Laura Bow 1 Curiosities

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played Laura Bow 1, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here.

Does poor little Laura Bow ever eat? — Susan (5-8-1999)

  • Laura had just finished a huge family dinner and probably would not feel hungry for the rest of the night — especially when she keeps on discovering things that rather do not induce strong appetite. However, if you want, you can make her eat Jeeves’ crackers. — Yanay (7-25-2000)

Laura has green eyes, but in Laura Bow 2, she has blue eyes! — Haley (7-25-2000)

What is Gloria Swansong’s embarrassing medical condition?

  • Considering Gloria’s lifestyle and the number of boyfriends she has had, her medical condition could have been some sort of STD or perhaps abortion. — Yanay (7-25-2000)

In the game’s introduction the Colonel is seen signing his will, but that will does not reappear anywhere later in the game or even get mentioned again in the game plot. So … just where exactly is Colonel Henri Dijon’s will?

What was so important about the land that Clarence Sparrow tried to persuade Gertie Dijon and Ethel Prune to sell him?

  • The thing that was so important about the land that Clarence wanted was that it probably contained vast amounts of oil or another precious material. Just a thought. — Richard (3-18-2000)

How exactly did Laura carry all that stuff when she didn’t have any purse at all?

When Sarah’s ghost appears in the graveyard, what is she pointing at?

  • In the original gamebox of Laura Bow 1, a map was included. In the map, you can see the ghost facing the exit of the cemetery and pointing toward the hedge garden. Perhaps it is a clue. — Susan (4-30-1999)

The boat in the carriage house is called “Minnow.” Does that have something to do with the TV show “Gilligan’s Island”? — Susan (5-8-1999)

In the heart-shaped garden, what exactly is that square thing in the middle of the ground? It looks like a wooden trapdoor, doesn’t it? — Susan (5-10-1999)

If Lillian could walk on the veranda after killing Gertie, why couldn’t Laura do it? — Susan (5-11-1999)

Of the pictures in the house: one of them is (maybe) of Blaze, and other of the Colonel when he was younger, the third (maybe) of Beauregard. But who are the rest of the people (the women, the children, and the aristocratic old man) in the other pictures? If you look at the Colonel, you will be told that he never got married. So who are these people?! — Susan (5-12-1999)

  • People on the portraits could be members of the Crouton family (the house belonged to them before) or some unknown (to us) members of the Dijon family. — Yanay (7-25-2000)

How could Lillian dispose of the bodies so quickly? For instance: in Act 2, you can find her in the kitchen talking with Celie. Go and find Gertie’s body. Exit and go back. The body is gone. Go to the kitchen, and Lillian is still there talking with Celie! Furthermore, how could she drag and throw the bodies of Gertie, Dr. Feels, Gloria and Ethel from their various locations to the basement? Let’s suppose she could somehow drag and throw the bodies of Fifi, Jeeves, and Clarence into the basement through the chute in her room. This is possible — barely possible — but what about the other bodies outside the building? — Susan (5-12-1999)

Who is the person who jumps out of the closet and kills Laura? Is it the same person who jumps at Laura and kills her in the attic?

  • I have reason to believe this person Rudy in both cases. I think this because Lillian is at other places during these times and I did check to make sure she was elsewhere! There’s no way she can run up from say the kitchen or such and dress up quickly and kill Laura, unless its a bug or something in the game. — Bones (10-16-2000)
  • I don’t think the argument that the person was elsewhere at the time is valid. After all, when you see Gertie’s body and immediately enter the house to tell them, it’s gone. Presumably, Lillian took those few seconds of time to take the body, drag it to the kitchen, and dump it down the chute, all without anyone noticing. This just doesn’t work, so it would be possible that other places also have such irregularities. – Adeyke (10-16-2000)
  • I don’t think Rudy is the one who kills Laura in the attic. Rudy had no reason to go there (till the end), and had no reason to kill Laura. It is more likely that Lillian is the one who kills Laura in the secret passages, in the closet and in the attic, and while Laura takes a shower. Why would she do it? Because she was insane. Rudy didn’t even plan to kill anyone till he killed Lillian and found out that he is the sole heir. — Templeton (10-17-2000)

If you leave the tomb without taking the lantern back, if you go in the secret passage again using the trapdoor, Laura is suddenly holding the lantern! — Haley (12-24-2001)

  • Laura probably just grabbed it as she was leaving. — Agent 56 (2-16-2003)

The clock chimes at 10:15 when you see Clarence walking across the driveway to meet Rudy at the statue, and 10:30 when he begins his fight with Rudy. It didn’t seem that they lingered a whole fifteen minutes, now did they? — Tomato (12-24-2001)

When Laura enters the bathroom and leaves again while Lillian is in still there, Laura can stand out in the hall for as long as she want, as Lillian doesn’t come out! Considering how in this particular game, characters can move across screens … odd, huh? — Bones (12-24-2001)

If Laura asks Ethel about the Croutons. Ethel will say something like, “What is a crouton? Isn’t that something you put on salads?” Dijon? Crouton? Sounds like someone is making a salad! A Cajun salad, considering the geographic location! — Tomato (12-24-2001)

In Act 2, after Jeeves feeds Beauregard, if you go to any outdoor location where Jeeves has been and type LOOK AT JEEVES, the game says he is there but I didn’t see him anywhere on the actual screen! — Haley (12-24-2001)

What was Rudy looking for in Lillian’s room? — Agent 56 (2-16-2003)

Laura can get the key to the elevator to go to the attic, and she can find the key to the attic door on Lillian’s body. But both the Colonel and Rudy also go up there to the attic. How did they get up there? — Adeyke (12-24-2001)

  • Rudy and the colonel went up there with the elevator. It is up in the attic when Laura sees them. The key that Laura found was probably just a spare key since she can find it even when the colonel is in the basement (there is no elevator or rope in his bedroom). — Agent 56 (2-16-2003)

Why would Lillian wear the Colonel’s army clothes while killing her victims? — Haley (7-12-2000)

  • It’s probably due to her mental breakdown. She went insane with jealousy so she took the clothes of the Colonel in a desperate attempt to convince herself that it was the colonel that was killing these people not her. — Adeyke (7-13-2000)

One of the notebook entries is about people with a telltale scent. Now, Gloria smokes, right? Shouldn’t she also be on that list? — Lady Belle Celeste (7-25-2000)

If Laura looks at the axe on the armored statue, the odd historical description mentions that “Lizzie had the most fun with it”. Who is Lizzie? — Templeton (2-16-2003)

  • She is most likely Lizzie Borden, the girl most people believe hacked her parents to death with an axe in their Fall River, Massachusetts home in 1892. It has become one of the most famous and most gruesome murder cases in history. I’m now wondering how did that infamous axe end up in the Misty Acres mansion?! — Kimmie (2-16-2003)