Laura Bow 1: Game Goodies

Laura Bow 1 Funny Responses

Sometimes, when you talk with someone, he/she may demand sharply to know “Why are you asking this?!”, “What is X up to?!”, “Where did you find this?!”, etc. In such cases, Laura may respond timidly, sheepishly and rather lamely (“I really wouldn’t know!”, “N-nothing”, “(Gulp) I g-guess so”, etc.). Here is complete list (Laura’s funny responses are marked with asterisk):

Act 1

Talk with Ethel (when she is alone)
Tell Ethel about Lillian (when Lillian isn’t present) *
Tell Ethel about Gertie *
Ask Lillian about valve handle
Tell Lillian about Celie
Ask the Colonel about Rudy
Ask the Colonel about Lillian *
Ask the Colonel about Dr. Feels *
Ask the Colonel about bible
Tell the Colonel about Blaze
Talk with Dr. Feels (several times) *
Tell Dr. Feels about Gloria and Rudy *
Ask Dr. Feels about Lillian and Celie
Ask Clarence about valve handle
Ask Clarence about Blaze
Ask Clarence about Dr. Feels *
Tell Clarence about Dr. Feels *
Tell Clarence about the Colonel and Fifi *
Give valve handle to Clarence *
Ask Gertie about valve handle *
Ask Gloria about Dr. Feels *
Ask Gloria about bag *
Ask Gloria about bible
Tell Gloria about bible
Tell Gloria about Gertie and Clarence *
Ask Rudy about valve handle *
Ask Rudy about bag *
Tell Rudy about bag *
Tell Rudy about Clarence *

Act 2

Ask the Colonel about Clarence and Dr. Feels *
Ask the Colonel about Rudy and Fifi *
Ask the Colonel about valve handle *
Talk with Rudy (several times)
Ask Rudy about Jeeves
Ask Rudy about bible
Ask Rudy about Beauregard
Talk with Ethel (several times)
Ask Lillian about Beauregard
Ask Lillian about Blaze
Tell Lillian about valve handle
Talk with Dr. Feels (several times)
Ask Dr. Feels about Fifi *
Tell Dr. Feels about Jeeves
Ask Clarence about bible

Act 3

Ask the Colonel about valve handle *
Ask the Colonel about cigar *
Ask the Colonel about Lillian *
Tell the Colonel about Lillian and Celie *
Tell the Colonel about cane *
Ask Fifi about bible
Ask Fifi about treasure *
Tell Gloria about bible *

Act 4

Talk with Rudy (outside)
Ask the Colonel about Lillian *
Ask the Colonel about Dr. Feels *
Ask the Colonel about Fifi *
Tell the Colonel about cigar butt
Tell the Colonel about cane *
Ask Lillian about Fifi and Rudy *
Ask Lillian about cigar butt
Tell Lillian about bible
Tell Lillian about bag *
Show cane to Lillian
Show cigar butt to Lillian *

Act 5

Ask Fifi about treasure
Ask Fifi about valve handle
Ask Lillian about Ethel *
Ask Lillian about cigar butt *
Show cigar butt to Lillian *
Tell Lillian about Gloria and Clarence
Tell the Colonel about bible *
Tell the Colonel about cane *
Tell the Colonel about cigar butt *
Show cigar butt to the Colonel *
Talk with Rudy (several times)
Ask Rudy about Lillian
Ask Rudy about Gloria and Clarence *
Ask Rudy about treasure
Ask Rudy about bag *
Ask Rudy about cane
Ask Rudy about cigar butt *
Tell Rudy about treasure
Tell Rudy about bag *
Talk with Clarence (several times)
Tell Clarence about Rudy and Gloria *
Ask Clarence about cigar butt
Tell Celie about cane *

Act 6

Ask the Colonel about Rudy *
Tell the Colonel about Celie *

Act 7

Ask the Colonel about Fifi and Jeeves *
Ask the Colonel about cigar butt *
Show the Colonel cane
Talk Rudy (outside)

Laura Bow 1 Easter Eggs

There are several easter eggs in Laura Bow 1 that you can check out!

  • Use the toilet in the upstairs bathroom.
  • Take a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Save your game before doing this.
  • Turn the handle on the piano in the billiard room to hear some neat songs.
  • Try putting the bridle on the horse in the stable.
  • Try to break the mirror in the downstairs hallway. — Templeton (4-23-1999)
  • Try to talk to Celie’s chickens. — Susan (4-23-1999)
  • Try to kiss the frogs on the bridge in front of the mansion. — Susan (4-23-1999)
  • Look in the mirror to see exactly how Laura looks. You will be surprised! — Susan (4-26-1999)
  • The boat in the TV show “Gilligan’s Island” is called S.S. Minnow. Perhaps the boat in the carriage house is reminder of that. — Susan (5-10-1999)
  • Pet and kiss Beauregard (the dog) in Act 1, in Act 7 (when Rudy is petting him outside the study room), and in Act 8 (when he barks outside the main doors). — Susan (5-10-1999)
  • After you get the diamond pouch from the vault, open the other three vaults for some scary surprises!
  • Try to open the casket in Thomas’ vault or to take the skeletons, and you will get a chiding message! — Susan (5-11-1999)
  • Try oiling the visor of the armor statue without the oilcan. What was that about Rudy?! — Chris (6-16-1999)
  • Gloria Swansong’s name is adapted from the movie The Cotton Club, where the female-leading character’s name is Gloria Swanson. — Sierra Archives
  • Mystery Flying Statue: During my many run-throughs of the game, sometimes this gray statue image zooms across the sky when Laura goes to the back door patio screen where the dancing satyr statue is. It looks like some statue, but it happens so randomly and so quickly, it’s hard to tell. If you know what it is and how to trigger it, PLEASE tell me!! Below is a screenshot a player took of the scene.
  • Flying Statue

    Flying Statue

Laura Bow 1 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Laura to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get her to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list.

Laura Bow 1 Things To Do Just For Fun

Here are some interesting things that you can do in the game just for fun! Many of them contain funny responses.

  • Spin the globe in the study room.
  • Swing in the swing near the playhouse.
  • Oil the axe of the armor knight statue. Be sure to save your game first! — Templeton (5-11-1999)
  • For fun, follow Jeeves around in Act II to see what he does. — Susan (4-23-1999)
  • Try kissing all the men to get funny responses! — Login (4-29-1999)
  • Try to stand in Fifi’s way while she is cleaning the study. If you stand between the fireplace and a chair, she will be so confused that she will literally go in circles! — Susan (5-11-1999)
  • At the end of the game when by the opening to the staircase, save your game and fall down the crevice on purpose to get a funny response! — Login (5-10-1999)
  • When you find Dr. Feels’ body in the stable, type ASK ABOUT WILBUR to get a funny response! — Stephanie (6-10-1999)
  • Pet and kiss Blaze (the horse) before and after giving him the carrot. — Susan (5-10-1999)
  • Give the bone to the dog in the kitchen in Act 1. Of course, you will not be able to get the necklace, but see how much happier he is! — Susan (5-10-1999)
  • Try to take or pet Polly. Ouch!! — Susan (5-10-1999)
  • Try talking to the ghost that sometimes appears in the graveyard for a funny message! — Richard (2-12-2000)
  • Right after Gertie is missing from her bedroom, try to go out the window for a funny message! Trying to go down well will give the same message. — Richard (3-16-2000)
  • Tell Celie about Clarence and Gloria and see the odd response she gives. — Haley (7-25-2000)
  • Try jumping down the chute to get a cute death message! — Leelee (7-25-2000)
  • Try taking a shower when Clarence is in the bathtub! — Matthew (12-24-2001)
  • Try kissing and hugging the dead bodies when Laura finds them! — Mako Thunderbird (12-24-2001)
  • When Fifi is getting changed in her room, open the dressing room door! — Haley (12-24-2001)
  • Laura Bow can die in the attic. Here is one way to achieve this scene. In Act 2, the first time Laura Bow can go up into the attic, go up there via the elevator in Colonel Dijon’s bedroom. Then walk cover to the screen with the attic door that is next to Fifi’s room. Do not exit the attic, however. Then go left to the corner of the attic with the trunk of clothes. There is a blue box on top of a large flat greenish-gray box on the floor. Walk past that blue box as closely as you can. Literally rub up against it, and see what happens! — Nautilus, Tomato, Agent56 (12-24-2001)
  • At around 10:45 PM in Act 4, you might find Lillian resting on her bed. The odd thing is, you can spy on her from the peephole, and the game acknowledges that she is there. However, if you go into the bedroom and try to look at her or talk to her, the game says she is not there! Well, actually, if you TALK TO LILLIAN, the game says she is is not there, but if you just TALK, Lillian responds! And what exactly is that behind her back? Maybe Dr. Feel’s bag? — Racso (8-23-2000)


    Directions are included below on how to trigger Lillian in the bedroom. Be warned that it is a big spoiler, more like a mini-walkthrough for most of Act 4.

    How to See Lillian on Her Bed in Act 4: (Thanks to Racso) 10:00 – Examine decanter with monocle. Get broken record. 10:15 – See Lillian in weapon closet. 10:30 – See Rudy walking outside. Find Gloria’s body. 10:45 – See Clarence walking outside. See Clarence and Rudy fight. See Fifi and Jeeves in dining room. Spy on them from peephole. Look in attic trunk. Check for doctor bag in bedroom. It is missing. See Lillian on her bed.

Laura Bow 1 Game Errors

1) Look at the painting in the library, before and after Dr. Feels is killed
2) Tell Celie about Dr. Feels’ bag (Act 5)
3) Tell Celie about Gloria and Clarence (Act 5)
4) Type “stand” in the dining room
5) In Act 4: when Lillian is in her room, type “Look at Lillian”
6) After pulling the bell down, look it it. Get the crank and notice how it disappears. Leave the screen and come back – the crank is back!

Laura Bow 1 Cheat Codes

There is a debug mode this game, and you can do some very interesting and strange stuff with it!! I only suggest the debug mode for players who have already finished the game and want to just look around. To start the debug mode, press both of the SHIFT keys on your keyboard at the same time. Then add the MINUS SIGN (-) button on the numeric keypad. It may take some finger stretching. A funky programmer’s window should show up. To exit the debug mode, press SHIFT + D. Type the letter G and:

  • Type the number 13 and the current room number will show. All King’s Quest 4 screens are assigned a different room number. Change this number, exit the debug mode, and you will be transported to a new game screen.
  • Type the number 15 and the current number of points will show. Change the number, exit the debug mode, save and restore your game, and your game’s current point total will be changed.
  • Type the number 16 and the current number of maximum points will show. It should be 158. Change the number, exit the debug mode, save and restore your game, and your game’s maximum points will be change. You can have something like 35 out of 9999 points!!
  • To get an inventory item that Laura does not own yet using this debug mode, type the letter I instead of the letter G to get into the Inspect window. Type Inv to start the inventory window. Type C to start the collection. Press ENTER until you come to an item you want. Type E to start the edit mode. Type owner, and a number should appear. Erase it and type ego. — Chris (5-23-1999)

Laura Bow 1 Curiosities

If you have played Laura Bow 1, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing Laura Bow 1, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you. Some of the curiosities openly discuss the who is murdering people.

Laura Bow 1 Downloadable Files