Laura Bow 1

The Colonel’s Bequest

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Riding off the great success of attracting female players with Rosella as the main character in King’s Quest 4, Roberta Williams wanted to try this female theme again. Released in 1989, Laura Bow 1 or Colonel’s Bequest was Roberta William’s second game with a female as the lead character again, but with a different tone. The night scenes in King’s Quest 4 would spark the creepy night mansion setting and suspicious characters in this 1920s murder mystery.

Here you are, Laura Bow, a 20-year old journalism major at Tulane University in New Orleans. Your friend Lillian has decided to invite you to her uncle’s house for the weekend. You decide to go and meet Lillian’s relatives at Colonel Dijon’s mansion. After meeting Lillian’s relatives and seeing the tensions among them, terrible events start to happen. People start acting strangely and turning up dead — murdered! You must find out who the murderer is and why before you too turn up dead. The clock is ticking …