King’s Quest I Walkthrough

If you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for King’s Quest 1, you can utilize the UHS hint file if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

Map of Daventry :: KQ1 Original Point List :: KQ1 Remake Point List

This walkthrough will cover both the original and the remake versions of King’s Quest 1. Although the game play is essentially the same in both games, slight variations have been added to the remake. This walkthrough will basically follow the original version of King’s Quest 1 and give specific notes on anything that differs in the remake version. Some commands (other than saving your game) that players tend to have problems thinking up are in CAPITAL letters. SAVE OFTEN!! Daventry is a land where the screens wrap around, meaning if you walked straight in a certain direction without anything stopping you, you will end up back where you started. I have included point lists and a map of Daventry at the end of this walkthrough if you need it. With all that said, let us begin:

Walk to the castle door and open the door. Enter the castle and bow to King Edward. Talk to him to learn of Graham’s quest and leave the castle. This sequence is automatically done in the remake. Outside the door of the castle, go left to a screen with a large rock. Stand north of the rock and push the rock down to reveal a hole. If Graham tries to push the rock while standing south of it, he will die! Look into the hole and get the dagger. Go up one screen to an oak tree. Look at the tree and then climb it. SAVE GAME. Walk carefully on the branches towards the egg nest. Look at the nest and take the golden egg. Climb back down the tree. Go right one screen to a carrot patch. Take a plump carrot. It is not for Graham, so do not eat it. Go up one screen to the elf screen. There is an elf that wanders near the lake here. Leave the screen and return repeatedly until he shows up. Talk to the elf to get a magic ring. You can use the ring to get past the evil characters wandering in Daventry, such as the witch, the ogre, the sorcerer, the dwarf, and the wolf. However, it is best to save the ring for something else. Go up one screen and get the bowl. Look into the bowl to see a word.

If you have the original game, go up one screen and get the pebbles near the riverbank and return to this bowl screen. Now, go left one screen to the walnut tree. Keep picking up walnuts and opening them until you get a golden walnut. Go down three screens and go left one screen to a lake edge. If you have the remake game, get the pebbles near the lake edge. Go left two screens to a stump and a log. Look in the stump and take the pouch. Look inside the pouch to see some diamonds. Go right one screen and down one screen to the woodcutter’s house. You do not need to mess with the axe and pump devices. Talk to the woodcutter. If you have the original version, give the woodcutter the empty bowl and then say FILL. If you have the remake, say FILL and then give him the bowl of stew. Take the fiddle, play it in the house, and leave.

Go down two screens to the witch’s gingerbread house. It looks so yummy so eat the house to gain a point. SAVE GAME. Open the door and enter the house. If the witch is there, exit immediately, leave the house screen, and return. Try entering the house again. Repeat until the witch is gone. (If you have the remake, you can determine whether or not the witch is home before entering. Just go up to the house and knock on the door. If she is not home, there will be no answer. If the witch is home, she will crackle and invite you in. In this case, leave the screen, return, and knock on the door repeatedly until there is no answer.) Go into her bedroom, take the note, and read it. Stay in the bedroom (away from the entrance) and wait for the witch to come. SAVE GAME. Carefully sneak up behind the witch and push her into the pot. This may take several tries, especially in the remake version. (If you have the remake, have Graham stand in the middle of the bedroom doorway and wait for the witch. She will enter and stand on her little stool, looking into her black pot. Use the mouse and click on one of the stool’s legs. Graham should make a clear walk right up to the back of the witch without her knowing.) Once the witch is gone, open the cupboard and take the cheese. Leave the house.

Go left three screens and then down one screen to the clover patch. Take a four-leaf clover. Go south one screen to the fairy godmother area. Leave the screen and return repeatedly until she shows up. She will give you some temporary protective spell. You can get the spell from her as many times as you need in the game, provided that she shows up. Go right three screens to the well. Cut the rope with the dagger to take the bucket. If the bucket is down in the well, raise the rope first by using the crank. After taking the bucket, climb the rope and go down into the well. In the original game, Graham falls into the water, so make him swim. In the remake game, Graham needs to jump into the water. Fill the bucket and DIVE underwater. Swim towards the opening. The items at the bottom of the well are useless and are just distractions. CLIMB OUT and enter the dragon’s cave. SAVE GAME.

In the original game, notice how far the dragon’s fire reaches. Walk close enough to the dragon but not past this point. In the remake game, walk right up to the dragon’s tail but do not pass it. You can throw a dagger at the dragon to kill it, but this scores less points. Instead, throw the bucket of water at the dragon to diminish its breath. Take the magic mirror. Look into the mirror to see a vision. In the original game, leave the cave by going back up the well instead of following the dragon out of the cave to score more points. In the remake game, however, you score more points by following the dragon west and exiting the cave rather than going back up the well.

If you are playing the original version, you should get the shield next (see the “from the mountain door” paragraph), and then get the chest. If you are playing the remake version, you have to get the chest before the shield. This paragraph and the following two paragraphs deal with obtaining the chest. If you are at the well, go left one screen to the goat pen. If you are at the dragon cave’s exit, go down one screen to the goat pen. Open the gate, enter, and close the gate behind you. Show the goat the carrot to make it follow you. You have a buddy now! Do not give the goat the carrot, or the goat will just munch on it and ignore you. Open the gate, go left two screens and then up two screens to the troll bridge. Walk towards the bridge, and the goat will bump of that mean, old troll. The goat will leave forever now. Do not cry!! smile Instead of using the goat, you could have given the troll a valuable treasure (i.e. walnut, egg, diamonds, etc.), but that would have cost you points.

Cross the bridge and talk to the old gnome. His name is Rumplestiltskin, but it is scrambled up. Remember the note in the witch’s gingerbread house about thinking backwards? Using a backwards alphabet (A=Z, B=Y, C=X, etc.), his name is IFNKOVHGROGHPRM. In the remake, this name works as well as NIKSTLITSELPMUR (his name spelled backwards). Get the beans. You are given 3 chances to get his name correctly. You score the most points if you get it on the first try. If you do not spell his name correctly, you will get a key to unlock the mountain door that contains the stairs/wooden path to get to the Land of the Clouds. (Beware of the dwarf thief in there because you permanently lose any item he steals.) The beans will help you get to the same place, and it scores more points than the key method.

If you are using the beans, then leave the gnome’s screen, cross the bridge, and go right two screens to the flower patch. Plant the beans here to grow a large beanstalk. Wow! SAVE GAME. Climb the beanstalk to the Land of the Clouds. The beanstalk is extremely hard to climb. Set your game speed to slow to climb. You just have to find those little spots where Graham can hang onto successfully. Lots of trial-and-error. Lots of falling and dying. Lots of frustrations. Climbing in the remake version is a whole lot easier if you use the mouse. Just click the cursor in the middle of the stem a few feet above Graham’s head each time. At the top of the clouds, walk straight east and stay near the middle of the screen. Once on solid land, SAVE GAME, go right one screen, down one screen, and right two screens to a tree with a hole in the base of its trunk. Look in the hole and get the slingshot.

Now it is time to deal with the giant. You can use the slingshot and pebbles to kill the giant, but this scores less points. Instead, you can rub the magic ring (remake version only!), then enter the giant’s screen, and wait for him to fall asleep. In the original version, protect yourself with the shield until he falls asleep. Then take the magic chest and leave the Land of the Clouds by going down the stairs/wooden path in the cave. (Avoid the dwarf thief at all possible. If he shows up, leave the screen immediately and return. Hopefully, he is not there this time. In the remake, you may need to restore your game.) You will emerge at the mountain door. SAVE GAME.

From the mountain door, go down one screen, right five screens, and then up one screen to the dragon’s cave exit again. There is a condor flying around here. In the remake, it will not appear until you have the magic mirror and magic chest in your inventory. Leave the screen and come back repeatedly until it shows up. Go to the middle of the screen and jump up towards the condor. (To jump, just type JUMP on the screen repeatedly. Using the F3 key might be helpful here. If you are playing the original version, you can use the zero [0] key instead).Try timing your jump so that the peak of Graham’s jump is at the same time as the condor’s low swoop. This may take several tries before Graham gets picked up and carried away by the condor. Once you fall, go left one screen and take the mushroom. Now go back to the first screen and fall into the hole. You are now in the leprechaun’s area. Go to the rat (but not too close) and talk to it. You can give the rat valuable treasure (i.e. walnut, egg, diamonds, etc.), but you will lose points. Instead, give the rat the cheese from the gingerbread house. Open the door. The clover will make the leprechaun guards leave you alone. Immediately play your fiddle. Watch the fun dancing sequence (especially in the remake game). Hyperactive little people, aren’t they? Once everyone has left, take the king’s scepter and the shield. You will use the scepter to rule Daventry if you make it back to the castle!!

Go left to a little opening. Graham is too big to fit in there. Eat the mushroom and … oh my! Graham is a wee little tot! Exit the hole now. Graham will return to his normal state. It would have been humorous if he returned in that miniature size!! If you have the original, go get the chest now. Now all you have to do is go up two screens and right one screen to the castle. Open the door. In the remake, the game takes over, so just sit back and watch the ending. In the original, walk to the throne room and bow to King Edward. Congratulations! You have just finished King’s Quest 1: Quest for the Crown.