Phantasmagoria Game Goodies

Phantasmagoria Easter Eggs

Templeton gathered several easter eggs in Phantasmagoria that you can check out!

  • Look at the portrait above the fireplace in the dining room. Now look at the mirror to see the reflection of the room. The portrait has changed!
  • Look at the girls in the posters at Bob Thompkins’s office. Don’t they look like the girls from Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry 6 game?
  • Look at the books on the shelf at Lou-Anne’s antique store.
  • Open the Malcolm Wyrmshadow’s mailbox and look at the letter. Now, I wonder, who could this R. Williams possibly be? Smiley
  • Click on the picture in the nursery room for 5-6 times. How scary!!
  • Click 6-7 times on the chair in the restroom and then once on the toilet. Several different sound events can happen randomly, so you may bookmark your game before doing this, and go back to try it again! This cannot be done if Adrienne already “used” the toilet in the current chapter.
  • Look at Carno’s burnt face. Doesn’t he remind you of Freddy Krueger?
  • When you meet Malcolm for the first time, one of the photos on his wall is a green alien head.
  • After Adrienne enters Lou Ann’s antiques shop, sometimes a woman with short brown hair, white shirt, and black pants can be seen outside the window. It is said that this woman is none other than Roberta Williams.
  • The hole Adrienne makes in the brickwall of the fireplace (to get to the chapel) is quite similar to the Sierra logo mountain.
  • Click the drain cleaner on the chains in the cell in the back of the wine cellar, and Adrienne’s head and shoes will have small patches of red (blood?). If you click on the drain cleaner while in the pantry with the light on, more red patches will appear on Adrienne’s shoes (but not on her head this time).
  • As Adrienne is picking up Leonora’s panting in the conservatory, look closely at the floor near her feet. There seems to be some faint etchings on the floor, which look a lot like the head of Cedric the Owl!
  • This is not really an easter egg, but notice that Adrienne almost never changes her clothes! How can someone wear the same outfit for one whole week?!
  • Fun Thing to Do: During Chapter 5, go to the attic, and view the murder scene (skip it if you wish).
  • When Adrienne is climbing out of the attic’s entrance, quickly press the “fast forward” button. She will be standing on the railing of the stairs! You can get out by looking for the arrow cursor when you move it over the planks of wood by the attic’s entrance, and she will walk very quickly downstairs. — Mako Thunderbird (10-28-2003)

Phantasmagoria Curiosities

If you have played Phantasmagoria, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing Phantasmagoria, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you.

Phantasmagoria Downloadable Files

There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader.