Game Similarities Case 2

Similarities Case Study 1:
King’s Quest 5 & The Wizard And The Princess

This list of similarities between these two games was created by Kimmie.

Both games start out in a town called Serenia. In fact, the Wizard and the Princess was also known as Adventure in Serenia.
Both games have venemous snakes that you have to deal with.
Both games have a seemingly endless desert maze that is near Serenia.
Both games require that you drink water while you are in the desert.
Both games have a puzzle that require you to say magic words in the desert.
Both games have a throne room that you enter.
Both games have an evil wizard that lives in a castle.
Both games have an item that you buy that is worth exactly one coin.
Both games require that you play a harp to get past an enemy.
Both games have a sea maze that you have to navigate through in a small boat that you first repair.
Both games have a dropped and misplaced locket that you pick up.
Both games end with you meeting a princess.