KQ6 Death List


Try to swim in ocean
Dive off docks with boy near the ferry
Fail to fool sense gnomes
Try to touch black widow
Try to take paper from web without distracting spider
Try to swim in swamp
Touch clinging vines
Fall off logic cliffs
Push wrong button on third logic challenge
Get burned by Druids
Walk into boiling pond
Try to walk past stone archer without protection
Step on wrong tile in catacombs puzzle
Get crushed by falling ceiling in catacombs
Enter a catacombs room with no floor
Get caught in dark
Enter the catacombs without hole-in-the-wall.
– Thomas (11-14-2004)
Put hole on tapestry and go to the spy room.
– Thomas (11-14-2004)
Put hole on spy room wall, don’t spy, exit room, and return.
– Thomas (11-14-2004)
Put hole on spy room wall, and wait until it runs away.
– Thomas (11-14-2004)
Get pushed into fire pit by minotaur
Re-enter catacombs and fall into fire pit
Turn into a beast
Get caught by zombie
Fall into river Styx
Don’t pay the boatman in time
Touch riddle gate a second time
Walk too close to riddle gate
Get gate’s riddle wrong
Try to touch the Lord of the Dead
Don’t challenge the Lord of the Dead
Fail the Lord of Dead’s challenge
Get caught by the guard dogs (short path)
Fail to reveal the genie identity (short path)
Get caught by guards three times (main path)
Fail to convince Saladin of the Vizier’s evilness
Stay in the throne room too long
Get shot by the genie in the tower
Don’t get sword in time
Don’t knock out vizier in time