I Want It Back

Me2 created a neat little song about the off-map adventures of King’s Quest 8. It is written to the lyrics of the “I Want It Back” song by Shawn Colvin.


I lost the light, I lost the map
Ain’t just a feeling, it’s a fact
I had it once, I was on track
I climbed a wall, It all went black …

I read right through my “moe”gazine
It told me nothing ’bout “off the screen”
I told my friends on the message board
Oh such excitement! I knew I’d scored.

I mighta killed an ant or two
But now I don’t know WHAT to do!
I jumped a cliff, fell through the air
I hit the bottom (CRUNCH!!) Oh what despair!

I want it back …

Dived off a tower in DOD
A gaping chasm I there did see
I fell and fell, and then went splat
“The Enlightened One” is now quite flat.

This is for real! I am not bluffing
Although I didn’t mean to do nuffin’
Some people wonder if I really did it
Yes! I lost my map! I must admit it.

I want it back …

I can’t give up, I love it so
I use cheat codes that you don’t know
Lost in the Swamp, and in the Gnome
I don’t care how, Just take me home

Stood by a rock in Paradise
Flipped up a mountain — it felt so nice!
I’d sell my soul — it’s come to that
If only I could find my map!

I want it back …