King’s Quest 3 Game Technical Help

So far, I am unaware of any specific technical problems related to King’s Quest 3 except for some spellbook misprints in certain collection manuals. You can find the spellbook corrections from the walkthrough page. If you do not have your manual, you need to obtain a new one directly from Sierra Customer Service. It is recommended that the game be played in DOS and not under Windows. There are no online documents or patches for this game.

King’s Quest 3 Installation Requirements

PC RAM: 256K

MAC RAM: 1 MB for Color
MAC VIDEO CARD: 16 Color or Black and White

King’s Quest 3 Installation Procedures

This game should run off your computer’s hard drive. If you have a collection CD-ROM version, do not try to run it straight of the CD or you might get graphics distortions. You should not be in Windows. If you are in Windows, quit now (unless you are using Windows ME in which there is no DOS mode). King’s Quest collection games can be a hassle to install because the main installation program might fail, and you have to install each game individually, using their original installation programs.

Insert the first CD and change to that drive. For example, if your CD-ROM drive is D:, type D: [ENTER]. Then at the D:\> prompt, type:

INSTALLH C: [ENTER] C is the letter of your hard drive.

If you have the original floppy diskette, insert it into floppy drive and change to that drive. For example, if your floppy diskette drive is A:, type A: [ENTER]. Then at the A:\> prompt, type:

INSTALLH C: [ENTER] C is the letter of your hard drive.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Spellbook Corrections

During the course of the game, you will need to prepare a variety of spells using the information printed verbatim in your game manual. The spells (including page numbers in Roman Numerals) are copyright protected by Sierra, so they cannot be given out. If you need a new manual, check Sierra’s Customer Service for more information.

Missing Page Numbers:

Many of the game manuals for Sierra’s 15th Anniversary KQ Collector’s Edition (with KQ games 1-6) have the spells but no page numbers. Sierra Customer Service can give you these page numbers for free, and recently, they can be found on the Sierra support site.

II. Understanding the Language of Creatures
IV. Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly
VII. Teleportation at Random
XIV. Causing a Deep Sleep
XXV. Transforming another into a Cat
LXXXIV. Brewing a Storm
CLXIX. Becoming Invisible

Spell Corrections:

In many of the collection game manuals, some of the spells have errors in them, so even if you follow the directions exactly, you may not be successful in preparing the spell. These corrections may be found in the collection’s readme file as well.

  • In the “Transforming Another into a Cat” spell, step 6 may incorrectly say, “Mold dough into a cookie.” It should be “Shape dough into a cookie” or “Pat dough into a cookie.”
  • In the “Teleportation at Random” spell, the last two verse lines of may incorrectly say, “Take me now from this place thither, To another place far hither.” It should be “Take me now from this place hither, To another place far thither.” The words “hither” and “thither” were mistakenly switched.
  • In the “Becoming Invisible” Spell, step 2 may incorrectly say, “Measure a spoon of cactus juice.” It should be “Squeeze cactus juice on a spoon.”

Note again that the spells in their entirety are still copyrighted by Sierra and cannot be given out in full. Only these corrections can be released.

Other Contact Information

If you need more technical support, then try More experienced players might be able to help you out relatively quickly.

Here is the KQ3 help page.