Fan Art

Please note: The artwork here was lost in a server crash. This page remains up for search and nostalgia purposes.

Welcome to the Fan Gallery page specifically for artwork relating to Roberta Williams games. Now I know that many of you fans have artistic talent of some kind! Come on and show the world how much you love these games! The artwork can be drawings, paintings, modified screenshots, animations, etc. that have been converted to GIF or JPG format. The cute computer-made drawing on the left of Valanice as the pesky jackalope in King’s Quest 7 was created by Akril.

Gwydion’s Cat Spell Went Wrong – Domen – KQ3 Screenshot
King’s Quest Wars: Episode 3 – Domen – KQ3 Screenshot
Royal Family Animorphed – Akril – KQ Computer Image
Gwydion & Rosella Animorphed – Akril – KQ3&4 Computer Image
Revenge Of The Snapdragons – Akril – KQ6 Computer Image
Magic Map Glitch – Akril – KQ6 Computer Animation
Alexander & Cassima Animorphed – Akril – KQ5 Computer Image
Oppi’s Gift – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Rosella As A Troll – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Mathilde Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Anyone Else? Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
My 1st True Adventure Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Excuse Me? Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Let’s Face It Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Are You? Quiz Banner – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Little Sweet Malicia – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Sir Graham Animorphed – Akril – KQ1 Computer Image
Laura Bow 2 Party – Audra – LB2 Photo Collection
Troll’s Quicksand Revenge – Joao – KQ1 Screenshot
Dragon Cave Challenge – Joao – KQ1 Screenshot
Cassima’s Feline Side – Akril – KQ6 Computer Animation
Attis & Ceres Together – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Graham In Hagatha’s Cave – Akril – KQ2 Computer Image
Graham & Valanice In Tower – Akril – KQ2 Computer Image
Saddened Rosella – Akril – KQ Computer Image
Valanice Harnesses Sirocco – Akril – KQ7 Computer Image
Barbie As Laura Bow – Prncess Cutie – LB2 Computer Image
Cassima From Green Isles – Sorna – KQ6 Hand Drawing
Laura Bow At The Party – Sorna – LB2 Hand Drawing
Rosella With A Wand – Sorna – KQ7 Hand Drawing
Location Of Daventry Mall – Juliette – KQ Computer Drawing
Daventry Mall Floor Plan – Juliette – KQ Computer Drawing
Crazy Comet Cafe – Akril – Sierra Computer Drawing