Laura Bow 1: Complete Notebook


Below is a copy of Laura Bow’s notebook that she used to write down important observations and notes during her stay at Colonel Dijon’s estate and mansion. If your notebook is incomplete, you can cross-check your notebook with Laura’s. Good luck!!

Person Befriended – Celie

Took Food Item From – Kitchen, Celie’s Cabin, Jeeves’ Room

Took Useful Item From Body Of – Lillian, Clarence, Dr. Wilbur C. Feels

People Found Murdered – Lillian, Ethel Prune, Gertie Dijon, Gloria Swansong, Clarence Sparrow, Dr. Wilbur C. Feels, Jeeves, Fifi

Found Secret Entrance/Exit In – Dining Room, Downstairs Hallway, Upstairs Hallway, Billiard Room,Hedge Garden, Basement, Library, Parlor, Clarence’s and Rudy’s Room, Gertie’s and Gloria’s Room, My Room, Colonel’s Room

Objects Used More Than Once – Crackers, Crowbar, Diary, Oilcan, Monocle

Took Object From The Suitcase – Lillian

Valuable Object Taken – Pouch of Jewels

Religious Article Discovered – Bible

Items Requiring Close Scrutiny – Bootprint in Mud, Broken Record, Sleeping Powder Bottle, Glass, Handkerchief, Cognac Decanter, Rolling Pin, Diary, Fireplace Poker, Cigar Butt

People With Gambling Habits – Rudy Dijon, Clarence Sparrow, Dr. Wilbur C. Feels

People Guilty Of Embezzlement – Clarence Sparrow, Dr. Wilbur Feels

People With A Telltale Scent – Colonel Dijon, Lillian, Clarence Sparrow, Fifi

Person Refusing To Sell Something – Ethel Prune

People Romantically Involved – Colonel Dijon, Gloria Swansong, Clarence Sparrow, Jeeves, Fifi

Person Wishing To End An Affair – Gloria Swansong

Has Embarrassing Medical History – Gloria Swansong

Objects Which Changed Location – Derringer, Dagger, Cognac, Decanter, Doctor’s Bag

Utimate Location Of Most Bodies – Basement

People Who Struggled Physically – Colonel Dijon, Rudy Dijon, Clarence Sparrow, Fifi

Person With Surprising Secret – Colonel Dijon

People Who Used Secret Passages – Colonel Dijon, Lillian

One Who Murdered Most People – Lillian

Time Of First Visit To Attic – 9:45 PM