King’s Quest 3 Walkthrough

f you would like hints instead of a complete walkthrough for King’s Quest 3, you can utilize the UHS hint file if you have a UHS Reader. See the downloadable files section of the Game Goodies page for more information.

KQ3 Point List :: KQ3 Caverns Puzzle Screenshot

The clock runs throughout the entire game, but it is really only involved when Manannan is still around. Once you get rid of Manannan, the timed aspect of the game is no longer a factor, except maybe if you count the waiting time on the pirate ship. But that is just waiting time. You will be preparing some spells that can be found in your game’s instruction manual. Some commands (other than saving your game) that players tend to have problems thinking up are in CAPITAL letters. SAVE OFTEN!! I have included point list at the end of this walkthrough if you need it. I decided not to include a map of Llewdor because the game comes with a magic map. However, I do have a screenshot of the caverns puzzle. With all that said, let us begin:

You are standing inside the house, and Manannan should appear in several moments to tell you to do some kind of chore.

  • The chickens are outside in the pen. Stand behind the pen near the bag. Take some chicken feed from the bag. Enter the pen and feed them.
  • The kitchen is behind the dining room. Take the broom and clean the kitchen.
  • Just north of where you are standing is Manannan’s office. There is a little duster on top of the cabinet in the southwest corner of the room. Take the duster and clean the room.
  • Upstairs is Manannan’s bedroom. Beside the bed is the chamber pot. Take it and dump it out the window. Yuck!
  • There are four food items in the kitchen (plus one more elsewhere) that you can take to feed Manannan when he gets hungry.

You have about three game minutes to complete your chore. If you do not complete it, you will get punished! After doing your chore, take the cup in the dining room. In the kitchen, take all the food on the table, the knife and spoon from the rack, and the bowl from the shelf. You can walk around a look at the various rooms in the house. However, do not try to take anything else yet or go down the mountain. Most likely any other item you find in the house will be a starred (*) item. If Manannan appears and you have a starred item (or more!) in your inventory or have descended too far down the mountain … ZAP! After about five to seven game minutes, Manannan should appear and tell you that he is going to embark upon a journey. Take note of the time when he says this. You have twenty-five minutes before he returns. After he disappears, go to his bedroom. Open the drawer underneath the mirror vanity to get a hand mirror. Open the bottom dresser drawer to get the rose petal essence. Look on top of the closet to find a brass key. Take it. Open the closet. Nice dark attire there! Uh … very cheerful. Look behind the clothes to see a magic map. Take it. The magic map will be discussed a bit later.

Go upstairs to the telescope room. Look in the telescope if you like. Llewdor seems to be such a nice place! Take the fly wings off the floor and go back downstairs. Find Manannan’s black cat. Grab the cat. This may take several tries before you can get a firm grip on it. Once it is in your arms, take some cat hair. Go outside and grab a chicken. Take a feather. Why on earth are you being so cruel to animals?! You will find out soon enough! Go downstairs to Manannan’s office. Using your brass key, unlock the little cabinet in the southwest corner to take Manannan’s wand. Oooh, you have the all-powerful wand now! Better remember to put it back later before Manannan returns! Look at the books on the lower righthand shelf near the corner. You can move some of those books to reveal a lever. Move the lever to reveal a trap door. Maybe that is why Manannan doesn’t like you snooping around his office. SAVE GAME. Go downstairs. Hopefully the cat is not down there to trip you up — possibly to your death. Downstairs is Manannan’s secret laboratory! Wow! Just look at the stuff he has down here! Creepy! Go to one of the shelves (either one is fine) and take the following: saffron, mandrake root powder, nightshade juice, fish bone powder, toad spittle, toadstool powder. There is some really disgusting stuff here. I would hate to be the poor person who had to find some of this stuff and put it in jars! Bleech!

Stand in front of the large spellbook on the table. You do not need to take anything from the table. It is time to prepare a spell, specifically the “Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly” spell. Whip out your game’s manual and find the section for King’s Quest 3 spells. Type TURN TO PAGE # and press the ENTER key (# = spell’s particular page number in roman numerals). Once you have turned to the correct page for the “Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly” spell, a close-up of the spellbook should appear with eerie music playing. Type in the first step and press the ENTER key. When typing steps, do not include the step’s number or anything in parenthesis. (Example: Stir the mixture with a spoon.) Type the steps and verses exactly as seen in your manual. Once you have successfully prepared the spell, SAVE GAME.

If you lost your manual or your game did not come with one, you need to obtain one from Sierra’s Customer Service. Because this game is old, it is highly recommended that you contact Sierra first to see if they have manuals to send to you. Sierra Planet cannot legally give out this information publically.

Now exit the laboratory, and move the lever and books back into place. Return the wand to the cabinet. Manannan will kill you if he returns to find that these three things have been moved or are missing. Now it is time to finally descend down the mountain. It is a rough trip, so SAVE GAME before heading down. Once you are on the ground, SAVE GAME again. If you see an eagle flying at any time during the game, stop and see if the eagle drops a feather. You will need a feather later on in the game. The eagle appears very randomly, so it may take a while. It likes to hang out near the mountain base where you are right now. As you walk around Llewdor, your magic map will begin to be filled in. You can quickly transport to any screen you have already been to by using the map’s teleportation function. Just LOOK AT MAP and follow the directions.

Let’s go to the desert first. Go west one screen to a forested area on the edge of the desert. Type the following, but do not press the ENTER key yet: SHOW MEDUSA MIRROR. Now go west one more screen. The moment you are in the desert, face south and stop. Do not continue facing west or you will be turned to stone by Medusa’s “good” looks. Once Medusa appears and is somewhat close to you, press the ENTER key to show her the mirror. Gosh! Even she could not take her facial features as well! There are only four desert screens that are of any importance. They border the edge of the forest, so you just need to go north or south. You never need to head out further west. Go north one screen to the find little brown sliver of reptile skin in the middle of the ground. It looks like a large crack in the dry ground. Take the reptile skin, go south two screens to a dead animal carcass. Next to the large rock near the leftside of the screen is a little cactus that you can take.

That is all you need in the desert, so go east one screen and north one screen to the acorn tree. Try picking up acorns until you get some dry ones. Try various spots underneath the tree. Once you get some dry acorns, go south one screen and east one screen to the three bears house. You want to see the bears go out for a walk, so leave the screen and return repeatedly until they leave. Enter the house. Oh, look! The bears are having some porridge for dinner! A greedy little grin suddenly appears across your thin face, so you decide to take the little bowl of porridge. Perhaps you can finally have a rather decent meal tonight, or at least have something else to feed Manannan. Go upstairs and dig around in the drawers to find a thimble. Leave the house and take some dew from the bears’ nice little garden.

Go east one screen and take the mistletoe growing on the tree. Go north to the town. Enter the tavern. Bandits should be there drinking. If not, leave the tavern and come back repeatedly until they show up. Try to talk to them. They ignore you. How rude! Now is a good time to eavesdrop on them, since they will not talk to you face-to-face. Turn into a fly and hover in the tavern until they reveal where their hideout is. It is near the acorn tree. Still as a fly, go outside (you do not need to open the door). Fly west two screens to the acorn tree again. Buzz! Fly into the hole to see a rope. Now fly out and transform back to human again. Reach into the hole and pull the rope to lower a ladder. SAVE GAME. Climb the ladder into the bandits’ house. A bandit will always be there. Most likely he is awake and pushes you to your death. Restore your game, leave the tree screen, return, and climb back up repeatedly until the bandit is asleep. Stay as far away from him as possible. Take the purse on the table. If you had items stolen from you by the bandits, then they should be in the wooden chest. Leave quickly and climb back down the ladder. SAVE GAME.

If you find yourself with no more than five game minutes left before Manannan’s return, head back up the mountain and hide your starred possessions under your bed. The easiest way to do this is to HIDE POSSESSIONS under the bed. You will be carrying nothing. Then retrieve a food item (not porridge) from under the bed to feed Manannan upon his return. If you still have some time left, look inside your purse to see some gold. Now go to the little store and buy the following items with your newly found money: lard, salt, empty pouch, fish oil. Before leaving, pet the dog to get some dog fur. Go east to the beach. Swim in the ocean and fill your cup with some ocean water. After having a relaxing dip, return to the town. Go north one screen and west two screens to a stream bed. Stand next to the edge of the stream to take a spoonful of mud. You are ready to perform the rest of the spells in Manannan’s laboratory (except for the “Teleportation at Random” spell). Head back up the mountain and back into the house.

If you still have at least ten minutes, you could prepare a spell (or possibly even two) in the laboratory. Remember to get the wand. If you do have time, prepare the “Transforming Another into a Cat” spell. In some manuals, step 6 incorrectly says, “Mold dough into a cookie.” It should be “Shape dough into a cookie” or “Pat dough into a cookie.” If you have no more than five minutes left, hide your possessions under your bed. Retrieve food item from under the bed and wait for Manannan’s return. He will demand to be fed, so feed him. If you prepared the cat cookie, crumble it into the porridge to conceal all those nasty hairs. Give Manannan the poisoned porridge, and he will no longer be a problem to you. Meow! If you did not have time to prepare the cat cookie, give Manannan one of the food items that you got from the kitchen. He will linger around for five to seven more game minutes and take a twenty-five-minute snooze. Take this new twenty-five minutes to prepare spells down in the laboratory. In some manuals, step 2 of the “Becoming Invisible” Spell incorrectly says: Measure a spoon of cactus juice. It should be “Squeeze cactus juice on a spoon.”

After completing all the spells, if you have not transformed Manannan into a cat, it is best to just sit and wait until he wakes up and gets hungry again. Now feed him the poisoned porridge. Once you have gotten rid of Manannan, go back down the mountain and to the screen with spider’s cave. Transform into an eagle and grab the spider in your beak. You will drop the spider in the ocean. Splash! Now fly back to the cave and transform back into yourself. Enter the cave to see the oracle to learn some very important information about yourself and get an amber stone. If you have the dough in your ears, you can walk around Llewdor and overhear conversations about yourself from the animals. Try the birds, squirrels, and desert reptiles. Go back up the mountain and into Manannan’s laboratory to prepare the final spell, the “Teleportation at Random” spell. In some manuals, the last two verse lines of this spell incorrectly says “Take me now from this place thither, To another place far hither.” It should be “Take me now from this place hither, To another place far thither.” The words “hither” and “thither” were mistakenly switched. Now say goodbye to the cats and the chickens because you will leave the house for good this time. Oh, how sad!

After giving a tearful farewell to the old house, take all your possessions and go to the tavern. No! You are not going to get drunk! There are pirates here. Talk to the captain. Give the coins to the captain. He will take them and let you come aboard. (The ship and pirates will appear after you obtain the amber stone. However, they will only stay for thirty game minutes.) Go onto the pier and aboard the ship. Hey! They just took your possessions and threw you into the hold! Pirates! What else would you expect? Well, you do not want to be in the hold forever! Go east to the other half of the ship’s hold. If there are mice here, you can overhear their conversation about the location of some buried treasure. You need to hear it at least once. Take the little crate and go back to the left hold area. Drop the crate next to the larger crate that is directly below the ladder. Drop it on the leftside of the crate. Now jump onto the small crate and then onto the larger crate. (JUMP ON CRATE two times.) Now JUMP onto the ladder. You are now in the lower deck of the ship. SAVE GAME. Go east and take the shovel and return west. If you encounter a pirate, leave the screen immediately. Then return repeatedly until the pirate is gone. The room west of the ladder is the captain’s room. If the captain is sitting at the desk and writing, leave that entire screen completely and return until the captain is gone. Go into his room and open the chest near his bed. Lo and behold! Your possessions!! Take them and leave the captain’s room. Sometimes the captain enters from the west side and throws you back into the hold. It is recommended that you restore your game if this happens. If the captain catches you a second time, you are shark feed!

Now you should wait in the hold of the ship until some one says “Land Ho!” This could take about ten game minutes, so be patient. You can look at your magic map to see how much farther the ship needs to travel. You can explore the upper deck of the ship, but there is nothing important for you to do or take. You, however, may be caught and get thrown off the ladder or plank. Once someone spots land, SAVE GAME. Perform the “Causing Deep Sleep” spell in the hold of the ship where the mice were located. The entire crew should be asleep now. Take the shovel (if you have not already) and jump overboard. Swim east on the bottom edge of the screen until you hit land. Hopefully, you can make it without becoming shark food. If not, restore your game and try again. Once on land, stand in front of the palm tree. Remembering what the mice said, walk east five very slow paces. Dig up some treasure. This may take several tries. Now go north one screen and east one screen. Follow the path until you hit a boulder. Move Gwydion around until he finally clings onto the side of the boulder. Climb the rock to the other side of the path. SAVE GAME. Gwydion automatically climbs in this game. In other words, you do not need to type any commands (i.e. CLIMB) for him to start climbing certain objects. Continue walking until you reach a small mountain stream and tiny waterfall. This may sound strange, but SAVE GAME and then climb up the waterfall to the snowy mountains.

Welcome to Abominable Snowman Country! If you happen to stumble upon the abominable snowman, run like crazy off the screen. You cannot kill it. You can only avoid it. You probably have to restore your game a lot. Follow the screen east to the cliff edge. Go south to some caverns. Alternatively, if you keep on getting captured by the snowman, rub your teleportation stone the moment you see it. Keep rubbing until you end up at the caverns screen with a message congratulating you for getting past the snowman. SAVE GAME now! This caverns puzzle is hard, and you will probably slip and fall to your death a lot. Setting the game speed to slow may help. Enter the first cave opening and wait until Gwydion emerges from the upper righthand cave opening. Stop him the moment you see him, or he will walk right off the cliffs edge. SAVE GAME. Now climb onto the wall next to the opening (just like you did at the boulder) and climb down to the middle cave opening at the very bottom. SAVE GAME. Enter the opening. Stop Gwydion the moment he emerges at the bottom lefthand cave opening. SAVE GAME. Climb up onto the wall and to the cave opening that is right in the middle of the screen. SAVE GAME. Enter the cave opening, and Gwydion should emerge at the lower righthand cave opening. SAVE GAME and continue east on the path. As a reminder, I have included a picture of the caverns at the bottom of this walkthrough if you need it.

Oops! You clumsily stumble down! That’s okay! You cannot avoid it. Dust yourself off and continue walking west, maneuvering through the boulders. You will meet a gnome sitting at his house. Talk to him to learn who you are and what you need to do. You can visit Castle Daventry, but you cannot enter it yet. Head back to where you stumbled down. Look closely at the rocks and debris. You should make out some stairs. Take those stairs. The HOME, END, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN keys would be helpful here for walking diagonally up the stairs. At the top, SAVE GAME. If you walk west now, you will become a nice piece of charcoal. Rub the invisibility ointment on your body. Now walk west to meet the nasty three-headed dragon. Thankfully, they cannot see you! Cast the “Brewing a Storm” spell, and watch the nice fireworks display! To get to Rosella, walk behind the dead dragon. Untie Rosella and look at her. Give her a brotherly kiss. SAVE GAME. Now walk back down the mountain. If Rosella is constantly getting in the way, try using the previously mentioned diagonal movement keys. Head towards Castle Daventry and have a happy family reunion! Congratulations! You have just finished King’s Quest 3: To Heir is Human.