Haunted House Kitchen

Tomato created this little poem about the strange kitchen in the haunted mansion in King’s Quest 4.


In Tamir, there is an old house that’s blue.
Inside it there are several rooms.
Late at night we see some ghosts.
Not harmful. They’re nice night-time hosts.
Get to the organ by the tower stairs.
You also get the shovel there.
The foyer contains a very old clock.
Tells the time. Morning or “noct.”
These are ghosts you need not battle.
That crying baby just wants a rattle.
Master bedroom leads to the infant child.
The last ghost is a little wild.
Willy climbs to the attic by the ladder.
Before, the room just makes you madder!
The living room has the Shakespeare book.
In the dining room is the lord, often mistook.
But what, may I ask, is the kitchen for?
In it I do not see a door.
It’s almost completely bare.
Makes me wonder why it’s there.
The fireplace pot is of no use to me.
The barrels and shelves are all empty.
Why is there a kitchen in the scary house?
Those crumbs are too small for even a mouse!
I don’t need any of the pots and pans.
Nothing I want to touch with my bare hands.
Now dressed like a girl who’s poor.
Tell me. What’s the kitchen for?