The Catacombs (2)

Lady Ariel created this little poem about the quest in the catacombs in King’s Quest 6.


You first step onto this tiny beach
Just sand and shells within your reach
Great rock behind you, churning seas ahead
This place is ancient, it is said
This place the Isle of the Sacred Mountain

It seems so small, have you little wisdom
Yet it is huge and vast, this kingdom
Answer a question, and soon you will fly
Into the sparkling Topaz sky

You reach the top, a new land awaits
What could be on a mountain this great?
But dare you not pass through those doors
Though temptation is ever more
They are locked, think you are spared wrath
Your curiosity will lead down the wrong path

Ahead of you are the Winged Ones’ guards
Those evil doors no longer barred
You’ve met with Ariel and Azure
They’ve said you must go through the door
It is the prophecy, and the law too
This Island’s fate is now on you