Sudden Darkness

Ugarte created this little poem about the moment the Daventry sky turned dark at the beginning of King’s Quest 8.


He walked from his small cottage
To admire the beautiful day
As well as the lovely Sarah
Who lived across from him.

“Good morn’, Connor,” said she.
A warm greeting he returned to her.
Ah, another nice day in Daventry
And it didn’t get any better.

“Wait, Connor! A sudden wind!”
She shouted in astonishment.
Dark clouds quickly covered the sky
Casting an endless shadow over Daventry.

Connor saw a glowing gold object
Coming dowm from the sky.
He warned her to stay back
And attempted to pick it up.

The gold thing glowed brilliantly
But he heard a strange sound
As Sarah was turned into stone
Cutting off her sweet, but frightened voice.

“Nooooooooo!” yelled Connor.
“What have I done?” he cried.
Daventry must be in trouble, he thought.
And only he could save the land.