Laura Bow 2: The Coroner’s Report

Here comes the gruesome part: the autopsy of the bodies. Let’s see what the coroner Henri Le Mort has to say about the murders. — Templeton

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Excerpt From Coroner’s Report – New York – 1926

Laura Bow provided vital information to the police prosecutor concerning the late Sterling Waldorf-Carlton, suggesting that the countess had murdered him so she could inherit his fortune. Laura also suspected that Yvette Delacroix was involved — maybe (knowing her ‘reputation’) she had an affair with Sterling, so she probably knew something about the countess’ intentions. The prosecutor, convinced that there might had been a foul play, assigned the coroner Henri Le Mort to investigate the matter. An autopsy of Sterling’s body shall be performed soon. The prosecutor hopes that the autopsy findings will shed light on the mystery. However, since the prime suspect and the material witness — the countess and Yvette — are both dead, all the police has right now is prima facie evidence, including the diary, the conversation Laura overheard at the party (between the countess, Yvette, and Dr. Myklos), and what the countess said when Laura confronted her with the diary matter at the armor exhibit room. As for now, the prosecutor does not rule out any possibility for the murderer’s identity — it might even turn out to be O’Riley. Until the police has conclusive evidence, no further information shall be provided.