King’s Quest V

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

“A computer game on CD? Unheard of! No game since the original King’s Quest had the impact of King’s Quest 5, which redefined adventure gaming in game play, design, and overall presentation [when it was released in 1990]. It was Sierra’s first million dollar-plus development effort. Designer Roberta Williams assembled an unequaled team of animators, artists, musicians, and programmers to make the project a reality. A new interface was designed to appeal to a larger audience, and extra efforts were taken to make the game an attractive entertainment venture for every member of the family. No more typing ‘open door’ — now the player could simply use their mouse to click a ‘hand’ cursor on the door.”

“Sales of King’s Quest 5 during its first year shattered all known records for computer games. Led by Emmy award-winning producer Bill Davis, King’s Quest 5 made the leap in graphics resolution to full 256-color VGA. Animations and backgrounds advanced from ‘computer art’ to true handpainted, life-like scenes inhabited by life-like and fluidly animated characters. Over fifty voice actors lent their talents to the effort, making King’s Quest 5 the most elaborate and cinematic game to date.”

“A year has passed since Princess Rosella’s journey to Tamir, and King Graham’s health has been fully restored. The Royal Family of Daventry is whole once more, and all is well with the Kingdom. But unbeknownst to Graham, his beloved family will soon be in grave danger! Somewhere far away, a powerful presence watches the castle of Daventry with evil intent. Mordack, a wizard even more powerful than Manannan, has concocted a dreadful plan: to capture the castle of Daventry, and the Royal Family within. He waits for the right moment to strike — when King Graham will be helpless to stop him. On that fateful day, King Graham will return home to find that his castle and his family have disappeared. Graham must don his adventurer’s cap once again and find Mordack before harm can come to Rosella, Alexander, and Valanice. With Cedric the owl, his reluctant guide, Graham journeys through forests, across deserts, over mountains and oceans in search of the evil wizard who holds the Royal Family and the castle in his grasp.”

— All Paragraphs Quoted Directly from Sierra Documents