King’s Quest Curiosities

King's Quest Collage

What makes King’s Quest such a great game series is that it is so much more than just a computer game. Besides the main storyline, there are so many other intriguing aspects to these games that catch your attention. As an avid King’s Quest fan, I feel obligated that these things be mentioned to let you ponder them out. I will have to warn you now that if you have not played these King’s Quest games, the information presented in these sections may spoil some game parts for you.

Daventry, UK   The Kingdom of Daventry is a world unlike our own and apart from reality…or is it? See the Real Daventry!

WIB – Wizards in Black Mystery See if you can figure out this large W I B – Wizards in Black King’s Quest Mystery!

King’s Quest Curiosities By Game Did you discover interesting things while playing King’s Quest? See if you can make any sense of these!

King’s Quest Mythological Legends Read about the mythological characters that roam the lands of King’s Quest.

King’s Quest Character Profiles Akril wrote some character profiles in her own unique opinion and style. A must see for any game veteran!