Swamp Wisps

Ugarte created this little poem about about the swamp wisps in King’s Quest 8.


Connor treaded the water
In the endless swamp
With monstrous creatures
And stinking marsh gas.

He saw some lights ahead
And started to head for them.
He then heard a voice
That is high-pitched and squeaky.

“Hello there,” the voice said.
“Hello,” Connor replied.
“Do you have a secret?” it said.
“Well, no,” said Connor.

The Swamp Wisp wanted a secret
That she can talk about
With the other Swamp Wisps
For their personal enjoyment.

It said that it had a cure
For the poisonous water
Found throughout the swamp
And unable to be crossed.

Connor promised to return
With a juicy secret
So they can talk about it
And Connor could get the cure.