KQ7 Death List


Chapter 1:

Get stung by scorpion
Just take piece from offering bowl
Take too many things from offering bowl
Stay in desert too long

Chapter 2:

Try to anger bridge troll three times
Ride three wheeled wagon
Don’t secure wheel to wagon
Fall into mine chasm
Get squished by the crystal dragon’s tail
Get caught by Malicia
Eat three baked beetles

Chapter 3:

Get eaten by lizard
Try to walk in mud
Try to swim in river
Get bitten by spider
Get eaten by Were-bear
Try to take bird 3 times without tlaking to Fernando

Chapter 4:

Don’t grab gravedigger’s shovel
Try to climb spider web
Talk to Lady Tsepish
Wait for boogie man and wait some more
Fall into open grave
Walk over raised grave
Stay in kids tree house too long
Give kids weird pet in person
Get caught by swamp monster
Play with Jack in the box
Blow horn too often
Blow horn at deadfall with branch pointing up
Touch deadfall twice
Try to chisel lock open
Stay locked up too long
Get eaten by plant
Get sniffed out by gargoyle
Walk around without disguise after rescuing Otar
Get zapped by Malicia by entering her front door
Get zapped by Malicia by entering back door with dog barking
Get zapped by Malicia by staying inside too long
Get zapped by Malicia by leaving through front door
Get zapped by Malicia by cleaning up mess

Chapter 5:

Get run over by headless horseman
Carry firecracker too long
Get eaten by black wind
Try to enter cave
Get killed by nightmare in dreamland

Chapter 6:

Transform wrong troll king
Wait to long to transform impostor
Stay in volcano too long
Fall off edge in volcano cave
Don’t open door in time
Wait to long to wake Otar
Wait too long to zap Malicia
Don’t give Edgar extra life