KQ5 Death List


Walk too close to the snake in the path
Try to drink from the river in Serenia
Fail to escape the inn
Enter the inn a second time
Stay in desert without drinking too long
Get stung by the scorpion in the desert
Get caught by bandits outside the temple
Try to enter large bandit tent
Wake the sleeping bandit in the small tent
Try to take extra treasure from the temple
Stay in the temple too long
Open the large bottle from the temple
Walk too close to the bear near the tree
Try to take honeycomb without helping bees
Get caught by witch without protection
Fall into chasm around the witch’s house
Fall into the pit in the elves’ cavern
Give elf all three emeralds and re-enter screen
Give elf all three emeralds and wait in lower screen
Freeze in the snowy mountains
Eat nothing in the snowy mountains
Fall off the snowy mountain
Use the rope on branch and climb
Jump on the wrong rock at the waterfall
Put cloak on broken sled (floppy diskette version)
Try to walk down hill
Get eaten by Queen Icebella’s wolves
Get caught by the yeti
Get eaten by the baby roc
Get eaten by the sea monster
Get eaten by the harpies
Don’t seal hole in boat and sail away
Try to swim off Mordack’s island
Get zapped by the stone serpents
Walk too close to a Dink in the maze
Try to play the organ
Get found by the black cat
Get thrown in the dungeon without befriending Cassima
Get thrown in the dungeon a second time
Get caught by Mordack
Take too long to recharge Crispin’s wand
Don’t save Cedric and get killed by Mordack
Lose the battle of magic against Mordack