Easter Egg Hunt

If you have played any of the Roberta Williams games, you may have discovered some nifty little easter eggs. However, many of Sierra’s other computer games also contain easter eggs, and some of them are related to Roberta Williams games. An on-going project of Sierra Planet is to hunt down and collect as many of these easter eggs as possible. For the easter eggs shown here, a screenshot would be greatly appreciated!

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In Space Quest 1 original, if you are traveling in the escape pod, and press the DON’T TOUCH button to be transported to the moat surrounding Castle Daventry. — Mike (6-11-1999)


In Space Quest 1 original, if you talk to the Sarien guard, he will tell you about “The Great Daventry Route” and about King’s Quest 3. He will ask if you played King’s Quest 2. If you say “yes” then you will receive a funny message and five points. — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Space Quest 1 remake, the leader of Xenon who gives you the golden mop is none other than King Graham himself.


In Space Quest 2, one of the graffiti messages on the bathroom wall aboard Vohaul’s asteroid says “Sir Graham Cross Dresses.” Yikes!


In Space Quest 3, one of the postcards Fester has is of Roberta Land. It has pictures of Mother Goose flying around her little town. You can see Old King Cole’s white castle in the background.


In Space Quest 4, there is a bargain bin in a computer store selling King’s Quest XXXXVIII by Roberta Williams III. — Bob (6-10-1999)


In Space Quest 4, when Roger is in the bird’s nest on Estros, you can see King Graham in the background being carried by the once-starving eagle from King’s Quest 5. — Mike (6-11-1999)


In Space Quest 4, if you play the Ms. Astro Chicken game (Windows CD version only), Cedric will occasionally fly by on the video screen. You get 50 points if you hit him. — Mike (6-11-1999)


In Space Quest 4, the King’s Quest theme music is occasionally played in the Software Store at the Galaxy Galeria, made out to sound like a PC internal speaker. — Domen (8-11-1999)

In Space Quest 5, when Roger makes it into the golaith and then finds the elevator shaft, wait until the elevator crushes you. The death line says “Looks like you’ve been lying yourself a little flat lately perhaps you should try one of our less challenging games. ‘Mixed-Up Mother Goose’ perhaps?” — Agent 56 (3-18-2000)


In Space Quest 6, look in the mirror in Roger’s bedroom. There is a brunette in a stone tower. Roger then cries out, “Mother! Mother! Come Quick!” — Bob (6-10-1999)


In Space Quest 6, Elton John appears and sings the “Girl in the Tower” song during the transformation of Magnum in the shuttle bay entrance.

In Space Quest 6, Dorff sometimes mentions “Daventry VIII” as a planet name when Roger is locked up in the brig.


In Space Quest 6, talk to the portal in Ascend-o-Pad on Delta Burksilon. Cedric’s voice squeaks out, “If you’re going in there, Graham, I’m staying out here!” or vice versa.


In Space Quest 6, one of the arcade games on Polysorbate LX is Mixed up Mother Theresa which is a spoof of Roberta Williams Mixed-Up Mother Goose.




There is a stuffed moose (like the King’s Quest 3 one in Manannan’s house) in every Quest For Glory game.


In Quest for Glory 1 original, there is one scene in Erasmus’ place with several references to other Sierra games. This picture shows an engraving on a coffin. It is a fragment of the “Rosella Stone.” Other things in this scene are a suit of armor “Bequeathed by Colonel Gulden Dijon” and the peacock on Genesta’s island. — Bob (6-10-1999) There is also a helicopter from “Police Quest” and onklunk (if I remember the word well) from “Larry 2” – while it doesn’t reference the game directly, it seems a clear reference to that spy story in “Larry.” — Ewa (9-15-2012)


In Quest for Glory 1 original, if you type in LAUGH while in Erasmus’ tower, one of the messages the game will say is “This is a serious game, Rosella.” It might not work in the remake. — Armand (7-25-2000)


In Quest for Glory 1 remake, the sarcophagus in Erasmus’ place is from the Leyendecker Museum. How can you tell? It has a Laura Bow around it! — Templeton (6-16-1999)


In Quest for Glory 1 remake or in Quest for Glory 3, click a bunch of times on a forest tree. It just might be a Daventree that you are looking at!


In Quest For Glory 1 remake, when talking to the gargoyle at Erasmus, you can say “I am King Graham Cracker.” You will get the response saying, “Right, and I am princess Rubella.” — Domen (8-11-1999)


In Quest for Glory 2, if you look at the books in Keapon Laffin’s Magic Shop, there is a book with a title strikingly similar to King’s Quest 3’s To Heir is Human. — Templeton (8-23-2000)


In Quest for Glory 2, there is a Princess Rosella hand puppet for sale in Keapon Laffin’s Magic Shop. — Bob (6-10-1999) There is also an “Orat-On-A-Stick” (“Space Quest 3”) on one of the shelves. — Ewa (9-15-2012)


In Quest for Glory 2, there are paintings of famous wizards and such in WIT’s main hall. One of them is Genesta … er … Erana. Perhaps she is Genesta’s twin sister.


In Quest for Glory 3, there is a weapon seller in this game, and you can ask him about the weapons he sells. If you ask about his daggers, he tells you they are finely crafted by the Amanra (Amon-Ra?) tribe. If you ask about the bows he sells, he says he owns bows from the “Lara” tribe, and that today he is having a special deal on “Lara Bows and the Daggers of Amanra.” — Bob (6-10-1999)


If Rosella said hello to the mockingbird in Falderal in King’s Quest 7, he might rudely say, “Hello, dragon breath!” In Quest for Glory 1 and Quest for Glory 5, dragon’s breath is the type of a drink you can get at a tavern. It’s a rather strong drink, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it! There is also a Gabriel Knight reference further down the this webpage … — Susan (2-12-2000)

References to other Sierra games at Spiegelsee in QFG 1: “Codename: Iceman” in the original and “Ecoquest 1,” (plus the Nessie legend during another entrance to that screen) in the remake. — Ewa (09-15-2012)

Adventurers Guild Hall: among the trophies on the walls there is an “Antwerp – slain by Two Guys From Andromeda.” — Ewa (09-15-2012)




In Leisure Suit Larry 1 original, if Larry dies in the alleyway, he gets transported a laboratory to be rebuilt. King Graham and the dragon from King’s Quest 1 are also there getting treatments! — Templeton (6-24-1999)


In Leisure Suit Larry 1 original, if Larry tries to pick up a box in the TV room of Lefty’s Bar, the game will mention that he is not in King’s Quest 3! — Templeton (1-13-2000)


In Leisure Suit Larry 1, the moose head in Lefty’s Bar is a leftover from King’s Quest 3.


In Leisure Suit Larry 2, if you set the filth level in the menubar to zero, the game gives you a message about buying the Mixed-Up Mother Goose. — Templeton (8-1-2000)


In Leisure Suit Larry 2, as Larry is sitting at the entrance of the restaurant. Notice the name of a particular couple that enters the restaurant. Could that couple be related to Sierra in any way? — Jennifer (12-31-2001)


In Leisure Suit Larry 2, look at the barber in the airport. Why, that is Rosella! Talk with her about King’s Quest 4. — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Leisure Suit Larry 2, look at the peacock in the maze. Isn’t it the same one from Genesta’s island?! — Templeton (6-14-1999)


In Leisure Suit Larry 3, if Patti smokes the marijuana found in the jungle, the game will say, “You see visions of Daventry!” shortly before you die. — Domen (8-11-1999)


In Leisure Suit Larry 3, near the end of the game, you end up in “Sierra Land.” There you meet Roberta Williams herself, filming the whale tongue scene for King’s Quest 4. — Bob (6-10-1999)


In Leisure Suit Larry 5, look at the tape drive at the Hard Disk Cafe to get a description saying, “This is one of the world’s first tape drives, revolutionary in its day, it seems incredibly quaint today. Why it couldn’t even hold Space Quest let alone a King’s Quest!” — Elindira (10-3-2002)


In Leisure Suit Larry 6, at the beer tub in the employee campgrounds, the narrator will remark, “The tub is finally empty. What? Were you expecting those “King’s Quest Magic refilling beer tubs?”, which is a humorous reference to the bowl in King’s Quest 1. — Mako Thunderbird (1-1-2002)


In Leisure Suit Larry 6, have Larry call Sierra’s number in his hotel room. The number 1-209-683-4468 can be found in the “Help” menu under the “You may enjoy…” option. Larry will get an answer from Mark Ceeburp (a.k.a. Mark Seibert, the music composer of the music of many classic Sierra games, including King’s Quest 6). Mark Ceeburp puts in a plug for his new composition called “Girl in the Shower”, and while Larry listens to his message, the “Girl in the Tower” song plays in the background. — Elindira (10-3-2002)


In Leisure Suit Larry 6, try to pick up a window near the hotel pool to get a message saying, “This isn’t King’s Quest VI. You can’t carry around a window, stick it on a wall, and look through it.” — Elindira (10-3-2002)




In Police Quest 1 original, enter the briefing room at the beginning. Pick up the newspaper and leaf through it until you see the article about Daventry under siege by the three-headed dragon. The gnome mentioned is probably the one who is sitting in the chair in front of a cabin at the end of King’s Quest 3. — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Police Quest 1 original, look at the chicken and type GET FEATHER. The game will tell you to do that in King’s Quest 3. — Templeton (6-24-1999)


In Police Quest 2, draw the gun and shoot in a crowded place (for instance, the airport). Sonny will be committed for this. Before the death message comes, look at the right column of the newspaper. They are King Graham and Rosella! — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Police Quest 2, if you turn on the computer in the office and enter the Sierra directory, you can see several advertisements for Sierra games, such as King’s Quest! — Domen (8-11-1999)




In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, when you obtain the charcoal and Graves’ letter, open the inventory and click the letter on the charcoal to get funny message about Laura Bow. You can do it vice-versa to get another funny message, but with no reference to Laura. — Templeton (6-09-2007)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, enter Chester Field’s Mercandile Co. store. Look at the ads. Two of them refer to Dr. Myklos and King Graham. For more fun, click the hand icon on each. — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, after rescuing Sirini from the ants, go back to the screen You will see Cedric the owl. Leave the screen and come back to see the vultures tearing poor Cedric apart! How sad! sniff — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, if you look at the wagon in town near the Bank of Bob, the narrator says, “This wagon has been lying here in a sad state of disrepair ever since Mr. Leech, the carriage-maker headed back east to Detroit.” However, if you have the DOS demo version, the narrator says it is from the guy in the town of Serenia!


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, walk into the swamp east of the town. Old Willy will decide to tell you about King’s Quest 5 and King Graham — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, when you go to the brothel, you hear the corrupt sheriff and the banker arguing how to get rid of Freddy. The sheriff suggests using an old Egyptian dagger — like the Egyptian dagger of Amon Ra! — Templeton (8-1-2000)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, the DOS demo version, if you show Smithie the Blacksmith the vial of sulfur, he says, “Smells like rotten eggs! Too bad I ain’t got m’old spellbook from King’s Quest Six.” — Templeton (1-5-2002)


In Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, the DOS demo version, if you look at the barrel outside the Golden Balls Saloon, the game says, “There’s an old used applejack barrel. Smells like somebody’s been keepin’ dead fish in it.” This could very well be a King’s Quest 5 reference to the smelly, old, rotten fish found a barrel in Serenia.– Templeton (10-3-2002)




In EcoQuest 1, click the eye icon twice on the computer monitor in Adam’s room. Too bad Adam doesn’t have time to play King’s Quest 5 … — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Hoyle Book of Games: Volume 1, you can play cards with Rosella, Graham, and Colonel Dijon! Among the other characters are Leisure Suit Larry, Roger Wilco, and Sonny Bonds. The other people are Sierra employees, friends, and family, I think. When you clicked on the picture (indicating you wanted to play with them) the person would tell you about himself or herself. When you play with them, they make all these facial expressions, like happy, astonished, and angry! — Kat2 (7-9-1999)


In Hoyle Book of Games: Volume 3, look at the good guys and the bad guys. They are King Graham, Rosella, Laura Bow, Mother Goose, Lolotte, Lillian, and Mordack! — Templeton (6-11-1999)


In Hoyle’s Classic Card Games, you can play games with Graham or Laura among other Sierra game characters, or you can choose regular Hoyle characters. — Kimmie (12-30-2001)


In Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, one of the things Gabriel has to do is attend a lecture and chat with a character at Tulane University. In the lecture hall, there’s a bulletin board. Look at it a couple of times, and you get the following: “There’s a notice for a lecture on Investigative Reporting techniques to be given by octogenarian Pulitzer Prize winner Laura Bow Dorian.” — Susan (4-24-1999)


If Rosella said hello to the mockingbird in Falderal in King’s Quest 7, he might rudely say, “Hello, dragon breath!” Now in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, in St. George’s Bookshop, Gabriel picks up a German-English dictionary and says, “Drachen’ means dragons. I wonder if Mosely would know he was being insulted if I called him drachen breath!” Interesting coincidence! — Susan (7-9-1999)


In Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, while playing as Gabriel on Day 2 at 2 – 5 PM, if you go to Chateau de Serres and have Gabe think (think icon) about the tower on the house, he will say, “Now why does the name Princess Cassima come to mind?” — Susan (1-13-2000)

In Torin’s Passage, if you guide Torin up on stage in the theater, sometimes you can hear “Girl In The Tower” song being played for a short time. — Matt (6-25-1999)

In Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle Of Flesh, when Curtis reads his mail he will see a flyer for a book signing. The author, Adrienne Delaney (from Phantasmagoria 1), is signing her new book entitled “Coping with Loss.” Curtis comments, “She’s pretty.” — Nathan (7-9-1999)

In Conquests of the Longbow, there is a fair. In this fair is a rug seller who sells foreign rugs. He says the rugs come from the Palace of the King in Daventry. By the way, Lytton mentioned in the egg is a reference to the city in Police Quest, and Oakhurst was the location of Sierra On-Line in California.. — HerrHugh (7-25-1999)


In Conquests of Camelot, King Arthur’s excalibur is from the Lady of the Lake. Connor is able to get a similar sword from the Lady of the Lake in Daventry from King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity.