Woe is Me


Woe is me, woe is me,
I am an unhappy game playee
Just when I wanted to play King’s Quest 4,
I can’t find my manual, to open the door
To the game from the copyright screen,
I have looked everywhere, it isn’t to be seen.

Obsessive me who never loses track of that book,
Now has to suffer unless I can look
In other places, that never would I think,
It would be in…it’s not in the sink.
Is it under the tornado on my bedroom floor?
Is it in the living room, next to the door?

It isn’t with my other game magazines,
If I don’t find it soon, I think I may scream!
It’s not in the place I thought it would be,
With my KQ Companion book, which is here next to me.
I know I had put it on the coffee table,
I wanted to see the unicorn in the stable.

I know I just had it, I know that I did,
It must have grown legs, walked away and hid.
I can’t find it anywhere, and I’m positive,
That without my games, I just can’t live!
I need some screenshots and I want to have fun,
Or I will be the most unhappy person under the sun.

I have searched and looked and searched some more,
It isn’t anywhere it had been before!
It’s not in the living room, not under my bed,
Not in my car, I wish the answers were in my head.
Not on the bookshelf, or under the table,
I will look and look until I am able

To remember where it sat
Unless my mom moved it to where it’s now at.
I wish I could wake her and ask her where,
But she would be upset, oh it could be anywhere!
I can’t play my game without the key
Oh dear where’s my manual, woe is me!

I would write more, but I must go look
I really really need that book!

After finding that pesky game manual …

Yipee! Yipee! I am so HAPPY!
I found the manual for my games
Back to me it has came
Hiding on the living room table
I looked under some papers and I was able
To see it, joy joy!
When I saw it I said Oh Boy!
I can now finish Laura Bow One,
The only game I have not yet won!
‘Twas sitting in an obvious place,
Boy do I have egg on my face!