Bandit Camp

Ugarte created this little poem about the desert bandit camp in King’s Quest 5.


King Graham walked through the desert
That was scorching and hot
And it made him thirsty
For some refreshing water.

He continued south for a bit
And finally turned west
Where he entered a small camp
With two tents and a fire.

He heard music from one tent
And saw a harem girl inside
Belly dancing to the music
With the men watching.

But he knew that he had to focus
Because he was looking for a staff
That the bandits used
To enter the desert temple.

Graham snuck quietly to the right
And into the second tent
Where a man was sleeping
And the staff was located.

He tip-toed slowly and slowly
Until he reached the other side
And picked up the staff
As he came out the same way.

He drank some water from a vase
That was nearby the fire
And now he can leave the camp
To get into that temple.