Laura Bow 2: Game Goodies

Laura Bow 2 Easter Eggs

There are tons of easter eggs for Laura Bow 2 that you can check out. Templeton gathered a bunch of them for the website! Three cheers for Templeton!! smile

  • Crodfoller addresses Laura as Laura Bains. Bains is the criminal from Sierra’s Police Quest 1 – 2.
  • In Act 1, look at the sky of New York while you are in various places (the laundry, the docks, and outside the museum) to get funny messages, especially in the docks! — Susan (4-26-1999)
  • Look at the food in the buffet with your magnifying glass. — Templeton (4-26-1999)
  • In preservation vat 14 is a preserved King Edward of Daventry.
  • In preservation vat 10 is a preserved unicorn from King’s Quest 4.
  • Examine the water glass with the magnifying glass. Leyendecker Glassworks in Coarsegold, CA … isn’t that where part of Sierra is located?
  • Whenever Laura finds a dead body for the first time and screams, doesn’t that music sound familiar? Why, it’s from the Psycho movie! — Templeton (8-11-1999)
  • Look closely at the painting with the skeleton key (before you remove it), but not at the key — at the king. You will get a message telling you that it is King Graham!! — Susan (5-3-1999)
  • When you look at the skeleton key inside the painting, you will get a message mentioning Pandora’s Box. — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • Try to interpret the hieroglyphics in the tunnel when Laura and Steve Dorian are escaping from the murderer.
  • Look at the mummies in the secret room after you take the elevator down. One of them is named PU, and the cute teddy bear is PU II.
  • If you talked to the boys in front of Lo Fat’s Laundry, Stinky’s real name is Paul Untermeyer. His friends call him Stinky because his initials are P.U. Wonder if that has any connection with the mummy and bear?
  • In the Tribune’s workroom, one of the bulletins posted talks about a reward for a stolen victrola. Colonel Dijon (from Laura Bow 1) had several victrolas in his mansion …
  • Lo Fat had trouble pronouncing Olympia Myklos’ last name and sputted out McGillicudy — like in Lucy McGillicudy from the 1950’s I Love Lucy television show.
  • According to the manual, Lisa Crabtree, the receptionist of Sierra On-Line, posed as Laura. Many people have asked her where they had seen her before.
  • Look at the huge scary furnace in the basement. It looks like the one from Nightmare on Elm Street, does it not? Also, try to get the shovels. (I found this easter egg! — Templeton)
  • If you look at the phone book on the desk at Dr. Carrington’s office, you will see a phone number belongs to R. Williams. Now, who could this R. Williams be? Hmm …
  • In the mummy storage room, open the mummy case just east of the elevator. Look at the mummy. His name is Itinkisawaputtytat IV. That is what Tweety Bird says when he sees Sylvester the Cat in Looney Toons! “I tink I saw a putty tat!” – Leomar (3-16-2000)
  • Look at the stars through the glass ceiling of Dr. Carrington’s office. You may notice some interesting stars, one of King Cetus from Eco Quest 1. Unfortunately, this only works in the floppy diskette version of the game. I have included Templeton’s list of the messages that appear from these stars for those of you who have the CD-ROM version.

    • It’s the magnificent Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion.
    • It’s Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes. Perhaps there is something out there, on a planet circling Arcturus, looking back at you at this very moment…
    • The characteristic twinkler known as Fomalhaut in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus! Obviously!
    • Ed’s star. Some guy named Ed found it while he was lying drunk in a field one night, staring in the sky. Ed said the aliens told him he could name the star after himself, so he did.
    • Since it’s an unusually clear sky tonight, you can see the star, Azmidiske, in the constellation, Puppis. What a treat!
    • A careful search brings you to the constellation known as Cetus, and the star known as Deneb Kaitos Ecoquestus.
  • I have no idea if this is an easter egg or a program glitch, but sometimes when Laura Bow walks into the Old Masters Gallery, the Countess is stuck high up in the wall! She will not move or anything, but Laura can still talk to her. I actually was able to get a screenshot of this! — Kimmie (4-17-1999)


  • I also saw the Countess way up in my game, but she was walking down the wall. First she appeared near the ceiling, very small, then she came down, growing bigger, and finally reached the floor. Laura could still talk to her. — Yanay (7-25-2000)

Laura Bow 2 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Laura to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get her to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list.

Laura Bow 2 Things To Do Just For Fun

Here are some interesting things that you can do in the game just for fun! Many of them contain funny responses.

  • Look at the tree near the NYDRNT building where Laura works. You will get rather sarcastic message. — Susan (5-8-1999)
  • In the speakeasy, walk in the crack between the middle table and the one where Ziggy is sitting. It will take a few tries. Then, Laura should be walking in the walls and on the bathroom door! — Mako Thunderbird (12-24-2001)
  • Try to touch the glass case of the dagger in the Egyptian Exhibit. How clumsy!!
  • Look at the pot under the cash register in the gift shop. Use the magnifying glass.
  • In Wolf Heimlich’s office, look (using the eye icon) at the flail and the ballet shoes. — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • Also in Wolf Heimlich’s office, look (using the eye icon) at the books just to the right of Laura’s shoulders to see a book called The Heimlich Death Maneuver by Wolf himself and a set of books called Joe Bob’s Weapons of the World of 1926. — Susan (5-8-1999)
  • In the hallway between the Medieval Armor Exhibit and the Ancient Egyptian Exhibit, look at the flag of Baron of Bath for a good laugh! — Susan (5-3-1999)
  • In the Medieval Armor Exhibit, look at the tapestry (with the eye icon) and at the armored dog (with the magnifying glass). — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • In the Mastodon Exhibit, talk with the skeletons, especially with the Eryops skull! — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • In the Pterodactyl Exhibit, touch the Struthiomimus dinosaur after Ziggy’s death. — Susan (5-8-1999)
  • At the T-Rex Exhibit, click the eye icon at the Iguanodon to learn what the T-Rex thinks of him! — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • After Ziggy’s death, go to the Life Mask exhibit and touch his head on the wall (not during the close-up). — Susan (5-8-1999)
  • Click the eye icon at the Thinker statue. If you look at its body, Laura will blush. If you look at its face, Laura will think of Steve. — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • Look at the picture “Trouble on Two Legs” with the eye icon and with the magnifying glass. Chocolate chips inside the picture?! What would artists think of next?? — Templeton (5-3-1999)
  • Examine the three mummies near the Rosetta stone in the ancient Egyptian exhibit with your magnifying glass to get some strange messages. Do the same thing with the mummies in the mummy storage room. What was that about Ziggy?! — Susan (4-26-1999)
  • Before Act 5, try to close and bar the door to the Armor Exhibit. You will be warned not to do so, lest you annoy the museum staff (i.e. Wolfie, I assume!). — Susan (5-7-1999)
  • After you encounter with the Countess at 1:00 a.m., go down the storage room in the preservation lab. Wait for Daisy the ferret to show up. SAVE GAME. Ask Daisy about Dr. Carrington, Wolf, Yvette, Dr. Myklos, O’Riley, and the cheese for some funny responses. Now, click the snake oil on Daisy, and see how she will react. — Templeton (4-26-1999)
  • Press the two top buttons on the intercom in Dr. Carrington’s office and talk into it repeatedly. See if you can hear Laura’s statement to the thief and murderer! — Templeton (4-26-1999)
  • Look at the statue located just outside Yvette Delacroix’s door and examine it with the magnifying glass. Do the same thing with the potted plant in Yvette’s office. — Templeton (4-26-1999)
  • In Wolf’s office touch the weapons on the north wall. Be careful, one, and just one, of them is a killer, so save first! — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • Touch people when they are alive and examine them with the magnifying glass to get a few funny messages.– Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • Touch people when they are dead in some gross and/or private places for interesting responses. For example, try touching one of Pippin’s eyes. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • In the Old Masters Gallery click on one of the paintings on the west wall to get a funny message. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • When you examine the Countess’ body look at some of the papers on the floor. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • Look at the titles of the filing cabinet in Yvette’s office. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • Try using the magnifying glass on bright light sources, especially the ceiling light in Yvette’s office. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • In the close-up of the painting with the skeleton key, touch the painting — in several years this painting will be destroyed. — Tim R. (7-9-1999)
  • Stand close to the left of the basement entrance against the wall, and Laura suddenly vanishes off the screen! Wriggle the mouse, and she ends up in the basement without actually opening it the long way (e.g. pulling the latch, getting the bulb). She can speak with Ernie much sooner, and sometimes Ziggy and Yvette can be seen wandering about in the alcoholic lab! This can’t be a glitch, though, since the programmers have obviously recorded the voices for it. This may not work in certain versions. — Gloria (10-28-2003)
  • Eavesdrop on thirteen out of the fourteen conversations in Act 2. Go into the Gift Shop, and examine the daggers until Wolfie chases out Laura. Now go into the Mastodon room. Wolf will not be there. Go get the bone and the ankh, then return to the party. Dr. Carter is not there. Ask everybody about the bone and the ankh. This may not work in certain versions. — Gloria (10-28-2003)

Laura Bow 2 Debug Mode

EXCLUSIVE SIERRA PLANET SITE FEATURE! Dr. Hugh found out that there is a debug mode for Laura Bow 2, which is quite extensive. Being a non-programmer person, I personally do not know how to use all the features in this debug mode. To activate the debug mode, you need to download 3 system files, unzip them, and put them in your main Laura Bow 2 game folder on your hard drive.

When you run the game, you will be greeted by a menu screen. This menu screen lets you teleport to various places in ACT 1, such as to Lo Fat’s Laundry. It also lets you restore a saved game as well as skip to ahead different Act. The box at the top of the menu lets you enter a number to teleport to a different place.

Once you go to a game screen, type in a question mark (?) to load up the debug mode’s shortcut legend. Almost each letter of the alphabet has a special function. Just keep clicking to scroll through the pages of the shortcut legend until you reach the end. Then the legend will disappear. To activate most of the features, press ALT + Letter. Some of them are for reference purposes, some do not seem to work at all, and I do not know how to use the others. Ego is Sierra’s program name for a game’s main character, which is Laura Bow here. There are a few that are interesting, but I did not test them out extensively enough to figure out how permanent they are:

  • INVENTORY (ALT + I) : A menu comes up with all the items that Laura can get in the game. To get any item Laura does not currently have in her purse, just click on the item’s name. You can select multiple items at once. Once you are done, press the OUTTA HERE button. Now, look in Laura’s purse. The items you just selected should be there.
  • POLYGON EDITOR (ALT + B): The polygons on the screen map out where Laura can and cannot walk on that particular screen. You can drag the lines of these polygons around to reshape them and do freaky things, like being able to make Laura walk through objects (like columns or dinosaurs) or walk up walls! Right-clicking subtracts lines. Once you finish dragging lines, press Exit in the menu bar and save it. Then make Laura walk around and see what happens! I didn’t test this editor out too much, so there is a lot of room for exploration here. Type a question mark (?) for help.
  • TELEPORTER (ALT + T or Menu): I could not really figure out this teleporter feature because it does not seem to work like the teleporters in other debug modes that I’ve tested. It seems that the teleporter has to load a .hep file. Laura Bow 2 comes with 2 files: 100.hep and 450.hep. You just type in a number into the box. 100 loads the game’s main menu. On my game, 450 loads the first screen in the Egyptian exhibit.
  • SHOW VISUAL MAP (ALT + V): While you can press the ESC key to exit most of the functions in the debug mode, if you loaded a game map (like the Control Map), this function will restore the screen back to normal.

While this debug mode should work in all versions of Laura Bow, it is quite unstable, so do not be surprised if the game kicks you out freezes often. You are forewarned! I do not recommend messing with the debug if you have not finished the game. You should only use it after finishing the game, and you really want to tamper with the program for fun. If your game screws up and crashes, making it hard for you to play normally, you can totally delete the Laura Bow game folder and reinstall the game. If you just want to remove the debug menu from the game, just delete the 3 system files that you added. If you discover any new or cool features in this debug mode, please email them to me!

Laura Bow 2 Curiosities

If you have played Laura Bow 2, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing Laura Bow 2, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you. Some of the curiosities openly discuss the who is murdering people.

Laura Bow 2 Downloadable Files