King’s Quest 7 Curiosities

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played King’s Quest 7, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that may not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here, and would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities.

Why are Edgar’s eyes blue in King’s Quest 4 and brown in King’s Quest 7? — Akril (5-6-2000)

As Rosella is jumping into the pool in the game’s introduction, Valanice mentions that she was going to invite Prince Throckmorton to … and then she notices that her daughter is gone. Did she ever really invite Prince Throckmorton to whatever meeting she was planning, or did she call the meeting off? — Akril (5-6-2000)

Valanice tears her dress on a cactus in Chapter 1, and you can easily see (and even get) the piece of cloth that tore off. Yet when you look at Valanice’s dress it looks COMPLETELY intact! What kind of dress is she wearing? Does it heal itself? — Agent 56 (7-25-2000)

If Valanice shows the flag to the desert trading rat in Chapter 1, he offers to give her a paper bag for it. Valanice refuses and says, “Oh no, really, that’s fine.” However, it doesn’t sound like her! In fact, it sounds more like Rosella is saying it! — Kimmie (4-11-2003)

When Rosella walks by the hole in the desert, and the jackalope pops out, she will say, “Hmmmph!” in Valanice’s voice. — Alex18 (11-14-2004)

Edgar grabs Rosella by her arm at the end of the game’s introduction, but at the beginning of Chapter 2, he is pulling her in by her dress. What gives? — Akril (5-6-2000)

Rosella has a brush with our world in the Faux Shop. Not only is there a “volcano lamp” on one of the shelves (which Ersatz says will never catch on), but there is also a box of artificial flavoring. (“What a horrible idea! THAT won’t go anywhere!”) — Akril (5-6-2000)

Why does eating those beetles kill Rosella? — Agent56 (10-31-2000)

  • There are things that are poisonous to humans, but are edible by other races. Therefore, trolls can digest beetles, but humans not. Rosella had the look of a troll outside, but inside she was still human. — Templeton (11-1-2000)
  • Response to Templeton’s comment: That sounds about right. But that leaves another mystery. How come there are beetles coming out of her mouth when she’s eating them for a second time? — Agent56 (11-2-2000)

If Valance just distracts the scorpion and escapes the desert temple, the scorpion totally disappears in Chapter 3. If she reduces its size and it flees, that’s understandable, but where did it go if it remained full size? — Agent56 (11-14-2004)

  • Here’s an idea. Helplessly, the scorpion thrashes in trying to yank its stinger out of the wall. Soon, a brave new adventurer (let’s call him James) takes pity on the creature and sets him free. He normally would not set a dangerous creature free, except he was recently in Serenia and pulled a rock off a rattlesnake that turned out to be friendly and helpful. This was not the case this time, as the scorpion promptly stings his hero and kills him. Tired, the scorpion digs a quick hole in the sand outside and drops his victim in it, filling it back up so the ground looks normal again. Yawning, the scorpion takes off for the Ulence Flats to have a beer with some aliens. *laugh* — Tomato (11-11-2004)
  • Here’s another idea. The scorpion breaks free and looks around. Malicia appears. She gets angry that the scorpion allowed someone to steal the turquoise piece and used it to open the portal door. Furious, she blasts the scorpion to dust. She then vanishes to check on King Otar and Rosella in Ooga Booga. Of course for this to work, she would have had to hide the pieces, and created the scorpion to guard one of them. The desert spirit did say an enchantress sealed the portal, so she probably hid the 2 pieces where Valanice later found them. — Alex18 (11-11-2004)

You cannot look at Falderal’s gate in Chapter 3, but for some reason, you can in Chapter 5, and Valanice notices that it has no hinges. — Akril (5-6-2000)

In the King’s Quest Companion, Rosella meets Attis in Chapter 4. Does this ever happen in the actual game?

Why does Rosella walk toe-heel instead of heel-toe? Is it some sort of upper-class walk? — Susan (5-17-1999)

  • Perhaps it is just the way princesses are taught to walk. Just read any fairy tale to prove my theory. — Akril (2-14-2000)

If Malicia is a fairy, where are her wings? — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • Fairies do not necessarily have to have wings to be fairies. In fact, there is a very hideous fairy called the Nuckelavee which is a hideous horse with legs that are part flipper, a huge mouth, one fiery eye. Rising from its back and joined to it at the waist is a gruesome torso with arms that nearly reach the ground, topped by a massive head atop a spindly neck. Worse still, the most hideous aspect of the Nuckelavee is its skin, for it has no skin. Its yellow veins, white tendons, and red muscles are all exposed to view. This fairy does not have wings … surprisingly enough. — Akril (2-12-2000)
  • In King’s Quest 4, after you defeat Lolotte and then look at her, the game mentions that she is an evil fairy. Well, Lolotte has no wings. Therefore, not all fairies have wings indeed. — Chris (7-25-2000)

In King’s Quest 7 and King’s Quest 4, Edgar has had his mind controlled TWICE — by Lolotte and then Malicia!!! It seems he is kind of weak-minded. What would Rosella see in him? I suppose he is brave, but he does not seem too bright! It must be hereditary … he was taken from his parents twice too … — Dini (8-10-1999)

What does Lady Tsepish, the crying black-cloaked lady, actually look like? — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • Judging by Valanice’s statement about Lady Tsepish really needing a facial, her face must be in a state of hideous decomposition. However, the same force that refleshed her husband’s restored head must have restored her face, too. — James (12-31-2001)

When Valanice or Rosella looked at Lady Tsepish, she screamed at them and died. The dog said Lady Tsepish died of mourning, and she always kept crying her eyes out, so Dr. Cadaver had to replace them. Then how did she get her beauty back? — Alex18 (11-14-2004)

  • The mourning made her what she was: a creature of pure darkness and sorrow. With her husband back, the mourning had ceased and she could be human again. — Barren (11-11-2004)

Valanice was in Falderal at the end of Chapter 3 and at the beginning of Chapter 5, right? When Rosella goes to Falderal with the Troll King as a scarab in Chapter 4, the town folk tell her that Valanice has just left. What?!! Where?!!

  • It is like in Chapter 6, when we do an action with Rosella, and then cut to a scene that shows what is going on with Valanice. The stuff in Chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 5 all happen right after the other. They just had to stop the chapter somewhere. While Valanice is at her trial, Rosella is rescuing King Otar in Ooga Booga. Valanice puts the moon in the sky and leaves Falderal while Rosella is making her way through the swamp to Malicia’s house. Valanice gets to the swamp and makes her way to Ooga Booga while Rosella is poking around Malicia’s house. They just miss each other without even knowing it. Then, by the time Rosella gets to Falderal, Valanice is gone, and that’s what everyone tells her. While Rosella is making her way through the Archduke’s house, Valanice is in Etheria. By the time Valanice slides down the rainbow to Falderal, Rosella has already left with King Otar. That is why, when Valanice talks to everyone in Falderal after visiting Etheria, they’re all scared. The way to portray that would have been to have a split screen with Valanice on top and Rosella on the bottom, then it would make more sense. — Susan (4-24-1999)
  • Because her mother has broken the law by taking the moon, they have her in custody. And they don’t want Rosella trying to take her away before she returns the moon. — Outdorzgal (4-26-1999)
  • When Rosella goes through the forest in Chapter 4, the River of Life has not yet been restored. At least not if you’ve started the game in Chapter 4 or you plan to restore the river in Chapter 5. To me, that suggests that at this time Valanice is talking to Feldspar the Rock Spirit, so that means she is not in Falderal. — James (12-31-2001)

When Rosella goes to the Faux Shop in Falderal in Chapter 4, Ersatz the turtle tells her that he met Valanice. However, when Valanice enterers the Faux Shop in Chapter 5 and asks Ersatz if he saw Rosella, he said he did not. What?!! — Haley (7-25-2000)

  • Well, actually it appears that Rosella gets there after Valanice leaves. Ersatz does tell Rosella that Valanice was pardoned. That means Valanice had left before Rosella got there. — Agent 56 (7-25-2000)

If Valanice places her daughter’s comb on the magic statuette in Chapter 3, the statuette shows her an image of Rosella jumping out of the collapsing elevator in Ooga Booga. In Chapter 5, if Valanice does the same thing, the statuette tells her that Rosella is underground in the heart of the volcano! EGAD! What gives? — Akril (2-12-2000)

Rosella finds all this lingerie in the dresser of Malicia’s bedroom. Who is Malicia wearing all that lingerie for? Her dog? smile Or could she be having an affair with a male Black Cloak Society member … oh! — Dini (8-10-1999)

How does that net keep the lava from spewing everywhere? — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • The net was magical, so it stopped the lava. — Templeton (8-14-1999)

It seems that Rosella and Valanice can do voice impressions of each other! As Valanice, if you try to give the trading mouse the flag, he will offer her something (a bag, I think), and Valanice will refuse it in Rosella’s voice! Also, as Valanice, when you get too close to the jackalope, he sticks his tongue out at her. Valanice will say “Hmph!” As Rosella, when you get too close to the jackalope, he sticks his tongue out at her as well. Rosella will say a “Hmph!” that sounds exactly the same as Valanice’s “Hmph!” — Susan (7-9-1999)

Edgar is wearing clothes that bear strong resemblance to typical medieval European garments, while Edgar’s parents’ wardrobe is clearly ancient Greek. Go figure! — Yanay (7-25-2000)

In King’s Quest 3, Rosella is almost 18 years old. We know that because she and Alexander are twins. Now, in the introduction of King’s Quest 7, Valanice says that Rosella is nearly 20. That’s unlikely! Certainly, more than 2 years passed between King’s Quest 3 and King’s Quest 7 if you consider the facts: 1) Graham looks older in KQ5, 2) Months passed between King’s Quest 5 and King’s Quest 6 (Valanice says that in the King’s Quest 6 introduction) 3) Alexander’s journey lasted weeks, if not months. There is a gap of much more than 2 years between King’s Quest 3 and King’s Quest 7, and therefore Rosella must be more than 20. — Templeton (1-19-2000)

  • I think the adventure of King’s Quest 7 happened while Alexander was sailing on his way to the Land of the Green Isles, in the beginning of King’s Quest 6. That would explain how come Rosella was near 20 in King’s Quest 7 — Nautilus (3-18-2000)
  • According to the official documents, a year passed between KQ4 and 5 – that would make Rosella and Alexander close to 19 years old at the time of KQ5. In the KQ6 intro, the narrator says that Alexander’s voyage across the sea took him three months, and when Alexander meets Cassima, she tells him that she has been locked in her room for nearly six months. This would mean that almost three months passed between the end of KQ5 and the beginning of KQ6, Alexander spends three more months at sea, and if Rosella, Graham and Valanice were able to reach the Green Isles inside of a week (probably thanks to the genie’s magic), they could easily reach Daventry again just as swiftly. This would mean that Rosella and Alexander couldn’t have been much more than 19 and a half years old at the beginning of KQ7. — Akril (12/28/2006)

It seems interesting that if Rosella fails to revive the Troll King so that he can stop the volcano, the game just gets stuck. There does not seem to be a version in which the volcano blows up and destroys everything, which is seems to be the climatic event of doom the game seems to be building up to unless someone stops it. — James (12-25-2001)

As soon as Valanice visits the Fates, she tells them she must see Oberon and Titania. But who told Valanice to look specifically for them? The black cat told her to seek aid from the Faerie Folk of Etheria, but never said any specific names. So how did Valanice know that? — Templeton (2-16-2003)

  • Oberon and Titania are the names of the rulers of the fairies in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Very often, if anyone conceives a fantasy setting that has fairies in it, they are ruled by Oberon and Titania. As Akril noted, Valanice would indeed know the names of the king and queen of the fairies, considering they are somewhat less known classic literature trivia in our very world, which could be as much as common geopolitical knowledge in the universe of King’s Quest. Also, if anyone of the fairy folk is to help your run-of-the-mill adventure game protagonist, it’s going to be the rulers as they are the most powerful and influential. Along the same line, Valanice is a bona fide queen, so it’s rather reasonable of her to expect to be helped by kings and queens. — David (11-14-2004)