Ugarte created this little poem about the crystals in the cave of the snowy mountains in King’s Quest 5.


Graham was freezing in the mountains
And Cedric also started to tremble
As the ice and snow around them fell
From the light sky above them.

A brilliant light mesmerized them both
And they both moved slowly toward it.
Graham and Cedric gasped in absolute awe
Once they saw where the brilliance came from.

Crystals, crystals, sparkling everywhere
That made them forget the cold outside
And lured them into the cave further
For them to admire its glowing beauty.

Graham touched one of the crystals
That shone brilliantly in his eyes.
He liked the smooth touch of the crystal
And decided to take one for himself.

They both left the cave of crystals
With a wide smile on Graham’s face
But he knew that he must continue
To seek Mordack and his missing family.