KQ3 Death List

King’s Quest 3 Death List By Agent56

Fall off mountain
Swim too long
Get caught holding a starred (*) item
Find the wizards “secrets” while he’s awake and home
Get caught in wizard’s laboratory
Get any of the spells wrong
Take the wand and don’t put it back
Get caught off mountain too many times
Miss boat
Get caught in web
Trip over cat on lab stairs
Fall off lab stairs
Get caught in web as fly
Eat cat cookie
Eat poisoned porridge
Stay in desert too long
Look at Medusa
Get touched by medusa
Enter tree and become human
Fall out of tree
Fall off beach cliff
Eat toadstool powder
Drink nightshade juice
Get caught by bandits in hideout
Disobey the wizard too many times
Annoy boat guard and wait
Become a fly and fly over ocean
Ride boat without getting rid of wizard
Cast storm spell while on boat
Get caught outside ship’s cargo hold twice
Get eaten by sharks
Fall off the cliffs
Get caught on new land
Try to enter crow’s nest
Stay on ship too long
Fall off ladder on ship
Fall into hole on top deck
Get caught by abominable snowman
Fall into Daventry chasm
Walk into dragon screen while visible
Untie Rosella without killing dragon