King’s Quest 1 Curiosities


If you have played King’s Quest 1, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that may not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here, and would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities.

  • Where did Sir Graham live in Daventry? There is no sign of his house anywhere!
  • With all the “cooking” that the witch does, wouldn’t her sugary house, especially the chimney, melt due to the heat?
  • Who is the owner of the goat and the goat pen?
  • If Graham looks in a certain rock hole, he sees a faint green glow. When he was with the leprechauns, the cave did not have an greenish glowy hue to it. What exactly is producing that glow then?
  • In the AGI version of the game, Graham can elude the giant as an invisible man. However, if he removes the ring and becomes visible again, the giant still cannot see him and eventually just falls asleep. Did the giant … eh … “lose his glasses” at that moment?