Below is a list of all the people who run this wonderful planet along with contact information.

Please note: As of August of 2006, Kat is completely in charge of Sierra Planet, and all communication needs to go to her.

Kat – Email meĀ


I cover the Sierra Planet forums, the Sierra Club, and the Fan Gallery. I love Rainbow Brite and Sailor Moon as much as I love Sierra games. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems. I’ve been playing Sierra games for many years now, and met Kimmie and Templeton on the official Sierra boards as well. I created a Yahoo Club for Sierra games back in 1999, which gained a lot of members, and I also helped start a Sierra Family. I’ve been visiting Kimmie’s website way back when it was still at Xoom and the Sierra Nebula boards were still active. In June 2001, I had the opportunity to meet Kimmie when she visited me for a week.




JoshJosh is a longtime member of Sierra Planet. In 2016 Kat asked him to make regular contributions to the site.
“I help keep up with updates and also help manage the Sierra Planet Facebook group. I’ve been involved with the Sierra Planet community since Fall of 2000, and the website and its community has always been near to my heart. I love Sierra history, and I have a particular fascination with Sierra’s edutainment and productivity software, and of course their adventure games. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Kat and Kimmie in person back when I was in college, and am pleased to help out with the site. If you’d like to chat, you can always contact me on Twitter – @JDHJANUS.”



Kimmie AvatarAs of August of 2006, Kimmie has retired, and Kat is now in charge of Sierra Planet. I cover the web design and pretty much everything not covered by everyone else, like reviews, walkthroughs, technical help, downloads, and various screenshots. I am also the bookkeeper at Ali’s Bookstore. I have been a Sierra game fan for over a decade now with my first game being King’s Quest 5. One of the first places I visited on the internet was the official Sierra website and the King’s Quest 8 resource page (now closed) for more information on when Mask of Eternity was to be released. Since then, I have been a regular visitor at the official Sierra boards, especially the King’s Quest, Adventure Games, and Phantasmagoria boards. I got promoted to be the volunteer board moderator for those boards for almost two years now, and it has been a blast. I created my first website in dedication to Roberta Williams’ games because while there were many sites just dedicated to King’s Quest, I did not see many dedicated to all her games. Hence, my Roberta Williams Anthology Homepage opened on GeoCities in January of 1999, and then moved to the Xoom servers where it stayed until it got axed by NBCi. I moved my website here to Sierra Planet. I am a huge Sierra game collector and my goal is to someday own all the Sierra games and books that I want. I’m almost there yeah right! I adore teddies immensely.


Templeton AvatarI cover the game curiosities and easter eggs as well as help everyone else out since I have played almost every Sierra adventure game published. My career as Sierra fan started back in 1989 when I bought King’s Quest 4. I loved this game so much, and could not stop playing more and more Sierra games. I have now many games of Sierra, as well as Peter Spear’s companions for King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and Space Quest. Several years later, when I started surfing the internet, I discovered the Sierra boards. I found much pleasure in browsing many of the adventure game boards, posting questions and answers. While visiting the boards, I became familiar with people who often appeared there, like Kimmie, Kat, and Heroman. I was overjoyed when Kimmie offered me to make sections on her Roberta Williams fansite. It turned to be rich, beautiful website, in which I could browse for hours. The new website is even better! I love especially old Sierra games (remember the time we had to switch floppy diskettes?), and my goal is to play as many of them as I can to uncover the world of curiosities and easter eggs.


Keshet AvatarMy job is to be fuzzy wuzzy and cutsie for everyone and cheer them up. I am the Sierra Planet teddy bear, and I do have a curiosities section on Sierra Planet about teddy bears, so please do check it out! Templeton found me in a toy store one day and bought me. Yay! He sent me to Kimmie as a birthday present two years ago, and I live happily in her room with all the other teddy bears and Sierra games. Templeton sent me a German teddy, Schatzy, to be my buddy partner in crime, so to speak. When Kimmie is asleep, I sneak onto the computer with Schatzy to play these Sierra games in attempts to find any hidden teddy bears the programmers may be snuck into the scenery.