King’s Quest 5 Game Goodies

King’s Quest 5 Easter Eggs

There are several easter eggs for King’s Quest 5 that you can check out. The sled one only works in the diskette version. Some manuals in collection editions say that you can do this easter egg, but it is sadly an error and cannot be done in any CD-ROM version.

  • After Cedric is kidnapped by the wolves and Graham is about to use the sled, look at the middle mountain. It says that the mountain looks vaguely familiar to Graham. Hmm. That looks a lot like the Sierra logo mountain! — Susan (5-16-1999)
  • Just for fun, make Graham go a bit near to the anthill, and see him break out into a dance! — Templeton (1-14-2000)
  • If you look at the right statue in Mordack’s bedroom it says “Thanks to Robin Bradley and the QA team!” — Shapierian (1-14-2000)
  • Go to the screen west of the anthill. After few seconds, the Roadrunner will appear. If you click the eye icon on it, you will get the message, “It looks like something’s after him.” If you click the hand icon, you will hear “Beep! Beep!” No coyote will appear, though. — Templeton (1-14-2000)
  • After Graham rides and breaks the sled, put the cape on it to see something really bizarre.
    Since most people who play King’s Quest 5 have a CD-ROM version of the game, I have included an animated screenshot of this infamous easter egg to help alleviate any curiosity. If you know who Lisa and O are in the message that pops up in this easter egg, please let me know!

    KQ5 Easter Egg

    KQ5 Easter Egg

King’s Quest 5 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Graham to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get him to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list.

King’s Quest 5 Curiosities

If you have played King’s Quest 5, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.


There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader.