King’s Quest 5 Curiosities

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played King’s Quest 5, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that may not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here, and would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities.

Cedric says in the game’s introduction that his reason for being in Daventry was that he was visiting an old friend. Now whom could this “friend” be? — Akril (5-6-2000)

Exactly what is that strange thing in front of Crispin’s house?

  • If you put the hand icon on it, Cedric says, “That’s Crispin’s Universal Interpreter. Be careful! You might accidentally realign the stars!” So I assume Crispin uses the device to keep the stars aligned. — Templeton (4-13-1999)

It seems to me Graham easily could have hopped over that broken wagon to go up that road in the village! — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • LOL! I definitely agree! I mean, if Connor saw that wagon, sheesh! He could have probably done a walking jump and cleared that thing! Perhaps royal people can’t jump. — Kimmie (8-10-1999)

Did you notice the tailor had his right ear pierced? Not to mention the way he talked … He was really friendly! The tailor said he lost his needle, but how the heck did it end up in the haystack? Perhaps he was rolling in the hay with someone after a few too many at the inn! And what’s in that barn beside the inn? The goods from the innkeeper’s corrupt deal? — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • Concerning the needle in the hackstack, the tailor talks about being near the inn and saying how rude the people were there. He could have dropped it during his meeting with the rude people. — Monica (2-16-2003)

Is Graham dense? He tells the guy in the woods that he hasn’t seen anyone like his fiance, even if he has already seen the willow tree and heard her story, which correlates to his! Surely if we are bright enough to figure out the connection, he should be able to as well! — Dini (8-10-1999)

When Graham gives the shoes to the shoemaker and his wife, he says, “Just knowing I helped is good enough.” However, when he gives the spinning wheel to the gnome, Graham demands that the puppet be given to him in return! Does he have something against gnomes? — Eric Schmidt (10-19-2000)

The cat cookie spell from King’s Quest 3 states once it is completed successfully, you have a cookie that will turn the victim into a cat … forever! So what on earth makes Mordack think Alexander can undo it? — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)

  • Alexander might know that since he read the spellbook, but I’m not sure if an angry Mordack took the time to read the fine print. — Kimmie (4-11-2003)

As far as I know, Harpies snatched and ate only prepared meals, but they did not devour live humans. So how come they would have eaten Graham, had he not played the harp or had he returned to their island once more? — Templeton (7-9-1999)

  • That was probably a game design error, although there are many different interpretations of harpies and their ways. Some say they have women’s heads and fat birds’ bodies. Some say they have bears’ ears. Still others say they are flying demon-damsels like the ones presented in this game. Thus, it seems likely that the interpretations of their food preferences would also be different. — Akril (2-12-2000)

Cassima is from the Land of the Green Isles and was imprisoned in Mordack’s castle, which is located in treacherous waters. The Land of the Green Isles (as seen in King’s Quest 6) is located in treacherous waters as well and is near the edge of the world. It is nowhere near Serenia or the roc bird’s nest. Then why is her locket in the nest?

  • I think Mordack kidnapped her and brought her to Serenia with flying carpet (or some other means of magical transportation), and her locket fell while flying, and you know birds tend to collect shiny things. So I think Roc saw the locket and took it. — Templeton (4-13-1999)

When Cassima saves Graham from the cell, she says: “I spend a lot of time down here, you know … with my friends.” Graham asks her, “Friends?” She answers, “Yes. Like Dink … and Sam. I don’t know if you ever saw Sam or not.” We know who Dink is, but who is this creature named Sam? — Templeton (5-11-1999)

Why the cheese? Of all things, why the cheese to activate Mordack’s wand machine?

  • The game designers were running out of ideas perhaps. Also, in the King’s Quest Companion, Graham more or less guesses the odoriferous cheese would start the machine since IT did not smell too appealing itself! — Akril (2-12-2000)

The Gypsy gives Graham an amulet to protect him against all evil magic. Why does it not protect him against Mordack’s magic then? — Keri (7-9-2007)