Laura Bow 2

The Dagger of Amon Ra

Laura Bow 2 Game Box Image

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Although Roberta Williams was involved at the very beginning with the characters, art, and style, look, and feel of Laura Bow 2, she was alleviated of huge time commitments and management to the game after Bruce Balfour took over. The writing and puzzle designs for the game were handled by Bruce Balfour, and Roberta Williams’ job was to simply make sure it kept to the same feelings as Laura Bow 1. As a result, fresh new ideas were brought into the game by Balfour. Roberta Williams just took credit for Laura Bow, not the Dagger of Amon Ra. Note the title of the game on the box: Roberta Williams’ Laura Bow in The Dagger of Amon Ra. Released in 1991, this game looks and feels very similar to King’s Quest 5 and King’s Quest 6 in graphics, music, speech, and icon-driven interface.

Laura Bow is back, and this time she is trapped in a huge, imposing museum in the dead of night, surrounded by socialities, miscreants, thieves … and a cold, relentless murderer. What is the ancient secret of the Dagger of Amon Ra, and who is willing to kill for it? What is the motive for the murder? Laura Bow, cub reporter of The New York Daily Register News Tribune, better find out fast. Can you help discover the truth about the priceless Dagger of Amon Ra before the killer discovers … you?

— All Paragraphs Summarized from Sierra Documents or Game Box