KISS WIZARD for a funny message! — Login (6-10-1999)
  • Try sitting in the dining table chairs and sleeping in the beds at the three bears house.
  • Try kicking or killing the black cat for funny messages! — Chris (6-12-1999)
  • When you are near the black cat, try to SCREW CAT for a funny message! — Roder (3-26-2000)
  • After saving Rosella, try to TOUCH ROSELLA and see what she says! — Kristin (3-26-2000)
  • Ignore doing Manannan’s chores and see what Gwydion’s punishment is. If he becomes a snail, you can set the speed to highest and zip around the house as a snail. — Nautilus (4-24-2000)
  • Have Gwydion consume the powders and such he finds on the shelf in Manannan’s laboratory to see what responses you get. Be sure to save your game before trying. Some of the messages are funny! — Tomato (7-25-2000)
  • Cast the storm spell while on the pirate ship. Save your game first. — Nick (12-31-2001)
  • Listen to the chickens with dough in your ears. — Nick (12-31-2001)
  • After killing the dragon, do the storm brew spell again. Lightning flashes, thunder sounds, and the dragon is standing up again! But this time, without the three heads! It is quite bizarre! — Haley (7-25-2000)
  • If Alexander/Gwydion looks at the magic map just after he has lost his footing and fallen in the Daventry mountains (base of stairs) and then puts the map away, he can move around Daventry on his rear with his head still spinning. Look at the map again to return to normal. — Carolyn (6-25-2007)

King’s Quest 3 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Gwydion to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get him to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list.

King’s Quest 3 Cheat Codes

There is a debug mode for King’s Quest 3 that is similar to the one in the original version of King’s Quest 1, and you can do some very interesting and strange stuff with it!! I only suggest the debug mode for players who have already finished the game and want to just look around.

To start the debug mode, press ALT + D. Press ENTER twice. Now type in the code word rats ass and press ENTER. (In some versions, you just have to type in the code word to get into debug mode.) Press ENTER to clear the pop up screens. You can start the teleporter mode, by typing TP and pressing ENTER. At the prompt, type a number and press ENTER. Some versions will automatically take you out of debug mode, so you can leave the screen. If your version does not do this automatically, then press ALT + D again.

If you have a non-collection version of King’s Quest 3, then you may be able to work some of the following code words in the debug mode:

GIMME GIMME (gives you all the items) – This actually worked in my collection version!
GET OBJECT (type in a number to get an item–no points for it though)
TP (teleports you to another room or screen – should work for most versions)
Show Var – Shows Variable – not sure what this means
Change Var – Changes Variable – not sure what this means
If you want to wield unimaginable control over Manannan, you can do a few things in debug mode:
ENCHANTER STATUS – Tells you some location, temperment level, etc. of your master wizzer.
SLEEP ENCHANTER – Manannan suddenly has to snooze right then and there!
BYE BYE ENCHANTER – If baking cookies just isn’t working, just kill him off right then and there!
Thanks to Fazley Akuzed for finding this new debug mode trick.

King’s Quest 3 Curiosities

If you have played King’s Quest 3, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing King’s Quest 3, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you.

King’s Quest 3 Downloadable Files

There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader.