King’s Quest 7 Walkthrough

If you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for King’s Quest 7, you can utilize the UHS hint file if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

Because the game allows you to choose which chapter in which to start, you can play the game out of order. However, it is highly recommended that you play the game in order from chapter 1 to chapter 6, or else you might not understand why certain things are taking place. You have one all-purpose cursor. If you pass it over something and it starts to blink or sparkle, then you are able to do something with it … either right then or later on in the game. This game has a unique “bookmarking” option instead of a save game option. If you have version 1.0, then you only have 1 bookmark per game. In version 2.0, you have more control over the bookmarking feature. Because the walkthrough is quite long, I have included a hypertext linked table of contents. Just click on a link to go to the appropriate section.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 1: “Where In Blazes Am I?”

You begin this chapter as Valanice in the desert. Watch the sand cyclone cartoon. Notice that Valanice gets her petticoat ripped in the process. Take the petticoat piece. Soon a kangaroo rat will appear and run through the screen as it is being chased by a crazy jackalope. Walk north one screen to a cave opening. There are some drawings on the right outside wall of the cave opening. Click on the drawings twice to look at them up-close. Draw them on a piece of paper for future reference. Now exit the close-up screen and enter the cave. There is a little rectangular basket on the ground inside the cave. Pick up the basket. There are four clay pots lined up in a row. Click on any three of the pots. They will break and irritate the heck out of Valanice. Click on the last pot to take it. That is all in the cave, so leave.

Now for a note about inventory items: Always closely examine your inventory items. To do this, click on the item in your inventory box, and click the item onto the Egyptian eye in your toolbar. You will see a close-up of the item. If you click on either side of the item inside the window, hold the mouse button, and then drag the mouse left or right, the item will rotate. This will come in handy because some objects have hidden surprises that can only be found with close examination and rotating.

Examine the basket up close. Click on the lid to open the basket. Now rotate the basket until you see a little yellow dot inside. Click on that yellow dot to take it. It will now show up in your inventory box. Examine it closely as well. It is a corn kernel. How odd! Examine the other items. Aw! Poor Valanice! All she has left of her daughter is that ornate comb! After examining it, click the comb on Valanice. Oh dear! Look at what you have done! You made her royal majesty cry!

Outside the cave and a bit west, there is a spot in the sand with water dripping on it. Click on the spot. Yes, it is quite damp! Damp enough to plant that corn kernel in probably! Put the corn kernel in the damp sand and watch as a huge corn stalk magically grows. Valanice is quite a gardener, is she not? grin Take a beautiful corn cob and head west to a colossus head and mouth that seem to form a large portal door. That must be the way out of the desert! Alas, it is closed. Right above the door is a little arrow design. Click on it to get a close-up look at it. Examine it. It looks like something can fit in that arrow shaped hole. Keep that in mind, and head straight east (past the cave again) until you reach a tiny little door with the words “Rare Curiosities” above it. Click on the door to knock on it. The little kangaroo rat appears and complains how that pesky jackalope swiped his glasses, so now he cannot see. Valanice will need to help retrieve the glasses for the kangaroo rat or else he will not be too helpful. Of course, trying to get those glasses from that mad, lightning-fast jackalope will not be easy.

Go south to a large temple. Do not enter it yet. Just go west to return to the first screen you encountered. Continue west to a little pool with a large kneeling statue. Take the lonely stick lying on the ground. Now look inside the pool. Wow! There’s something quite interesting down there, and are those not steps leading down to it? Hmm. On the southern rim of the pool are some sparkles. Click on them to take them. Salt crystals?! Um okay. I wonder. Does that mean the water in the pool is salty? Fill the clay pot with water from the pool. Click the clay pot on Valanice to make her taste the water. Yelch! Yep, it is salty alright. Poor Valanice is in a hot, arid desert, and the only water in sight is salt water. sigh

At the base of the statue are some more of those odd drawings. Click on the base twice to see a close-up of the drawings. Write them down. Take a close look at this new set of drawings: pool of water with skulls, sad crying face, corn, bowl, happy person drinking bowl. Hmm. That lucky person has freshwater to drink. These drawings at the base of the statue show you how to create freshwater! The pool of water with skulls represents the bad, deadly salt water. Pour Valanice’s clay pot of salt water into the statue’s bowl. The sad crying face. What makes Valanice cry? The comb! Click the comb on the bowl to make Valanice cry into it. (If you did not click the comb on Valanice to make her cry beforehand, do it now or else she will not cry into the bowl). A hand holding corn. That’s easy. Place the corn cob (from growing the basket’s corn kernel in the damp sand) in the statue’s other hand. The statue will perform something magical to the salt water in the bowl. You can have Valanice taste the water in the statue’s bowl to make sure it is now freshwater. Click the pot on the bowl to get the water. It should be fresh water now. Mmm. Don’t drink the water just yet. Save it. (If the statue didn’t work, make sure the statue’s head is of the moon-water god and not of the sun god. Click on the head to change it if necessary.)

You have pretty much seen everything in the regular part of the desert. Now it is time to head into the endless desert because you know that Valanice is just so curious as to what is out there! Head south of the pool into an endless desert screen. Wander around until you find a wandering desert spirit. He does not hang out far into the desert, just within the 1-3 screens surrounding the areas you have explored. Do not venture too far into the desert, or else Valanice will die. The freshwater will not save her life, only prolong it for a bit. The water is not for Valanice. If you ever get lost in the desert, just head north until you reach a familiar part of the regular desert or cliff wall. If you come to a cliff wall and remember if you entered the endless desert from the west or east side of the regular desert area, then you should be saved.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah! The endless desert spirit. If he left before you were able to talk to him (due to my endless desert babbling), just find him again. Click on him quickly to talk to him. He is very thirsty, so give him your clay pot of freshwater that you created using the pool statue. He will thank you immensely for freeing him of his torturous thirst and take you to where his skeleton now rests. You can choose either of the items in his bag: a rope or a bottle of bug reducing powder. Either item is fine. One item is not better than the other. You just cannot select both. If you wish to get rid of the scorpion problem in the temple completely, select the bottle. If you can handle just trapping it for a few moments until you finish your task in the temple, select the rope. If you selected the bug reducing powder, look at the ground around you. There should be a horn in the sand. The horn will not be there if you selected the rope. Head north until you return to the first screen you encountered. (You can get the horn from the dust storm screen before helping the desert spirit. Just wait until the dust storm far moves away from the horn if needed and then take it. Then when you help him, you only have the bug reducing powder to choose from. There will be no rope in the bag.)

If you selected the rope from the desert spirit, remember how the jackalope chased the kangaroo rat down the path in this screen? He will probably race down this path again. If you tie the rope to the two huge green cactus plants on either side of the path, you might be able to trip that annoying hare. Do it and have a good laugh. Take the spectacles laying on the ground and the patch of jackalope fur that is caught on one of the cactus plants. Yay! You did it! You got that freaky jackalope good! As the jackalope would have said … Eeh hee hee hee hee! evil grin

Head north to the cave opening and east to the Rare Curiosities door. If you selected the bug reducing powder, take the horn that you also got. Click the horn on Valanice to blow out the sand. Now click the horn on one of the ground holes where the jackalope likes to pop out. That should get his attention! Hehe! Grab the spectacles that fell off his head and the patch of jackalope fur that is caught on one of the cactus plants near the holes.

Now give the spectacles back to the poor kangaroo rat. He is able to see and trade with Valanice now. If you had not already noticed, the rat speaks in rhyme, and if you show him an item, he will offer another item in trade that rhymes with that item. Try showing him all the items you have. Not exactly items you might find useful on your quest, but they were nonetheless quite humorous! You will eventually find something to actually trade with the rat.

Head south to the temple. If you had selected the rope from the desert spirit, then it is time to create a flag. Select the ripped petticoat in your inventory and click it onto the stick (from the pool) in your inventory. They should combine to make a flag. Enter the temple. A huge scorpion will emerge and threaten Valanice. After she finishes screaming, you have a few seconds to deal with the scorpion. If you selected the bug reducing powder, use it now on the scorpion. It will become the size of a little beetle and leave for good. If you made a flag, use it now on the scorpion. It will get stuck in the wall, but only for a few minutes.

Look closely at the altar table on the right side of the room. It has some carvings on the side. One of them is an upside-down teardrop. That is not correct! Click on it to turn it right-side up. Now that is much better! Look! The table revealed three colored gems and a lightbeam. You need to put two of the three colored gems into hands of the little statue. The drawings on the side of the altar table are all about rain, crops, and other green growing things. Green! You want the final color shining on the table to be green. Put the yellow and blue stones (in any order) into the hands. Put the third stone (pink-red one) onto the sun symbol on the table surface. An arrow-shaped puzzle piece for the colossal face portal door should appear. Take it and leave the temple quickly. (There is nothing in the back area of the temple.) Go north and head west towards the portal door.

A bit past the cave opening, you should notice that one of the plants now has a colorful, split gourd. Examine it to find a little seed. Take the seed. Continue west to the portal door and place the arrow-shaped puzzle piece into the hole above the door. Hmm. It is too small. It is missing a second puzzle piece. Take note of how the second puzzle piece is shaped because you will need to find it later. Take the arrow piece from above the door and leave.

Well, Valanice has this seed and since she already planted the corn kernel in the only place that has damp sand, the seed is quite useless. Let’s go trade it with the kangaroo rat. The rat will offer a little blue bead. It an improvement over the seed, so why not! Take the bead and head back to the statue pool. Remember looking into the pool and seeing something interesting down there? Let’s find out exactly what is down there. The drawings on the outside cave wall show you how to drain the water from the pool. First make sure that the statue head is of the sungod (with rays coming out of its head) and not the moon-water god. Click on the statue head to change it. The drawings show the correct positions that the statue’s neck beads need to be in. Click on the statue’s neck to see a close-up and follow the drawing. Click on the statue’s wrist to turn the bowl upside down like in the drawings.

Now the pool should drain! That’s it! Before you descend down into the pool, make sure you have the blue bead from the kangaroo rat. At the very bottom of the pool is a statue with an offering plate. Look closely at the items in the offering plate. One of them is the second puzzle piece! Find the one that fits with your puzzle piece. It should be the one that looks like a house top or V-shaped. Now, this is an offering plate, so you need to offer the statue something first (or else watery consequences will occur). All the items in the offering table are blue-turquoise colored and so is the rat’s blue bead. Put the blue bead into the offering bowl, and the statue should nod its head yes. Take the correct puzzle piece and leave.

Go to the colossal head door. Combine the two puzzle pieces together in your inventory, and use that one piece on the hole above door. Yeah! It opened! (If it did not open because you got the wrong puzzle piece from the pool’s offering plate, just go back down there, return the wrong piece, and take the correct one.) Now before you run into the portal door, look at the cactus plant next to the door. It has a pink fruit that looks rather yummy. Unfortunately, the thorns are in the way. Use the stick that was lying near the statue pool to whack the fruit out of the cactus and onto the ground. Take the prickly pear fruit and now enter the portal door and into Chapter 2. You will deal with that large scary Gila monster in Chapter 3, so do not panic yet!

Chapter 2: “A Troll Is As A Troll Does”

You begin this chapter as Rosella in the Vulcanix Underground. Watch the opening sequence, and note the color of the Troll King’s eyes. They are green. Poor Rosella has been transformed into a troll. She is inside the bedroom. Yikes! What horrid decor! Look at Rosella’s new appearance in the mirror and then look at the Troll King’s portrait. Hmmm. Why does the king in the portrait have purple eyes? Keep that discovery in mind, for it will be useful later. Now open the door and leave. You are now in the Great Hall of the Vulcanix Underground. A bratty little troll throws behind a mechanical rat. Hey, if the troll does not want the rat, take it! There is a little old lady troll named Mathilde here. Talk to her. She will start yelling at you but will soon understand your situation and help you out. Take note of the items that you must find in order for her to turn you back into human. If you forget the items, just talk to her again, and she will repeat the list.

Walk into the kitchen (east of the dining room area in the Great Hall) and see the cook making some nasty stuff in his kitchen pot. What?! He wants a nice juicy rat for his stew?! Eew! After Rosella gets thrown out by the cook, re-enter the kitchen. So, Monsieur Cook, zu vant a nice juizy rat, oui? Wind up the mechanical rat and set it loose in the kitchen. Once the cook is busy in the next room, explore the kitchen area. Take the baked beetles from the bin on the kitchen counter. There are two gold-colored bowls in the cupboard. Take one bowl and examine it closely in your inventory. Rotate the bowl to read the stamp on the bottom. If it says “14k gold” on the bottom, then you are okay. If it says “brass” on the bottom, return the bowl to the shelf and take another one. You now have two of the five items for Mathilde. Check the oven for fun and then leave the kitchen.

In the Great Hall, go northwest to the mudbaths (next to your bedroom). If you encounter the male mudbath trolls, talk to them for some interesting information. Return here later until you find the female mudbath trolls. Listen carefully to what the female mudbath trolls are saying, especially what it takes for a troll to fall asleep and to wake up. Talk to them until they have nothing new to say. Go west to the metalsmithing area. There is a metalsmith at work. Talk to him a few times. What an obnoxious creep! Geez! Go talk to the much nicer jeweler and learn of his dream to leave the Vulcanix Underground. There is a cave opening in the back of the screen. Enter it. There are several rock formations with green water of emerald in them. Click the gold bowl on one of the rock formations to get the water. You now have three of the five items for Mathilde. Take the lantern on the back wall. Something smells like rotten eggs in this room. Look at the strange formations on the west wall. There is sulfur here! The female mudbath trolls said that you can knock out a troll with sulfur! That sulfur might come in handy. You will need to cross the windy chasm. Jump onto the large middle stone and then to the ledge where the sulfur is. This may take a few tries. Take the sulfur, cross the chasm again, and exit the room.

Look on the table behind the obnoxious metalsmith. It has a little black box. Click on the black box. The metalsmith troll will say that it a silver spoon mold. Aha! One of the items for Mathilde! Unfortunately, this annoying troll will not let you have it. Use the wet sulfur on the fire near the obnoxious metalsmith to knock him out good … Night Mama! The mold box is too hot to handle with your bare hands, so take the pair of tongs from the tool rack. Use the tongs icon on the mold box, then click the icon onto the bucket of water on the ground to cool down the box. Click on the bucket to take the spoon. You know have four of the five items for Mathilde. The lantern you have is not lit, so now is a good time to light it. Click on the bellows to puff at the fire and make sparks flare. Then click the lantern on the forge to catch the sparks.

Return to the Great Hall and go the throne near your bedroom. Take the round shield on the wall. Examine the shield. The center spike on the shield is removable. Go southwest to a screen with a broken wagon and a bridge. Try to cross the bridge. An ugly, mean troll blocks the way and threatens Rosella. He will not budge, and his demands are impossible to meet. Let’s play a nasty trick on the troll. Go to the broken wagon with the three wheels on the back. Examine it closely. In the close-up screen, put the shield (with the center spike already removed) onto the wheel spoke. Then re-attach the center spike. There! Now the wagon seems functional. Exit the closeup screen and click on the wagon. Enjoy the ride! Hehe! After bumping off the troll, cross the bridge and the zigzagging path to a moaning crystal dragon. Talk to the dragon. It is sad and has lost its spark. Spark? Your lantern has a spark from the metalsmith forge! Give the lantern to the dragon, and it will go flying around after giving you a large gem.

You cannot get a dragon scale from it until it returns, so return to jeweler troll. Since he was nice to you (unlike that obnoxious troll), give him the large gem from the crystal dragon. Yay! He is able to leave the Vulcanix Underground! Get the jeweler’s hammer and chisel and return to the crystal dragon. It is now sleeping. Maybe you can still get a scale from it without waking it up. Notice how the tail periodically drops to the floor. Make sure Rosella is not in the way of the tail or she will get squished! Wait when it drops to the floor and quickly click the hammer and chisel on it. After getting the scale, leave and return to the Great Hall. Give Mathilde all your items, starting with the gold bowl. Watch the transformation sequence and then the Troll King and Malicia sequence.

You are back in the bedroom, but this time, you are human again! Look in the mirror to admire yourself. The door is locked, so you will need to find another exit. Was that portrait always smoking like that?! It is too high to reach, so stack the three furniture items in the room directly underneath the portrait. Start with the biggest piece, then the medium on top, and lastly the smallest one. Climb on the stack and click on the portrait to exit through a tunnel. See Malicia and the Troll King sequence. As Rosella slides down the wall into the Great Hall, she knocks something down with her. Click on it to take it. Examine it. A dragon toad … how interesting.

Where is Mathilde? She is not in her usual knitting chair. Click on your bedroom door to overhear Malicia and Mathilde talking. Mathilde returns to her chair. Talk to her. She is not in a good mood. Perhaps she might know what that dragon toad is. Show her the toad. Mathilde says that the toad belongs to the real Troll King and asks the toad of his whereabouts. The Real Troll King is somewhere in Ooga Booga. Aha! The Troll King in the Vulcanix Underground right now is a fake! Mathilde gives Rosella a magic rope for that broken bucket elevator near the troll bridge.

Walk to the elevator. Before Rosella is able to leave the Great Hall, Malicia appears and threatens Rosella. She complains about hating bats, rats, and spiders and wish for them to explode any minute. Hey, you have a mechanical rat! Hehe! Use it on Malicia to scare her away. Now go to the bucket elevator and use the magic rope on it to fix it. Click on the bucket to get in. Click on the rope to pull yourself up. The elevator shaft will start to collapse into Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: “The Sky Is Falling!”

You begin this chapter as Valanice again. Chapter 3 starts where Chapter 1 ended, so here is that Gila monster once more. If you do not have the prickly pear fruit or salt crystals from the statue pool, exit the cave now by going south. Once you are back in the desert near the large portal door, look at the cactus plant next to the door. It has a pink fruit that looks rather yummy. Unfortunately, the thorns are in the way. Use the stick that was lying near the statue pool to whack the fruit out of the cactus and onto the ground. Take the prickly pear fruit. Go south to the statue pool and obtain some salt crystals if you do not have them in your inventory. This will save you a trip back to the statue pool later on.

Now return to the Gila monster. Look at the ground. There are scraps of pinkish fruit stuff. This Gila monster likes those prickly pear fruits, so feed it some. Once the monster is gone, continue north and out of the cave to a beautiful woods screen with two large white statue maidens. Look around the screen and at the statue maidens. The riverbed is dried up and the bridge is broken, so Valanice cannot cross it now. Head west to a large oak tree with a somber stag in front of it. Talk to Attis the Stag repeatedly until he has nothing more to say. Examine the tree and the stake in the trunk. You learn that he and his wife Ceres were cursed into a stag and tree, and that the Rock Spirit can help you save them by starting the river of life again. Keep that in mind. Now use Rosella’s comb on the stag to learn about how to get through the werewoods.

Continue west one screen. If you go west one more screen, you will be in the werewoods. Do not enter it yet. Go north to a riverbed with stepping stones. Carefully click on the stones to make Valanice cross them. Watch your balance, your royal majesty! There is a hummingbird calling for help in a spider’s web. Bad spider! Quickly trap him inside your basket and free the hummingbird.

Continue north into Falderal. There is a gatekeeper who will not let you proceed unless you fulfill his outrageous demand. Wonton Tomato, huh? Sure. Sure. You can continue knocking on the door to hear more humorous remarks. Click on the small door on the right side to enter Falderal. Walk into this cute little town and be confronted by a hyperactive poodle in a suit. Archduke Fifi le Yip-Yap will not let Valanice proceed, so click the comb onto him to make Valanice tell her tragic story. Archduke Fifi will burst into a sprinkler of tears and let Valanice pass. Then he says something very important and easy to miss if you are not paying attention. He says, “Take the Faux Shop with a grain of salt.”

There is a psychotic little chicken that runs around Falderal periodically, yelling that the sky is falling, so beware! smile Nah, if you meet her, go ahead and talk to her. Look at the sign on the front doors of the Town Hall. There is going to be a masquerade ball! That definitely sounds like fun! Valanice partying! Woohoo! However, it is not time to party yet, so enter the China Shop and talk to the Fernando the Bull repeatedly to learn of his stolen china bird named Treasure. Poor Fernando! Notice the lovely pink mask on the wall. That would be perfect for the masquerade ball, don’t you think? Exit the shop and walk across the plaza to a pool. You can talk to the mockingbird in the tree a few times for some mean, insulting jokes.

Go to the snake oil salesman’s wagon and talk to the salesman. Show him the comb to learn about a werebeast salve to get past the werewoods. The snotty salesman wants the archduke’s magic statuette in exchange for it. Next to the wagon is a covered up cage. Click on it to uncover it. Why! It’s Treasure! Talk to Treasure. If you did not talk to Fernando the Bull in the China Shop beforehand, Treasure will be frightened of you. Take Treasure and return her to Fernando in the China Shop. He will be very grateful to Valanice and give her the pink mask. Perfect! Exit the shop.

Guests are already arriving for the masquerade ball. Put on the mask and enter the town hall. The Archduke is having a birthday celebration inside! How colorful! If you like, have Valanice taste the cake. Hope no one saw that! Hehe! Go to the back of the room and click on the tapestry. You are now in a screen with some extra crazy stairways and two doorways. One upside down doorway leads to the archduke’s office. If Valanice enters that doorway, she will be upside down. That is not going to be helpful. You want her to enter the other doorway (the rightside up one) into the powder room. From the starting point, go right and follow the stairs until you reach the powder room.

Click on the door twice to enter. Look around at the tacky decorations. There is a little cherub statue with a tarnished base. Do not worry about it now. Instead, look at all the fun distortion mirrors. The third one from the right (upside-down Valanice mirror) will take Valanice to the archduke’s office if you click on it. Once inside the office, click on the desk drawer to open it. Take the magic statuette inside the drawer. Use the comb on the magic statuette in your inventory to see a vision of Rosella in a bucket elevator going to Ooga Booga. Leave the office.

Back at the crazy stairways, head west to a stairway junction and take a right. Make your way back to the starting point at the bottom of the screen. Then go south, exit the town hall, and go east to the plaza pool. The “moon” should suddenly fall into the pool, scaring the mockingbird away. So that little chicken was right. The sky is falling! Talk to the chicken. You will have to find a way to fish out the “moon.” For now, click on the mockingbird’s nest to get a wooden nickel. The snake oil salesman is out for the remainder of this chapter, but do not panic. You will not need to give him the magic statuette until Chapter 5 anyway, so just hold onto it for now.

The Faux Shop should be open by now. Remember what the archduke said when you first meet him. Eat some salt that you got from the desert pool in front of the Faux Shop. Then open the door to enter it. You will be inside the shop instead of just walking through the door. Don’t ask why. I dunno. If you do not have salt crystals, then you will have to make the long journey back to the desert pool (south of white statue maidens screen). Once inside the Faux Shop, look around at all the odd merchandise. Talk to the owner turtle. There are books on sale for a wooden nickel. Buy one using the wooden nickel you got from the mockingbird’s nest. (If the nickel is not highlighting when you click it on the turtle and the turtle is not accepting it, then you might have a game glitch. First, try going to the desert and showing the coin to the desert trading rat. Then click it onto the turtle. Some gamers suggest trading the nickel before the mask. Sierra does have a patch to fix this, so check the game problems section.) There is also a super stretchy rubber chicken on sale. It is winking at you. Oh why not! Since the masquerade ball is over, trade the mask in for the rubber chicken. Inspect the rubber chicken in your inventory and click on the tail feather to separate it. That is all you need at the Faux Shop, so leave.

You still have nothing useful in your inventory to fish out the “moon,” so let’s leave Falderal via the little door for a bit. Perhaps we can find something useful elsewhere. Go to the screen where you last saw the spider web. A lot of people miss this … if you go north from this screen, you will arrive at the large entrance to Falderal, right? However, if you go east, you find more area of the woods to explore! Go east until you find the sleeping rock spirit. Aha! So this is where he is! He has a rather large ticklish nose, so use the rubber chicken’s feather to tickle him. Make sure you talked to Attis the Stag enough times beforehand to learn about the rock spirit, or else he will blow Valanice back into the desert. Talk to the rock spirit to learn that you need sacred nectar to fill the statue’s pitcher to start the river of life and sacred food to fill the statue’s cornucopia to save Ceres.

Go west to return to the screen where the spider web use to be. Go south and cross the riverbed and then return to the screen with the large white statue maidens. In the upper lefthand area of the screen are some hummingbirds. Talk to the hummingbirds. The hummingbird that Valanice saved earlier is here and has nectar to give her! Use the clay pot on the flowers to catch the nectar. Now use the pot on the statue maiden’s pitcher. Watch as the river of life starts to flow with water and the bridge is fixed. Attis becomes human again and pulls the stake out of the tree. Yay! You started the river of life! Note that you can start the river of life in Chapter 3 or in Chapter 5. It does not really matter. Walk south of the statue maidens to the desert. Head straight east to the kangaroo rat’s door and knock on it. Trade the book in for a long crook. Perfect length to fish out the “moon,” so return to Falderal and use the crook on the “moon” in the pool. See Valanice get rudely arrested as we head off into Chapter 4.

Chapter 4: “Will The Real Troll King Please Stand Up?”

You begin this chapter as Rosella again. Chapter 4 starts where Chapter 2 ended with Rosella in the bucket elevator. The elevator is collapsing, so you must act quickly. The ghoulish gravedigger hands you a shovel, so click on it quickly to get rescued. Yes, he looks scary, but there is no way out of this situation without his help. The gravedigger returns to his work, complaining to himself. Talk to the gravedigger twice to eventually learn about his gravedigging machine and a special rat that he needs to run it. Closely examine the graffiti on the tomb doors. Take special note of the three images. There is a tall, skinny boogeyman that appears every now and then in Ooga Booga. If you see him, immediately run off the screen as fast as you can. If you want, you can read the bizarre inscriptions on the many tombstones for fun. There is a barking ghost dog near a burned out mansion and a crying cloaked lady near a tomb. Ignore the dog and lady for this chapter. Valanice will deal with them in Chapter 5.

Now go south one screen to the ghoul kids’ pumpkin treehouse. A lot of stuff that happens in Ooga Booga in this chapter occurs with the ghoul kids, so check the treehouse periodically throughout the chapter to see what they are up to. For now, go west one screen to the coroner’s house. Knock on the door and talk to the coroner (Dr. Cadaver) when he answers. Go inside and talk to him several times to learn that he needs a backbone. Leave the coroner’s house and go east to the ghoul kids’ treehouse. Do not try to climb up the spider web to the pumpkin. Sometimes the ghoul kids leave a bucket elevator dangling below. If it is not there, leave the screen and return repeatedly until it is there. (For some people, the gate in front of the coroner’s house must be closed for the elevator to appear.) Click on the elevator to enter the pumpkin. You do not have a lot of time before the ghoul kids return, so be quick! Take the backbone and the foot-in-a-bag and go back down the elevator. Return to the coroner’s house and give him the backbone. Watch as he swallows it! Wow! Better than those sword-swallowing acts! He gives Rosella a weird pet in a box.

Leave the house and return to the ghoul kids’ treehouse. They are tossing the gravedigger’s rat around!! If you did not talk to the gravedigger twice to learn about the special rat, the ghoul kids will not appear. Listen carefully to what they are chanting because they are telling you how to figure out when the boogeyman is home: When the S-shaped stick is up, run and hide because the boogeyman’s inside! When the S-shaped stick is down, the boogeyman’s outta town! This information will come in handy later. Now to get that rat. Talk to the ghoul kids to learn that they might want a better pet. Show them your weird pet from the coroner. Do not go up to the treehouse. Instead, put the pet into the bucket elevator to give it to the ghoul kids. The treehouse shakes, and the rat jumps to Rosella. Give the rat back to the gravedigger. He is grateful to Rosella and offers to dig a hole for her wherever she wants. He gives her a horn to summon him.

Walk back to the ghoul kids’ treehouse. The ghoul kids are trying to bury a poor live cat in a coffin! Oh dear! After they run off, use the hammer and chisel on the coffin to free the cat. The cat informs Rosella that the real Troll King is imprisoned beneath the deadfall (Boogeyman’s huge pile of bones) and gives her an extra life. Go west two screens and south one screen to the deadfall screen. There is a huge pile of bones on the leftside of the screen. Just east of the bones is a very twisted branch that points a bit into the north path. Remembering the song that the ghoul kids sang, make sure that branch is pointing down. If it is pointing up, leave the screen and come back repeatedly until it points down. (See screenshot below.) Now blow the horn to summon the gravedigger. Tell him to dig on the pile of bones.

KQ7 Branch

KQ7 Branch

Click on the hole to go down into the deadfall. There is a chained up coffin with a combination lock on it. Click on the lock to get a close-up screen. The combination was written on the door of the tomb containing gravedigger’s machine as well as on the burned-out mansion with the barking ghost dog. It is skull, bat, and spider. Do the combination to unlock the coffin and meet King Otar. Malicia shows up quickly afterwards and imprison both Rosella and King Otar in the coffin. Show King Otar his dragon toad, and he will show Rosella the jewel on his bracelet. Chisel out the jewel with the hammer and chisel. Watch the escape sequence. King Otar creates a large black cloak for Rosella and becomes a scarab. Wear the cloak as a disguise and walk to the coroner’s house. Talk to the coroner to learn that Malicia is looking for you. Talk to the coroner to tell him that you have to leave through the swamp. He gives you some defoliant spray.

Leave the house and go to the gravedigger’s digging site. He left his shovel near the tomb that housed his machine. Take the shovel. No, we are not digging up graves … done that in King’s Quest 4 already. grin Go to the swamp (one screen south of the ghoul kids’ treehouse). Use the defoliant spray to zap the green swamp monster. Go east. There is a three-headed carnivorous plant to it. You can talk to it but do not get too close. There is a nice little flower at the base of the plant, but you must first distract the plant to get it. Let the plants devour foot-in-the-bag (from the ghoul kids’ treehouse) as you grab the flower.

Continue east to Malicia’s house. Do not linger too long in front of the house or use the front door. Instead go around to the back of the house (go around the right side). There is a large tangle of roots. Click on them to remove them. Examine the hole. It is too small to fit through, so use the gravedigger’s shovel to enlarge the hole. Make sure you cannot hear the dog barking from outside. If you can, leave the screen, go east to the werewoods for just a second, and return immediately to the back of the house. Do this repeatedly until the dog quits barking. This may take many tries because that dog can be quite stubborn. Now enter the hole to enter the house.

Once inside Malicia’s house, click on the floorboards to duck underneath them. Malicia and her dog Cuddles will enter. Cuddles will start sniffing at Rosella through the hole in the floorboards. Take the defoliant spray and quickly zap its big ugly nose. When Malicia and Cuddles leave, get out of the floorboards and examine the room. Take the mysterious device buried somewhere in the drawers of Malicia’s bedside dresser. She has some really tacky clothing. Whom is she trying to impress? The boogeyman?! Return all her clothes back into the drawer, take the woolen stocking and leave the house via the floorboards. Wear the black cloak. King Otar says that there might be a gate to the Vulcanix Underground in Falderal, so let’s head that way.

Go east to the werewoods and meet the evil, ferocious werebeast in little blue pants. Combine the silver spoon pellet and the woolen stocking from Malicia’s house to make a sling and bonk the werebeast on the nose. You will not need that black cloak anymore. Go east one screen and continue north into Falderal. Use the little door to enter. Talk to the locals in Falderal for help. If you wish to enter the Faux Shop, go to the desert, take salt crystals and eat them. You have nothing to trade with the owner turtle, but you may get some helpful information. Go into the town hall and click on the tapestry to enter the room with the crazy stairs. Take the right stairs and follow them until you reach the powder room. Click on the door twice to enter. You will get trapped inside the powder room. Look at the base of the cute cherub to see the tarnish. Use Malicia’s woolen stocking to clean the tarnish. Now read the message on the base. The cherub wants fruit. Well, there are some lovely golden grape decorations on the fountain and on the pillars, so use the hammer and chisel to get one. Put the grape into the cherub’s mouth, and the fountain will open and get stuck. That is the portal, but you will need King Otar’s help to open the fountain the rest of the way. Use the wand on the scarab in your inventory to turn King Otar back into a troll. Once he opens up the fountain, enter it and follow him to the door of the mechanical room. Notice how he opens the door. You will need to know the sequence later. Watch the false Troll King start the volcano and Chapter 5.

Chapter 5: “Nightmare In Etheria”

You begin this chapter as Valanice again in Falderal. Watch her silly trial and horrid sentencing if she cannot get the “moon” back into the sky. Go to the snake oil salesman’s wagon. If you did not click the comb on the magic statuette to see a vision of Rosella in Ooga Booga, do it now. Give the snake oil salesman the magic statuette. Get a were-beast salve in return. He tells you that you need animal hair to make it work. You should have a patch of fur from the desert jackalope. If you did not go to the Faux Shop and buy a rubber chicken with the wooden coin from the mockingbird’s nest, do so now. Go to the central plaza and take a look at the left side of the mockingbird’s tree. There is a low Y-shaped branch. Looks like a nice place for a slingshot. Put the rubber chicken (remember to remove the tail feather first) onto the Y-shaped branch. Now put the “moon” cheese (you can have Valanice taste it beforehand!) onto the rubber chicken and sling it back into the sky. The archduke will congratulate Valanice and let her leave Falderal now. Exit Falderal. If you have not started the river of life yet, you need to do so now. Read the next paragraph. If you already started the river of life, skip the next paragraph.

Go to the screen where you last saw the spider web. A lot of people miss this … if you go north from this screen, you arrive at the large entrance to Falderal, right? However, if you go east, you find more area of the woods to explore! Go east until you find the sleeping rock spirit. Aha! So this is where he is! He has a rather large ticklish nose, so use the rubber chicken’s feather to tickle him. Make sure you talked to Attis the Stag enough times beforehand to learn about the rock spirit, or else he will blow Valanice back into the desert. Talk to the desert spirit to learn that you need sacred nectar to fill the statue pitcher to start the river of life and sacred food to fill the cornucopia to save Ceres. Go west to return to the screen where the spider web use to be. Go south and cross the riverbed and then return to the screen with the large white statue maidens. In the upper lefthand area of the screen are some hummingbirds. Talk to the hummingbirds. The hummingbird that Valanice saved earlier in Chapter 3 is here and has nectar to give her! Use the clay pot on the flowers to catch the nectar. Now use the pot on the statue maiden’s pitcher. Watch as the river of life starts to flow with water and the bridge is fixed. Attis becomes human again and pulls the stake out of the tree. Yay! You started the river of life! Note that you could have started the river of life in Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 5. It does not really matter.

Now go to the screen just east of the werewoods (south of the riverbed stepping stones). Combine the jackalope fur and the werebeast salve in your inventory. Use the salve on Valanice. See her transform into a jackalope and race past the werebeast. Nice underpants! The swamp monster will confront Valanice. Unless she has started the river of life and transformed Lord Attis back into human, Valanice will die here. Only Attis can help her by appearing and ridding the swamp monster. Once the swamp monster is gone, head west and open the gate to enter Ooga Booga. Head to the deadfall (Boogeyman’s pile of bones) and talk to the black cat. Things are getting bad! The cat suggests finding help in Etheria. Go to the ghoul kids’ pumpkin treehouse. If the bucket elevator is not there, leave the screen and come back repeatedly until it shows up. Use the bucket elevator to enter the treehouse. Take the bone in the mummy’s hand and exit the house. Go to the burned-out mansion with the barking ghost dog. Wow! It jumped out from the house! Give the bone to the dog. Talk to the dog repeatedly until he has nothing new to say. Take the Horseman’s medallion from him.

Go to the crypt with the crying cloaked lady. Do not click directly on her. Give her the Horseman’s medallion, and she will leave. Let’s check up on the ghoul kids again. They are tormenting the poor cat with firecrackers now! When they leave, take the firecracker and run back to the tomb where the crying cloaked lady was. Valanice might blow up a few times, but eventually you can get there. Blow up the tomb with the firecracker. Enter it and push the lid on the sarcophagus. Take the skull and leave. Stand in the middle of the path and wait until the headless horseman arrives. Quickly click the skull on him. He will be grateful to be reunited with his skull, wife, and dog. He gives Valanice a silver fife to call his black horse. Valanice will ride up to Etheria.

Head east and up the winding mountain path. Ignore the white flying horse (Sirocco). Just don’t get in his way. You will come to a screen with a cave opening and a twisted tree. Do not enter the cave for now. Climb onto the twisted tree and take some ambrosia. Go back down the winding mountain and head east to the screen with some little flying musical dragonettes. Feed them some of that ambrosia and listen to their song. You can feed them as many times as you want to hear the song because you will need to know the first four notes of that song. Go north of the dragonettes to a little gate-like harp with a large gazing ball. The rungs of the gate-like harp will play notes. If you play the first four notes of the dragonettes’ song correctly, the rest of the song will play. If the farthest left rung is labeled 1, then the order for the song is 1 5 6 4. Enter the gazing ball and talk to the three Fates twice to learn that you need to reach Mab in Dreamland by sleeping.

Now you need to find a place to sleep. Didn’t the coroner in Ooga Booga have a … coffin? Hehe! Let’s go have a nice visit to Dr. Cadaver. Go to the screen with all the rainbows. Take the southwest rainbow to the swamp. Go west into Ooga Booga and talk to the coroner. He will let you sleep in the coffin. Go to sleep and enter Dreamland. Enter the temple and find Mab frozen in a block of ice. When Valanice wakes up, leave the Coroner’s house and play the fife (click it on Valanice) to summon the horse back to Etheria.

Go talk to the three Fates again. You will have to play the melody on the harp every time to meet the fates. Tell them that you saw Mab frozen, and they will say that Ceres is the only one who might now how to thaw Mab. Go back to the screen with the four rainbows and slide down the southeast rainbow to the woods. It is time to save Ceres the tree and transform her back into human form. Put the ambrosia into the white statue maiden’s cornucopia to get a pomegranate. Give the pomegranate to Attis. Ceres will become human again. Talk to her and learn that you need a lighted crystal shaft filled with sunlight to thaw Mab. You must find a way to get to Dreamland while awake. She hints about Malicia and crystals, so go to the swamp to Malicia’s house. Call the horse to get back to Etheria and use the southwest rainbow to get to the swamp. That way, you do not have to go through the werewoods.

Look at the window in Malicia’s house to see a crystal lamp. Go to the back of the house. If you can hear the dog barking from outside, leave the screen with Malicia’s house, go to the werewoods for a second, and return immediately to the back of the house. Do this repeatedly until the dog stops barking. It may take many tries. Enter the house and hide underneath the floorboards. When Cuddles starts digging at the hole in the floorboards, give it some ambrosia to munch on. When Malicia and Cuddles leave, get out of the floorboards and take the crystal shaft from Malicia’s lamp. Exit the house via the floorboards, go to the front of the house, and summon the horse back to Etheria.

The crystal shaft needs to be filled with light. The desert scorpion temple had a ray of light in it, so let’s go there. Use the northwest rainbow to get to the desert. Click the crystal shaft on the lightbeam in the temple to fill it. Exit the temple and summon the horse back to Etheria. Go talk to the Fates and show them the lighted crystal shaft. They will tell Valanice to seek the dreamweaver and give her a dreamcatcher. Go up the winding mountain path to the screen with the cave again. The cave has a nightmare monster guarding the entrance. Use the dreamcatcher from the Fates to catch the nightmare. Enter the cave and talk to the Dreamweaver. He is not a talkative fellow. Show him the dreamcatcher and ask him about getting to Dreamland. He says that nightmares hate each other and gives Valanice a tapestry of dreams. Use the tapestry on Valanice to get to Dreamland.

There is a nightmare in Dreamland. Since nightmares hate each other and Valanice’s dreamcatcher has a nightmare, use the dreamcatcher on the Dreamland nightmare. While they fight, click on any exit arrow on the screen to swim to the shore of the island. Enter the temple and use the lighted crystal shaft on Mab to thaw her. Mab will give Valanice a magic bridle and zap her back to waking land. Now it is time to catch that swift, white, flying horse. Go up the winding mountain path to the dreamweaver’s cave again. There is a little alcove just behind the left edge of the cave opening. Valanice will be partially covered by the cave’s edge if she stands there. You want her in the alcove as far away from the ledge as possible. When the horse flies by, click the magic bridle from Mab onto it. This may take several tries.

KQ7 Sirocco

KQ7 Sirocco

Valanice will ride Sirocco and suddenly be attacked by Borasco. Watch the ending sequence and see Valanice stranded on the mountain in Chapter 5 as we head off into Chapter 6.

Chapter 6: “Ready, Set … Boom!!”

You begin this fast-paced chapter as Rosella. The troll kings are fighting, and Rosella must stop them by zapping the false Troll King with the wand. Examine the wand up-close in your inventory. On the larger tip of the wand, there should be a letter that is either a T (True Troll King) or an F (False Troll King). This letter might be hard to see on the wand, so brighten up your monitor if needed. You want to zap the false Troll King, so you want the letter to be F. Click on the opposite, more pointed end of the wand to change the letter. Rotate the wand if needed. Now zap the false Troll King. He has green eyes, and the real Troll King has purple eyes. The false Troll King becomes Edgar, and Malicia arrives and zaps Rosella to a volcano. How rude! Use the shovel on the wall behind Rosella to dig a hole. You can dig also with your bare hands, if you don’t mind getting dirt under your fingernails. grin

Walk to the mechanical room door. You will have to open it using the same combination that King Otar used at the end of Chapter 4. The order is left eye, right eye, nose. The moment Rosella walks into the mechanical room, plug the mysterious device into the power socket in the left wall. Then help wake up the Troll King. In Chapter 2, the lady mudbath trolls said that a flower would wake up any troll, so use the flower (from under the swamp’s three-headed carnivorous plant in Chapter 4) to wake up the Troll King. If you did not get the flower from the swamp, then go back through the door. There is a flower growing through the grating. Use the shovel to pry loose the stone in the wall. Stand on the stone to get to the flower. Now wake up the Troll King. He will get up and shut off the volcano.

Watch the happy reunion sequence, and how Malicia rudely interrupts the happy occasion by fighting and killing Edgar. Take the mysterious device from the wall and use it on Malicia. If you did not plug in the device before waking up the Troll King, then it will not be fully charged. In this case, you might have to restore your bookmark. Aw! Malicia is a baby! (If you want to, click the device onto Cuddles the dog to see what happens!) Be quick and use the black cat’s extra life on Edgar or else you will get a not-so-happy ending. Congratulations! You have just completed King’s Quest 7: The Princeless Bride!!