Game Similarities Case 1

Similarities Case Study 1:
Phantasmagoria And Laura Bow 1

This list of similarities between these two games was created by Mako Thunderbird and JDHJANUS.

Both games star female protagonists who search a large mansion on a relatively secluded island.
Both games have a reclusive old man who uses a wheelchair.
Both houses have several rooms that are uncommon to most normal houses, including a nursery (even though no children live in the house), a chapel, a crypt, a barn, a bar, a library, fountain, gazebo, and a tower bedroom.
Both games have bathrooms (which are somewhat uncommon for a video game), and attics that cannot be accessed at the start of the game.
Both games have a Bible in the chapel that has the resident’s family line within.
Both of the reclusive old men own a dog.
Both houses are have secret passageways that allow you to snoop into the rooms that are connected to them.
Both houses have elevators in them.
Both games have a fireplace poker that is an inventory item.
Both games have creepy portraits throughout the house of mysterious people.
Both have fireplaces that never seem to go out in the game.
They both have a character named Ethel.
You can pry open tombs in both games.
Both games have a religious item that you can find.
There are ghosts in both.
Both have characters that get drunk from a bottle of alcohol that decreases throughout the course of the games.
You can use the toilet in both bathrooms, as well as various other normal bathroom things.
Both have grandfather clocks that are the only sound in the room they inhabit.
In both games you read newspaper articles of age old events that are directly related to the owner of the mansion.
Despite the fact that the houses have changed homeowners several times, the furniture is very old and is hinted to be the original furniture that was put in the house.
You read another person’s diary in both games.
Both games have characters that smoke.
Both games have old gramophones and player pianos.